Job Interview vs. Performance Review

Krauthammer On Michelle Obama’s Speech: “I Didn’t Buy A Line Of It”

Her whole task was to say why. And her answer was, “Why? Because essentially he’s a saint.” Because of his upbringing and because of his emotions and because of his humanity. He does of this because he cares. And the brilliance of it is this: It drained Obama of any, either, ideological motivation, or any having to do with self interest or ambition, which I think is sort of a more plausible explanation.

He’s a man highly who is liked and highly ideological. A man of the left who sees the role of the government as ordering, the reorderering, of society in a way to make it more just, as he understands it . And also, extremely ambitious. A self made man who makes himself out of nothing, rises out of nowhere. But all of that, in her telling, doesn’t even exist. The only reason he does what he does, he cares about women, he cares about immigrants, he cares about the poor. He cares about the unemployed. He cares, he cares, he cares.

She told the story of a Gandhi. And, you know, looking at the scene, looking at how he’s conducted himself in the presidency and particularly in the campaign, with ruthlessness and determination and drive, it’s not quite a plausible story. I’m sure in the arena, it was a plausible story. I saw the tears, but I’m afraid, I thought it was a great speech, but I didn’t buy a line of it.

I wouldn’t be quite as generous as the Hammer of Kraut, but I would have to say in all fairness that Michelle Obama gave a pretty good speech. It was well written, well delivered, and as far as the Obama faithful are concerned it was well received. I’ll give her a solid A.

The problem is her speech was essentially a character reference. “Barack is a good man, good father and good husband. You can trust him.” That is the kind of thing appropriate for a job interview, but Barack Obama is up for a performance review.

Last week Mitt Romney had a job interview. We got to learn a little bit about him, heard some glowing references and let him make his case for why we should hire him.

Barack Obama already works for us. We already know who he is. We’ve seen the quality of his work. The question is whether we should keep him or replace him. (You know what I think.)

Obama wants four more years. The Democrats need to make the case for why he deserves them.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    I really can’t imagine what any of the speakers this week (including Obama) could possibly say that would make a positive difference.

    • Jadzia says:

      I was going to make a snide remark about somebody being caught in bed with either a “dead girl or a live boy,” but then reread and saw that you specified a POSITIVE difference.

  2. HELENK says:

    for over four years we have seen this couple in action. It is not pretty. It is embarrassing. Both are in it for the bennies not the job. I do not know about anyone else, but I am damn tired of being lectured by two loads

  3. angienc says:

    Great point between job interview & performance review. The Obots have a problem understanding that Obama is the guy who has been POTUS for that last 3.5 years and the “policies of the past” are *his* policies.

    I didn’t have a problem with Michelle’s speech — it wasn’t the Gettysburg address as her fans are pretending, but it wasn’t an embarrassment either — plus, compared to that dweeb Julian Castro’s stilted delivery right before her, her delivery was smooth (except for the tears that she tried to pull off at the end that she just couldn’t). My problem is with her husband’s actions — I don’t care what kind of “good guy” she says he is; he’s a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure as president.

    As Clint (formal name Clinton, btw) Eastwood wisely pointed out — we don’t have to be mental masochists & vote for someone we don’t really want in office just because people tell us he’s a “good guy.”

    • swanspirit says:

      Castro cannot hold a candle to Rubio , not even in the same league ..

      • angienc says:

        At least Rubio speaks Spanish.

        Not to mention that Rubio has won a state-wide election to the US Senate — the DNC had to thrust a MAYOR with a penny-ante resume & who doesn’t even speak Spanish into the spotlight to have a Hispanic speaker at their convention.

        • And they had to have his twin there to prove that this time, it really was the right Castro on stage– the San Antonio mayor–not just the brother stand-in when the Mayor feels like he can’t be at the event.

    • votermom says:

      Obama is the guy who has been POTUS for that last 3.5 years and the “policies of the past” are *his* policies.

      I am tweetstealing that.

    • Pips says:

      But you forgot the best part of that quote:

      We do not have to be mental masochists and vote for somebody that we don’t really even want in office just because they seem to be nice guys. Or maybe not so nice guys. If you look at some of the recent ads going out there, I don’t know.

      (My emphasis.)

  4. DM says:

    “Being president doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are,” — M.O.

    I agree. There’s no doubt as to who Obama is. I know he ain’t The One.

  5. swanspirit says:

    Something is wrong with my ears . When Michelle was trying to force those tears ,what I heard was ; ” please re-elect my husband , if you don’t I wont be able to take another exotic vacation with 100 of my closest friends and that would upset me greatly !”

    • DM says:

      People can speak, but telegraph a different message with the quality of their voice, the eyes, facial expressions and body language. You must have gotten the real message.

  6. DM says:

    A job interview is an exercise for the applicant to sell his/her qualifications. In 2008 Obama had none, so he sold the hope-change-unity vision. Today, it’s true that Obama is up for review, but there are two components that go into the review. First, is the appraisal of the job done. Second, is the vision of future accomplishments and improvements. The main job of a president is making sure the economy is in good shape because everything hangs on that. There’s no military or government without a good economy. By his own assessment, he gives himself an incomplete on the economy. I will be generous and give him an incomplete, and proceed to the next step, fire him. That’s what happens with any worker who doesn’t finish the job he/she was supposed to complete. There is no room to discuss his vision about future accomplishments. This voter is a tough Jefe.

