Overnight Open Thread

Say what you want about Michelle Malkin, but if you aren’t prepared to debate her she will eat your lunch AND drink your milkshake.. If she was a Democrat feminists and civil rights advocates would be outraged at the racism and sexism that gets thrown at her on a daily basis.

I promise to have a new post in the morning.

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  1. myiq2xu says:


    These optics suck White House! I mean we have 4 Americans who are dead who were butchered and slaughtered because this administration did not have the foresight to fortify these embassies on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. And there he is with all of his fanbois and fangirls in Vegas raising money while they scream ‘I love you!’ in the middle of an international crisis.

  2. driguana says:

    It’s time to become scathingly ecsoriatic (I’m making that a word if it doesn’t currently exist) and Michelle Malkin just led the way.

    • swanspirit says:

      Excoriated is a word
      excoriated past participle, past tense of ex·co·ri·ate (Verb)

      Censure or criticize severely.
      Damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin)
      Obama has been in need of excoriating for a while now

      • driguana says:

        Yes, I know that excoriate is a word, and what it means…….I was more concerned that I changed it from a verb to a noun……without offending anyone….you know what I mean?

  3. angienc says:

    Brigitte Gabriel killed it on Hannity tonight — she actually told Obama to “It is about time for our Pres. stands up as a man.” I actually cheered. (And she’s been warning that this is what was going to happen in ME for over a year with Obama’s idiotic “Arab Spring”)

  4. lyn5 says:

    Obama is incompetent, but it’s Romney’s fault.

  5. I’ve cross-posted mine for the morning, but feel free to reschedule.

  6. DM says:

    The attack in Libya was very well coordinated. The attackers knew of the safe house where the consulate staff would flee in an emergency.

    Libya rescue squad ran into fierce, accurate ambush


    • myiq2xu says:

      President Obama claims Libyan security forces fought beside Americans against attackers on Tuesday, but a Libyan official says they gave up consulate personnel to the Islamists who murdered them.

      Libya’s Deputy Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif says the consulate’s security forces moved Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other personnel to a second, safer building once the attacks began. But, he continues, the security forces told the attackers which building Stevens was hiding in, effectively handing him over.

      According to Sharif, the attackers coming against the US embassy were “more heavily armed than the Libyan security personnel who were assigned to protect the U.S. Consulate.”


      • DM says:

        The Reuters story, above makes the point that the attack was too accurate and well coordinated, not a mob moving from one building to another:

        Miscommunication which understated the number of American survivors awaiting rescue – there were 37, nearly four times as many as the Libyan commander expected – also meant survivors and rescuers found themselves short of transport to escape this second battle, delaying an eventual dawn break for the airport.
        Captain Fathi al-Obeidi, whose special operations unit was ordered by Libya’s authorities to meet an eight-man force at Benghazi airport, said that after his men and the U.S. squad had found the American survivors who had evacuated the blazing consulate, the ostensibly secret location in an isolated villa came under an intense and highly accurate mortar barrage.
        “I really believe that this attack was planned,” he said, adding to suggestions by other Libyan officials that at least some of the hostility towards the Americans was the work of experienced combatants. “The accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any regular revolutionaries.”
        Obeidi’s Libya’s Shield Brigade was formed by civilians during last year’s U.S.-backed uprising against Muammar Gaddafi and is now part of the ad hoc government militia forces which the fledgling democratic administration uses to keep order.

      • darraghcmurphy says:

        The planning and targeted nature of the attack makes it an ASSASINATION not a killing or a murder even. And enough with referring to it as a tragedy. For gods sake. Earthquakes and house fires are tragedies. An assasination is an act of war.

        The media is officially Pravda as far as I’m concerned.

  7. myiq2xu says:

    Giants win, Dodgers lose, the Giants’ magic number is 13

  8. myiq2xu says:

  9. djmm says:

    I suspect, as do others, that the Libyan attack was planned. The fact that President Obama has been skipping most of his security briefings is telling. And the press is in the bag for him. I am completely disgusted.

    On a more cheerful note, archeologists may have found the body of King Richard III:


    He was likely the victim of a negative and untrue propaganda campaign by Henry VII, which Shakespeare capitalized on. That only goes to show that some things do not change.


