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Mitt Romney – Man, Moment, Mission

Despite all his previous accomplishments it is fairly safe to say that tonight will be the biggest night in the life of Willard “Mitt” Romney. At least so far. Tonight he will stand on a national stage in prime time … Continue reading

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Touré Neblett is a fucking idiot

Touré Neblett opens his mouth and removes all doubt: [Paul Ryan] loves this line of ‘our rights come from God and nature’, which is so offensive to so much of America. Because for black people, hispanic people and women, our … Continue reading

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Hope is fading fast

College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. – Paul Ryan

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Women should be free to make whatever choices feminists decide are good for them

Leslie Loftis: Ann Romney, The Corporate Wife Ann Romney is a valuable asset for the Romney campaign. Not only is she an inspirational wife and mother and apparently a talented speaker, but she’s also a woman who effortlessly draws errors … Continue reading

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Fact-checking the fact-checkers

The Obama campaign whipped out the above video to prove that Paul Ryan is a dirty, rotten, no-good fibber. Guy Benson has the response: (1) They begin with video of CNN reporters discussing accusations of Ryan’s “lies.” This is proof … Continue reading

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Hey girl! It’s Paul Ryan

There’s the video. Here’s the transcript. Discuss.

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And lo, what the Klown predicted hath cometh to passeth

Remember last year’s Shiny New Thing? Occupy Sets Wall Street Tie-Up as Protesters Face Burnout Occupy Wall Street, the global movement against inequality that ignited in Manhattan last year, will mark its first anniversary by trying to block traffic in … Continue reading

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