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Kool-Aid is a helluva drug

Dougie J at Buffoon Juice: I hate myself for thinking this, let alone writing it, but after Obama wins reelection this November, I want to start reading more conservative stuff so I can try to see where they’re coming from. … Continue reading

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Overnight Open Thread

The last thread was moving kinda slow. Here’s a fresh one.

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DNC Night III – Obama Speechifies Again

I don’t know about you but if I gotta listen to him talk I gotta be drunk. Tune in early if you want to catch Hairplug Joe – they bumped the Vice Preezy from primetime. Lurch is supposed to audition … Continue reading

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Why experience matters

Jennifer Rubin: But the most alarming news for the Democrats, I think, came in the early release of excerpts from the new book by The Post’s Bob Woodward, “The Price of Politics.” The day after former president Bill Clinton spoke, … Continue reading

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Life isn’t fair

Erika Johnson at Hot Air discusses Elizabeth Warren’s speech last night: There is so much material here, I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just pick out a few key lines and go from there. “We fought to … Continue reading

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Obama is like a bad boyfriend

It’s time to move on.

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Dirty Work

The First Four Years Are The Hardest… Dear Governor Romney, My name is Mike Rowe and I own a small company in California called mikeroweWORKS. Currently, mikeroweWORKS is trying to close the country’s skills gap by changing the way Americans … Continue reading

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