Wake The Fuck Up!

It’s Friday. I’m going back to bed. I see the doctor again next month and I think he needs to adjust my meds. I’m sleeping waaaaay to much lately.

There is nothing new in the news, so this is an open thread. I’ll see you when the sun is warm.

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13 Responses to Wake The Fuck Up!

  1. gram cracker says:

    Maybe this will tip the scales in Romney’s favor. Romney should declare that he is “pro choice” when it comes to kids’ and their parent’s right to choose the contents and portion sizes of their school lunches and promises to overturn the Michelle Nanny State Doctrine.

    Remember how successful kids were in 2008 in getting their parents to vote for Obama? Now that kids are going hungry because of Moochelle’s “no fat butt left behind” policy the kids will tell their parents “let’s move” the Obamas out of the White House.

    “N.J. High School Students Planning Cafeteria Boycott To Protest Obama Guidelines”


    The comments are hilarious.

    • gram cracker says:

      Last January my granddaughter’s first grade teacher sent the following email to parents:

      “Many kids do not like the main lunch choice and will often get stomach aches after they eat it. Please make sure your child actually likes the lunch on the menu before deciding to buy it or not.”

      While volunteering at the Title One school I saw crudités of stuff like radishes and cauliflower. No wonder they have a belly ache and go hungry.

    • elliesmom says:

      They should make this go viral. A national school lunch boycott. A “brown bag day”, As a bonus, they might just decide they prefer to bring their own lunch from home. Not only would it point out that the kids get a say in what they eat, it would also expose the school lunch program for what it is. Another giveaway to a giant lobby that has nothing to do with feeding hungry children.

    • votermom says:

      This comment made me lol

      Welcome to Socialism 101, everyone goes hungry.

      I hate micro-management. Schools need to be under more local & parent control

      • elliesmom says:

        Your kid’s lunch is something parents have control over unless they allow the school to get away with confiscating lunches brought from home. If they had done that to my kids, I would have showed up at lunchtime with lunch for my kid and sat down next to him while he ate it. More parents should drop in at school at lunchtime unannounced. If every parent just did it once a year, things would change.

        • votermom says:

          That’s a good idea.
          My kids go to a great charter school but they have to comply with federal guidelines for lunches. They are always asking for parent volunteers.
          I love love love how responsive this particular charter school is – you know everyone and they take parent concerns seriously. The waiting list to get in is several years long – we are lucky our kids were school age when they were just starting.

        • gram cracker says:

          I always packed a lunch. Never ever had a school prepared lunch. By the time I was about 9 it was my responsibility to pack my own lunch. Mom was a great cook from scratch and there usually were great leftovers like chili, stew, cold chicken. We had a large garden and had fresh, frozen or canned vegetables and fruits. My daughter also chose to pack her own lunch except when they offered pizza squares or tater tots.

  2. votermom says:

    Hey myiq – maybe you are more sensitive to the medications than the generic person?
    Or maybe you are vit D deficient?

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