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Romney Presser

This is only a short clip. When the whole thing becomes available I’ll change it. UPDATED

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MoJo Finds A Nothingburger

They think they “caught” Mitt Romney in a major gaffe. No, seriously. Watch the video. Mitt Romney Video: Barack Obama Voters ‘Dependent On Government’ The overwhelming majority of voters who back President Barack Obama do so because they are “dependent … Continue reading

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Monday Afternoon Open Thread

I gotta go occupy Walmart. Keep it real until I get back. BTW: Somehow I just can’t picture Jeebus hiking up his robe and pinching a loaf on a Roman police chariot.

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Stop harshing my mellow!

I like JWS but sometimes he’s so goddamn depressing I’m glad he doesn’t work for the Suicide Hotline. I want to reach right through my monitor and slap him and shake him and scream “GET A FUCKING GRIP, JOHN! DON’T … Continue reading

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