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Stupid should hurt

Scarborough: Romney ‘Didn’t Allow Us’ In MSM To Cover Obama Libyan Security Failures Joe Scarborough has blamed Mitt Romney for the MSM’s failure to cover the Obama administration’s failure to heed intelligence warnings of a planned attack on the US … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech? Maybe.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – AKA ‘Sam Basile’ – questioned in anti-Islam video As protests over an anti-Islam film continue in a growing number of countries, the California man thought to be behind the video titled “Innocence of Muslims” has been … Continue reading

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Reality Check

Kevin Dujan: We’re in an economic Depression that no one will talk about, in a way I’ve only seen before in horror movies where people won’t admit the dead are rising from their graves and coming for them because “dead … Continue reading

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It’s just nature’s way of perpetuating the species

Study: Feelings Of Disgust In Women Diminished By Sexual Arousal A recent study conducted at the University of Groningen has found that women experiencing sexual arousal are less likely to experience feelings of disgust. The report, conducted through the Department … Continue reading

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I Got Nut & Honey Open Thread

It’s Saturday, I’m lazy, and I got my nose stuck in a book last night so all you get is this open thread for now. I promise I’ll write a post later. I know I’ve made promises before but if … Continue reading

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