SHOCKER – ABC’s Brian Ross does some real reporting

When I caught this story last night I was so shocked I almost swallowed my bubblicious. But I wasn’t surprised by the hypocrisy – I’ve known for a while that the Obama Democrats are thoroughly corrupt – I was shocked that somebody in the media reported it:

Red Carpet for Solyndra Figure at Democratic Convention

The Obama campaign rolled out the red carpet this week for a former top Energy Department official who was at the center of the ill-fated government loan to Solyndra, a California solar panel firm that wound up in bankruptcy.

Steven J. Spinner joined other top fundraisers for a VIP tour of the Democratic National Convention floor in Charlotte Monday evening, posing and waving for a photographer while standing behind the podium. When he saw ABC News cameras, however, he ran for the exit.


This week, Spinner has been attending a number of events organized for the campaign’s top donors — members of the National Finance Committee. He is sporting a badge that identifies him as a “Finance Guest.”

He appears also to be a top donor to the convention’s host committee, which accepts up to $100,000 from individuals to help offset the cost of the three-day Charlotte event. The host committee organized the podium tour that Spinner attended.

ABC News made repeated attempts to interview Spinner as the Solyndra saga unfolded, and he declined. When he was approached by ABC News on the convention floor Monday, he bolted for an exit.

A DNC employee blocked ABC News reporters from following Spinner as he broke into a run.

“You can’t follow people,” the aide said, as he held up his arms to keep the camera from filming Spinner as he left the venue.

Neither the Obama campaign nor the White House responded to requests for comment about Spinner.

Spinner wasn’t the only big donor being given the high-roller treatment in Charlotte this week. There are special events that even the delegates aren’t invited to, like private concerts and parties.

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37 Responses to SHOCKER – ABC’s Brian Ross does some real reporting

  1. Oswald says:

    Maybe these are the winners of the “Dinner with Barack” $3 raffles.

  2. Oswald says:

    Here’s another shocker:

    “The Mainstream Media Tends To Be Quite Smitten With The Obamas”

    • yttik says:

      “The Mainstream Media Tends To Be Quite Smitten With The Obamas”

      ROFL! No chit, Sherlock. After watching all the panting and moaning, I always need a cigarette.

  3. Lulu says:

    Spinner was a Center for American Progress hack and quit when it got hot during Solyndra hearings. He is a bundler, and gave seminars on how to get DOE money (wink, wink just give money to Obama). His wife’s law firm did the DOE deals for Solyndra and is one of the most hated law firms in Silicon Valley for screwing tech start-ups during the dot com bust so the firm switched to green tech crap. He got his bucks with health clubs and doesn’t know his ass from alfalfa about the science of green tech. He is a hustler. He personally pressured OMB to hand over ALL of the money to Solyndra to steal with the help of the WH (probably Jarrett) when OMB resisted. He quit the DOE to hide then keeps on bundling in 2012. Another executive order was signed by Obama Monday to force manufacturers to use green tech energy and you can assume Spinner the bundler is mixed up in it somewhere.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Althouse nailed it. That speech will be forever known as the Dad’s Lap speech. I was on Hillbuzz at the time and helped with the FOR GOD’S SAKE IOC CHOOSE RIO committee of loud voices. 😀

    • yttik says:

      Hey, shut up! Obama has already denounced that video. Well, he didn’t really denounce it, he blamed it on people not affiliated with his campaign, OFA, or the DNC. He will not be held accountable for any videos shown at his own nominating convention and it’s probably racist to suggest such a thing.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Even Dead Teddy’s attacking Romney video ? I followed the convention on twitter and could tell what was going on ….. ‘no they dint pull up the old MA Senate debate?’ …. LOL, then #MaryJo and #Chappaquidick started trending. Oh Snort!

    • leslie says:

      Hey! Where can I get me some of that stuff they’re smoking/drinking/inhaling? I remember when we made fun of those brainwashed masses. Now it appears we are them.
      P.s. when did we become property of gov’t? I thought gov’t belonged to the people.

  4. tommy says:

    This is quite shocking. Maybe over time, you get immune to the tragedies happening around you, and just brush it off as something normal. Maybe I’m just naive. In the past I’ve accused GWB of being a crony capitalist. But in my memory (and I’m relatively young), no other democratic president had anything to do with crony capitalism. Maybe I’m wrong and politically naive, but this is a real change from the norm.

  5. gumsnapper says:

    His name is Spinner. Gotta love it. Almost as good as if his name had been Mr. Bundler.

  6. yttik says:

    “You may have a tight budget, but you give what you can afford. A woman recently told the campaign her family skipped a pizza dinner at their favorite place so that they could make a difference in this election. That is the commitment that drives this campaign.
    If you can support Barack with a donation today, please know it makes a huge difference.”

    Listen up people! You’ll pry my pizza money out of my cold dead hands.

  7. lyn5 says:

    The Empty Chair MSNBC lapdogs are saying the DNC opened with more passion than the RNC. In short, shouting equals passion.

  8. HELENK says:

    a really good question.
    since the backtrack blowing smoke is being moved inside due the” the weather” not the fact that there are only 20,000 seats to fill not the 74.000 of the stadium.

  9. HELENK says:

    a just because we really need something to get us through

  10. tommy says:

    Most celebrities are as dumb as bricks. They live in a ‘bubble world’. Alec Baldwin says that if Obama was white, he’d have a 17 point lead in the polls over Romney. Its exactly the other way round. If Obama was white, HRC would have crushed him in 2008. And in todays world, if he were white, Romney would have a 17 point lead over this failed president. They’re running neck and neck right now because of the color of BHO’s skin, period. Racism is history (BHO was elected), but black angst and white guilt refuses to let it go. Misogyny is the present, but neither side confesses to it. And for the record, before you label me a racist, I’m a non-caucasian, and in my distant past, had been taunted and mocked at because of my race.

  11. DandyTiger says:

    Why won’t Brian Ross let him eat is waffles? Clearly Brian is a racist.

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