Univision Fast and Furious Special Report Live Blog/Open Thread

Aqui y Ahora at 4pm on Univision.

The so-called reporters at the major news networks should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    Damn, now the Giants have tied it up in the 9th.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    I thought this was supposed to have English subtitles?

  3. myiq2xu says:

    Giants win again!

  4. wyntre says:

    Anyone have a link to the univision piece? I don’t have it in my channel lineup.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Found the David Gregory-Chris Christie interview:


    I used to like Gregory. What a weasel he’s become.

  6. I have Digital HD – no cable. I found it by looking online to see what channel. But as with others here – no english subtitles – that I can figure out

  7. I’m watching, but since my Spanish is terrible, I can’t understand it.

  8. angienc says:

    On my TV (Dish Network) I had to go to “Menu” & (1) Turn on CC and (2) Change the provider to #2 from default of #1 — that is the “secondary language provider.” I have English subtitles.

    The entire thing will be replayed on UnivisionSW at 10 eastern as well if you’ve already missed too much messing around with CC (unless of course you are recording it, then just turn on the Secondary Language CC).

  9. Found it! CC3 for english – at least here. Analog & Digital

  10. wyntre says:

    Uh OH!


    Check this out. Univision’s Chairman’s wife appointed to UN on September 20. Her husband wrote a NYT editorial supporting the POS’s Israel position a month ago.

    Are we getting punked again?

    The White House announced Wednesday it has nominated Cheryl Saban, the wife of Univision chairman Haim Saban, to be a representative of the United States to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

    Her husband founded Saban Entertainment—the production studio behind “Power Rangers”—in the 1980s. Haim Saban is a major Democratic donor, personally giving more than $1 million to Democratic candidates and committees in the 2012 election cycle. He has donated at least $333,333 to the Obama-affiliated Super PAC Priorities USA, which is best known for an ad suggesting Republican nominee Mitt Romney was responsible for a woman’s death, as well as $325,520 to Majority PAC, a Super PAC touted by Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.)….

    Cheryl Saban’s nomination comes less than a month after her husband penned a New York Times op-ed defending President Obama’s Israel record.

    Is this another f**kin setup?


  11. wyntre says:

    Anyway, I can’t see it. I have basic cable and don’t get univision.

  12. DeniseVB says:

    We don’t get Univision 😦

  13. They just showed the “I like bing able to fire people” DEBUNKED Anti-Romney Obama ad

  14. wyntre says:

    In light of the suspect connections between Univision and the WH I’ve been reading at other blogs the gist of the report might be lobbying for gun control.

  15. HELENK says:

    I have time warner and I can not find it.
    I see the univiision thing at ON Demand but they are shows that have already run

    In my search I found the broadcast of the TUNNEL TO THE TOWERS ANNUAL RUN.
    it is a foundation started by a firefighters family that helps the wounded firefighters and soldiers.
    this man the father of 6 kids was off duty when the towers were hit. He was on his was to meet his brother. When he heard about the towers he turned around and started back. when he got to the tunnel to go to New York all traffic was blocked. He put on his turnout gear and ran from the tunnel to the towers. He was killed there.
    a small grass roots group of runners has now turned into thousands that make the run.
    there were firefighters in turnout gear , military and runners from all walks of life running. It has become international. I am typing with tears running down my face.
    We are a country of heoes with a man in the white house who has the nerve to apologize to our enemies for this country.
    well he can go to hell

  16. yttik says:

    Haim Saban was also a huge Hillary supporter and actually sat out the election in 2008 when the nomination was stolen from her. He has since gone back to supporting Dems and recently wrote an article favorable to Obama.

  17. wyntre says:

    #univision at twitter has many comments, most positive, about the F&F report by Univision.

  18. wyntre says:

    Go here for lots of comments. Add univision to the list on the left and check it. tweets pop up..


  19. carol haka says:

    5 hours of Homeland. I’m exhausted! 👿 just saw a Tunisian woman is raped by police, and she will get six months in jail for indecent exposure! 👿 Nuke’em! The rest of us should not have to put up with the evil savages!

  20. wyntre says:

    I checked the twitterfall tweets and they were unanimous in praising Univision. Some said the POS is toast with Hispanics, the DOJ didn’t care about dead Mexicans, the guns are still being used, etc.

    Many ragging on US media for not bothering to provide similar extensive coverage of F&F.

    Others saying how brave the reporters in the program are for visiting such dangerous territory. Dozens of Hispanic journalists have been murdered over the past few years.

    I didn’t know Ramos was narrating. That makes me feel better.

  21. myiq2xu says:

    From the comments at Ace of Spades:

    I speako the Spanish, so I’ll translate…

    El culo con los orejas grandes es un SCOAMFO

    This is Spanish I understand.