  7. cj says:

    She’s a phony, and I can’t stand phonies. Her little schpeel was as fantastical as Barry’s autobiography. Barry driving a car with rusted out floor boards, & wearing shoes a half size too small? Come on. His mother was by no means poor, and for most of his life he was raised by a grandmother who could afford to send him to a ritzy prep school.

    Anyway, by the time they met he was a lawyer. What the hell was he doing with his money if he couldn’t afford to buy a pair of shoes that fit? BS from start to finish, including the fake tears.

    • cj says:

      Just wanted to say that I had to read a transcript because the whole performance was so sickening to me that I had to turn it off.

    • honk cj—honk honk honk

    • DeniseVB says:

      My problem with MO’s speech is that I’ve heard it before, over and over and over these past 4 years. It’s her standard campaign/fundraising/official event speech all rolled into a desperate plea to keep her near the throne. You can probably find the transcripts at

      • elliesmom says:

        I’m not sure she’s all that desperate to stay near the throne. She’s had enough reconstruction to turn a battleship into a yacht. If the rumors are true, she’ll be moving into an Hawaiian dream house if Obama loses. The kids can attend the same posh school their father did – maybe even be legacies in the Choom Gang. His failure won’t be blamed on him. It will be spun as the rest of the country was too racist to appreciate what we had. He’ll write a couple more fairy tales and go out on the lecture circuit anywhere there’s a good golf course. She can travel and shop to her heart’s content. I really don’t see the upside of four more years in the White House for Michelle.

      • Bingo. Recycled speeches do not show an ability to flow with the times. Lack of flexibility is the epitome of *bad management*.

    • CJ, exactly, and this is what this BS story tells me if you take it at her word that it is true —
      A recent law school grad was such a bad manager of money that he couldn’t buy himself shoes that fit. Isn’t this typical of how bad the management of the country has been? Just make us fit with ill-fitting policies, like Obama did to his feet.

  8. myiq2xu says:

    Yesterday was our 2nd busiest blog day ever.

    I expect Thursday to be #1

  9. carol haka says:

    Just saw MO’s BRO has a white wife. The camera tried to block her and then she leaned in and put her hand on his shoulder. She then looked up and quickly retreated. These people are mental midgets. 👿

  10. Lulu says:

    After listening to bits and pieces of Mrs. Obama fabricating idiotic details of her husbands phony biography, it is apparent that she is the begging part of the shill and hustle team from Chicago. Since she was such a nasty piece of work in 2008 I can only surmise that the current polling has been explained to her and she was willing to tone down her angry routine long enough to do this. With the begging out of the way, Bawack can attempt to deliver a stem-winder on Thursday. Since he has been seriously overexposed since assuming office, and is unable to speak except in dopey platitudes of soaring double-speak to select groups of the deluded moved to smaller and smaller venues, he will expend a great deal of hot air while most of the country watches something something else on television. I think also Republican mouthpieces have been instructed to lay off the Mrs but Bawack will not be so lucky.

  11. votermom says:

  12. votermom says:

  13. fif says:

    The whole thing is such abject hypocrisy. Punahou (his high school) is a Harvard of prep schools, and then Columbia and Harvard. Poor, poor Bawack. And they keep calling Romney a “millionaire who doesn’t get it.” Ummm…the Obamas are millionaires who vacation in posh vacation homes on Martha’s Vineyard and in Hawaii, feted by billionaires. Who is still buying this poor, man-of-the-people garbage?

  14. Karma says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell went off the deep end, in his praise of Michelle, claiming her to best….evah. It was so deluded I had to change the channel but Newsbusters only caught a snippet of it. Guess they had to look away too.

    It was a metaphysical certitude the folks on MSNBC were going to gush and fawn over Michelle Obama after her speech to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte Tuesday, but Lawrence O’Donnell really took the cake.

    “There is now no question who the best speechmaker in the history of the first ladyship is, and that is Michelle Obama”

    After the speech ended, and some comments by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow asked O’Donnell if it sounded as great in the hall as it played on the television screens she and her on-air guests were watching in the studio.

    “The camera doesn’t lie, Rachel,” O’Donnell said. “That was what was really happening here. It was really a striking speech in so many ways.”

    “There is now no question who the best speechmaker in the history of the first ladyship is, and that is Michelle Obama,” gushed O’Donnell. “We have to remember that most first ladies up until the television age never gave a speech, but still, among those who have, there has never been a speaker who could deliver what we just saw.”

    Sorry bud, but First Lady Hillary Clinton speaking to China was the greatest. Hillary was tut-tutted for weeks not to make such a speech and the second Hillary spoke and pronounced that “Women’s rights were human rights.” It gave me goosebumps while cheering at the tv.

    Michelle’s speech was no where close to Hillary’s….on any level.

    And if we must keep the comparisons to the convention setting. Then even Hillary’s speech at the 2008 DNC Convention was more significant and inspiring for Obama than any of Michelle’s speeches.

    • Pips says:

      You know, just thinking about Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech gives me goosebumps, it was that amazing. And the whole setting was so beautiful, but the occasion so sad.

  15. HELENK says:

    so just how bad did these two have it when they first got married????
    believe me these two could not make it in the real world on their own

  16. DM says:

    I take M.O. that their economic situation was bad when they first married. Obama is not very good at anything, so despite his law degree from Harvard, he was unable to bring home the bacon.

  17. HELENK says:

    how long was her speech in real time, not how long it seemed

    83 times saying I or Me???????

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