The Big Dawg and Mitt

Mitt Romney’s speech to the Clinton Global Initiative.

“A few words from Bill Clinton can do a man a lot of good.”

This is an open thread

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22 Responses to The Big Dawg and Mitt

  1. wmcb says:

    One of my fave conservative gay guys goes off on Madonna in hilarious fashion. Love his blog name, too. ‘Merica! (and boys).

  2. I saw this live earlier today—-I LOVED seeing the two guys together!! Funny, it was Bill who was very cordial but stiff, and Mitt who cut loose with the great jokes!! I thought he was FABULOUS!!!! But then, I’ve always been a Mitt Romney fan from wayyyy back. Even when I was a Dem….

  3. DeniseVB says:

    I just deleted, w/o reading, another DailyKos email that started out….You know what that idiot Romney did now…..ok, paraphrased….it just seems nobody wants to debate ANY issue from my old playground 😦

  4. angienc says:

    For the love of fuck — it’s come to this. Slate actually has an article — by an alleged Prof. of Law at the Univ. of Chicago (where Obama used to lecture & which must be the absolute worst law school in the country) titled:

    The World Doesn’t Love the First Amendment: The vile anti-Muslim video shows that the U.S. overvalues free speech.

    Yes, you read that correctly — we are overvaluing “free speech.”

    I’m not going to link to the article, but I will link to AoSHQ where Ace mocks it deservedly:

    We are one step away from instituting blasphemy laws* in this country & the idiot progs are CHEERING this while grinning like imbeciles over how “cool” Obama is.

    *Only against the “prophet” of Islam, of course — every other religions — especially those creepy Mormons — are fair game.

    Oh, and before anyone tries to bring up the “Yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater” argument — don’t. Free speech doesn’t protect yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater only if there isn’t a fire. The fact that people can try to equate that limitation of Free Speech with mocking a religion just shows how little they understand the rationale behind it.

    • Lulu says:

      They need to be called fascist authoritarians because that is what they are. After controlling speech they want to control thought. They are already controlling speech because they attack everyone who disagrees with their fascist shit and people are keeping their mouths shut to prevent the hateful confrontations they cause. Free speech, free thought and free will are all anathema to authoritarians. Anyone teaching this in a law school is a fool.

    • gxm17 says:

      ObamaNation can all go fuck themselves. When I brought my husband up to speed on what Obama said today, his response was: I’m going to have to vote for Romney. My response: Yeah, me too. We are firmly in the Stein camp but Obama is an evil shitbag who must be stopped. I can’t tell you how livid I am.

      • angienc says:

        Welcome, friend.

        I’m glad to hear it.

        • gxm17 says:

          Not a peep from my obot friends on FB. Even that asshat kid who disrupted the Romney rally, all his posts today are about music, nothing political. This whole sorry episode is ripe for a silence of the lambs/obots parody, punchline of course being: First I tried to free them. I opened the gate to their pen, but they wouldn’t run. They just stood there, confused. They wouldn’t run. Seriously, ObamaNation’s silence is deafening.

    • myiq2xu says:

      When I first saw the name “Posner” I was shocked. But it was Eric, not Richard that wrote it.

      If I was Judge Posner I would get DNA tests done to check paternity.

    • Erica says:

      If we get blasphemy laws in the US or the UN passes something like that, we are done. Sharia will have it’s foothold and we will have to fight like we’ve never had to before if we wish to preserve our first ammendment rights.

      • angienc says:

        Rumors are flying that is what Ahmadinejad & Morsi are both going to call for blasphemy laws (Islam specific, of course) tomorrow.

  5. Interesting how Mittens gives the best speech of his whole campaign at the Clinton Global Initiative. Just sayin’…

  6. leslie says:

    I am listening to the video of Gov Romney speaking at CGI. And like Cynthis Ruccia, I too, have liked Gov. Romney for quite some time.
    FTR, I like listening to him. I like his voice and I like how he speaks. Unlike BHO, he doesn’t hisssssssss when he speaks and he doesn’t lecture. And he doesn’t talk at people. Also, it feels like he is interested in the other. I like that. I like what he says and I’m happy with my decision to vote for him.

    • leslie says:

      typing – I hate it.

      Cynthia my apologies for misspelling your name. It’s late and I don’t type well.

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