  22. angienc says:

    OK, I watched — the bad thing is that the English language CC was really behind what was happening — especially in the beginning & especially when Ramos spoke in between the segments. I’d say they missed at least 20% of the overall content.

    What was added that those who haven’t been following F&F on New Media is pictures and stories from the mothers of people who were killed in Mexico, plus grisly crime scene photos were young Mexicans were killed at parties, etc. by drug cartels. Horrible shit (obviously).

    Also there is a totally other program (separate from F&F) called Operation Castaway where the ATF was “walking” guns to Honduras.
    The mother of the ICE agent Zappata (he was killed in the car on Mexican Hwy. 57 having been sent by the American embassy on some retrieval operation that is unclear) says she can get no answers from the embassy or US government about why her son was sent on that dangerous Mexican road where he was killed & vowed to spend her life finding out what happened. The ICE agent who was with Zappata in the car & survived is in hiding & his twin sister says all his hair has fallen out & he has nightmares.

    They showed Obama’s ridiculous answer during the Univision interview that “some people make dumb decisions” and that he was “aware of that” (basically absolving himself from responsibility). There was no attempt to tie Obama or Holder directly to what happened nor was there mention that Congress indicted Holder, or that Obama asserted executive privilege to withhold DOJ documents from Congress. They did mention the IG findings, however.

    The tenor seemed overall to be “what kind of stupid program was this that thought you could arm these dangerous cartels & then somehow catch the bad guys once they committed crimes using those guns” — true enough, but no direct tying of that idiotic plan to the Obama administration or DOJ — it was more vaguely tied to (unnamed) rogue ATF agents who were not communicating properly with other agencies.

  23. wmcb says:

    Not watching. Will watch later. Drunk at beach in hot tub with sisters. And a little dog. Wish I could post pics here, have one of me and the Westie that looks positively demented, but Ziggy was enjoying the swim, honest.

  24. wyntre says:


    Here’s the reaction of one frustrated HA poster.

    Just saw the report by Univision. Ramos NEVER mentioned Eric “My People” Holder being declared in Contempt of Congress and Executive Privilege being asserted on the documents Issa asked for.

    Ramos from Univision is BIASED on this report, leading to the conclusion of circling the wagons around Obama, the One that granted amnesty to illegal immigration.

    The only thing Ramos states at the end is how INFLEXIBLE the American people are about “their” (Ramos I believe is a U.S. citizen) Second Amendment and how Americans opposed gun control laws.

    Well, Ramos, this is the United States of America, not the United States of Mexico where there is no Second Amendment and Mexicans cannot defend themselves from crime. The corrupt police, army, and government in their country is at fault for not allowing people to defend themselves.

    The ENFORCEMENT of existing laws are key, no gun regulations, which apparently Obama and his cronies wanted to do by allowing the arms to walk to Mexico.

    Pixel_Dust_1776 on September 30, 2012 at 8:15 PM

  25. HELENK says:

    yesterday I posted a link about CNN not covering the arab spring.
    A commenter at No Quarter found the link the the reporter who covered the story that CNN would not air.

    here is that link


  26. scoutt says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I work in marketing and came up with a campaign idea. Please take a look and tell me how to spread it. If you like and wand to spread as well, I’ll email you the jpg. If you like this direction, I’ve got other executions. And welcome headline ideas!

  27. DM says:

    I just came home and I’m watching, the ads 🙂

  28. DM says:

    2007 the war began.

  29. DM says:

    In a period of 30 days, there were executions that ran in the hundreds.

  30. DM says:

    According to an agent the ATF wanted to get to the center of those who purchased the arms by allowing lower members buying the guns

  31. DM says:

    I’m not sure that the documentary is pointing to anyone in the U.S. government. All I hear is that it was an “error”.

  32. DM says:

    Patiño, a drug member bought 700 guns, buying 20 at a time and the ATF knew about it.

  33. DM says:

    An informer Celis, was allowed to get back into Mexico after telling the U.S. government that he would cooperate, but Celis was never seen again.

  34. DM says:

    Sorry. Celis was arrested in 2011.

  35. DM says:

    What is clear from the documentary is that the ATF knew the mayhem that was going on in Mexico, but sat on their hands while the deaths mounted.

  36. DM says:

    There was another smaller gun running that few know about.

  37. DM says:

    Taborda, who lived in Colombia was killed by guns Krumpler sold to the killers and the operation is called Operacion Naufrego

  38. DM says:

    Oops, wrong spelling. Crumpler. and he was in charge of selling guns to Honduras and Colombia.