    • angienc says:

      I’ve always thought that Henry VII had the 2 princes in the tower killed.

      And while it is true, the two princes had more right to the throne than Richard III did, Richard III had way more right to it than Henry VII.

      • djmm says:

        Turns out the two princes were not legit as Edward was already in a binding marriage contract when he married their mother. That made his marriage illegal and the children of the marriage illegitimate. He was already dead when the information came out and could not grant them legitimacy. Richard had more of a right to the throne than they did.

        That is assuming that Edward was actually his father’s biological son. There is some evidence he was conceived at a time when his supposed parents were separated and that his mother was spending time with a certain handsome French knight. There is some evidence that Richard’s and Edward’s brother was going to bring forth evidence about this when he was murdered. The murder likely was approved by Edward. There was an article about that theory earlier this year.

        Richard passed a lot of good laws while he was in power and treated the families of even his worst enemies well.


  10. SimoFish says:

    myiq2xu – the 2103 schedule is out. Start looking and let me know which game you want. I think you said a game day….so either a weekend or weekday (usually Wed or Thur – last of a series game so they can fly out). No rush. Right now you have first choice.

  11. myiq2xu says:


    My favorite band has a new CD out!

  12. djmm says:

    I have to say that Larry Johnson is taking no prisoners on the issue of the attacks in Libya and Egypt over at No Quarter. To shorten Mr. Johnson: Four Americans dead and Obama is attacking Mitt Romney? “And he compounds the incompetence by boarding a plane to go fund raising in Las Vegas. This is beyond shameful. This makes Jimmy Carter look like General George S. Patton.”

    Yes, President Obama is making every other president look good by comparison. Even Carter. Even W. After all, W. only spent a short time continuing to read to school children after the 911 attacks. I sometimes felt W was playacting but Obama cannot even playact like a president.


  13. swanspirit says:

    this ace of spades ( he said ironically ) guy is ON IT (he said ironically) ‏@AceofSpadesHQ

    Four people have been murdered and the media is resolutely incurious as to “Why?” and “Could this have been avoided?”

  14. myiq2xu says:

  15. angienc says:

    Just in case you didn’t think this all couldn’t get worse, Kerry Picket at Washington Times is reporting that Ambassador Stevens was raped before he was murdered.


  16. swanspirit says:

    I have read that as well , about the rape . When it happened to Khadafi , my son told me that was standard practice , too horrific , I hope it is just rumor .

  17. HELENK says:


    the idiot that made the movie lives in my little town.
    a couple of years ago we had skinheads that tried to blow up the police station and now we get this dipshit

  18. HELENK says:


    press caught on open mic coordinating questions for Romney

    prostitutes have more honor that this bunch

  19. HELENK says:


    this sounds like it is under the bus time for this guy

    low level staffer puts out tweet apologizing after being told not to do so

  20. angienc says:

    Awesome questions media is ignoring in service to TehOnce:


    • cj says:

      I don’t know if this ever goes anywhere, but I’ve been seeing rumors that the movie was a hoax, a set-up to start the ball rolling. If it was, Roger Simon’s got an ironic take on it:

      “Now I admit what follows is pure speculation, but we have to ask cui bono, who profits from violence of this nature driving the Arab world further from the U.S., Israel and the West.”

      … “Wouldn’t it be surreal if it turned out the State Department was asking us to apologize for Iranian disinformation?”


  21. Working out this morning here’s what I saw:

    Fox—live footage from Yemen and Egypt and reporting on the entire situation and its foreign policy ramifications

    CNN—a memorial and looking back on the lives of those lost in Libya

    MSNBC—-an entire half hour of criticism and outrage against Romney lead by Joe Scarborough and Steve Schmidt

    Time to run—-gotta run this outrage off……

  22. SimoFish says:

    Hey now, we’re stil sleeping

  23. Mary says:

    New Rasmussen daily tracking poll out today:

    Romney 47, Obama 46

    If “leaners” included, R 49, O 47.

    I’m also reading that Obama has called Morsi (Egypt) to schedule a meeting with him at the UN meeting.
    But he doesn’t have time to meet with Netanyahu.
    I find that deeply offensive, myself.

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