  39. DM says:

    But ATF wasn’t telling the truth and Crumpler didn’t know that the guns were going to drug cartels in Honduras and Colombia, but the ATF was full aware about the destination of the guns.

  40. DM says:

    My take is that Crumpler was selling the guns, making money, but not actively sending the arms to the drug cartels.

  41. DM says:

    Tonya English asked other ATF agents not to disclose to other agents, but keep the operation secret. The secrecy ended when the U.S. agent was killed.

  42. DM says:

    But it was not only the U.S. government that was hiding about Fast and Furious, the Mexican government also knew about it.

  43. DM says:

    John Datsun, an agent that worked for the ATF, was told not to arrest anyone. The limit of his job was to note what was going on.

  44. DM says:

    Obama in his interview with Univision said Fast and Furious was the result of people in the ATF doing stupid things.

  45. myiq2xu says:

  46. DM says:

    It’s too bad that Univision did not use subtitles for the English speaking people. I think it’s a story that people in the U.S. are interested in. Maybe after the elections, it will be shown by ABC with subtitles. 🙂

    • angienc says:

      I read on Twitter it will be published online with English subtitles.

      I may have to watch it again — as I noted upthread, English language CC did a not so great job with it.

  47. DM says:

    I must say, Mexicans don’t shy away from showing the sadness of the victims’ family.

  48. DM says:

    U.S. embassy employees were attacked while on Hwy 57 and it’s unknown why they were killed. The guns used to kill the U.S. employees were part of the FF ATF operation.

  49. DM says:

    The lawyer of Zapata has been denied all information that the government knows about the attack.

  50. DM says:

    Jorge Ramos ends with his view that there is no effort in the U.S. to control the sale of guns.

  51. angienc says:

    Here is a cute video BuzzFeed published today (best part, Mitt wearing duct-taped gloves):

  52. DM says:

    I’m not sure that the documentary has given any new information about FF operation. I don’t believe that the operation was to track down the center of the drug cartels.

    • DM says:

      But I think the Univision documentary was more explicit how the gun running contributed to the deaths in the war.

  53. DM says:

    This is a good recap about the Univision documentary:

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Operation Fast and Furious
    1. Fast and Furious Guns Used in Infamous Massacre

    Mexican military reports show that at least three guns from Fast and Furious were used in the Salvarcar massacre in 2010. A total of 16 people died in that incident, most of them teens. They were gunned down by the Juarez cartel, which mistook the group for rival Sinaloa cartel members. According to one document, the weapons entered Mexico illegally through a border point near Columbus, New Mexico.

    2. 57 Previously Unidentified Weapons Surface

    Univision cross-referenced the serial numbers off guns used in Fast and Furious against guns seized in Mexico. Nearly 100 of those weapons were used in crimes, and 57 of them were not mentioned in an investigation carried out by the U.S. Congress.

    3. Mexico Knew About Fast and Furious

    Andrew Selee, vice president for programs at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington D.C. says the Mexican government was aware of the gun-walking, in spite of releasing a statement saying they were not. William Newell, the special agent in charge of ATF’s Phoenix field division and one of the supervisors of Fast and Furious, told Univision, via his attorney, that the Procuraduria General De La Republica (PGR) in Mexico was certainly aware of the operation.

    4. U.S. Gun-Trafficking Operations Extended to Other Countries

    Fast and Furious was not the only ATF operation of its kind that went awry. In Operation Castaway, Hugh Crumpler, a former ATF informant, told Univision News the ATF deliberately allowed guns to pass into Honduras, Puerto Rico and Colombia. Several of those weapons have already been found at crime scenes and in the hands of local cartels. In an email message, the ATF claims that they “found out about the weapons when they had already been shipped.”

    5. U.S. Agents Were Attacked with U.S. Weapons

    Victor Avila and Jaime Zapata, two U.S. Federal Agents assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, were in the process of transporting surveillance equipment when their vehicle was surrounded by cartel members and shot more than 90 times. Zapata died and Avila was seriously wounded.

    Prior to traveling into the region, Avila reached out to a supervisor expressing concerns over security that were backed by a U.S. State Department document which forbade U.S. Embassy employees from traveling in that area. The reason: It was heavily controlled by the Zetas cartel. According to an exclusive interview with Avila, the supervisor did not share his concerns. Three of the guns used in this shootout were also from a gun-walking operation, but not Fast and Furious.

    Families for both agents say they still do not understand why the agents were asked to transport equipment through this region, or why the men who trafficked these weapons were not arrested months earlier.

    • DM says:

      To me, the death of the two U.S. Federal Agents that worked in the embassy in Mexico is the most troublesome. Did the U.S. government believe that traveling in an area were the employees were gunned down was safe because the ATF believed that the cartel controlling this area would not attack a vehicle that had a diplomatic license plate? Was there some kind of understanding between the cartel bosses and the ATF? The documentary said that the people arrested and charged with the attack have claimed that they believed that the diplomatic plate was a ruse and that an opposing drug boss was traveling in the vehicle.

      We may never know.

    • leslie says:

      Wow, DM. Thanks for all this. I had it on my teevee, but didn’t understand more than a few words. (Should’ve taken Spanish instead of Latin)

    • angienc says:

      Thanks for posting this — it fills in holes created by the crappy job done by the English language CC. (For one example, the CC only had Honduras re: Operation Castaway).

      I hope that when Univision posts the special online the subtitles are better than what was available through CC.

  54. DM says:

    Because the ATF seems to be involved in allowing guns to the Mexican and Colombia drug cartels, I’m suspicious that the government is more involved than what has been given to the public. My tin foil hat is telling me that there’s a money operation going on here.

    • DM says:


      The origins of Los Zetas date back to 1999, when commandos of the Mexican Army’s elite forces deserted their ranks and decided to work as the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, a powerful drug trafficking organization.[9] In February 2010, Los Zetas broke away from their former employer [Gulf Cartel] and formed their own criminal organization.[

      From news I’ve read, it seems that the mayhem is between Los Zetas and Sinaloa Cartel (control a smaller territory) and other smaller cartels that have splintered from the Sinaloa.

      So I put my tin foil hat, and like I said above, I’m suspicious that there’s a money operation going on, not just in Mexico. I’m suspicious that the guns were aimed at helping Los Zetas. Why is it that only Los Zetas got the guns and not the Sinaloa? Was there a preference?

      The whole operation stinks corruption to me.

    • DM says:

      I also found this:

      The Obama administration and the ATF claim that the Fast and Furious program was part of a sting operation to catch leading Mexican drug runners, and yet it’s admitted that the government stopped tracking the firearms as soon as they reached the border, defeating the entire object of the mission.
      It would also account for the fact that the federal government failed to prevent Sinaloa importing tons of cocaine into the U.S.
      Back in April, Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, the “logistical coordinator” for the Sinaloa drug-trafficking gang that was responsible for purchasing the CIA torture jet that crashed with four tons on cocaine on board back in 2007 told the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago that he had been working as a U.S. government asset for years.

      According to court transcripts, Niebla was allowed to import “multi-ton quantities of cocaine” into the U.S. as a result of his working relationship with the FBI, Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration.
      But the notion that Fast and Furious was solely an effort to isolate the Los Zetas cartel isn’t consistent with the fact that one of the gang’s kingpins recently told Mexican federal police that the group purchased its weapons directly from U.S. government officials inside America.
      “They are bought in the U.S. The buyers (on the U.S. side of the border) have said in the past that sometimes they would acquire them from the U.S. Government itself,” Rejón Aguilar told police.
      As we reported years ago, former DEA agent Cele Castillo has blown the whistle on how the US government controls the Los Zetas drug smuggling gang and uses it as the front group for their narco-empire.

      Was there a shift from the Sinaloa to Los Zetas?

      It seems that way to me.

      • DM says:

        Nobody is going to believe the criminals. They must be trying to save themselves, right?

      • DM says:

        I don’t know about ports, but I know that air and land entry inspections into the U.S., especially after 9-11, are very thorough. Am I supposed to believe that tons of drugs get into our country without someone allowing the stuff to come in? No way. To meet the U.S. demand requires tons of illicit drugs, and that stuff cannot be done without help.

        • DM says:

          Few people in government, like in the armed forces and the intelligence agencies, have clearance to have shipments from abroad that don’t need to go through normal immigration inspections. That’s one way to get large shipments in, imho.

      • DM says:

        Something that must be remembered is that the different cartels in Mexico are aligned into two groups, one includes Los Zetas and the other group includes Sinaloa. The Juarez Cartel used FF guns in the 2010 Salvacar massacre when the Juarez Cartel mistook the victims as members of the Sinaloa Cartel. But the Juarez Cartel is aligned with Los Zetas who were the recipients of FF gun operation.


        Since March 2010, the major cartels have aligned in two factions, one integrated by the Juárez Cartel, Tijuana Cartel, Los Zetas and the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel; the other faction integrated by the Gulf Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel and La Familia Cartel.

    • votermom says:

      It’s hard to believe the WH doing this but easy to believe the Chicago mob doing it. So ergo, once you have the Chicago mob IN the WH, it’s quite plausible.

      Great job translating, DM.

  55. DM says:

    I’m not good at translating. 🙂 I’m glad it’s been helpful.
    “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”

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