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Clunk Drown Logging

Blame Dandy Tiger for the title. Blame him for the mess too. Apparently he let a bunch of his friends and relatives get drunk and trash this place. According to the stat page there were nearly 7000 people in here … Continue reading

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Presidential Drunk Blog III

Keep it going

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Presidential Debate Drunk-Blog II

I am three beers in and half-drunk. Okay 3/4 drunk. We’re overloaded and approaching 350 comments in the last thread. We’re currently on Obamacare, and Romney just schooled Obama. Obama continues to stumble. I can barely type. Add your stuff … Continue reading

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Presidential Debate Drunk-Blog

I was gonna try out this new “butt-chugging” thing that all the kids are doing but apparently it’s a 2-person operation and Mom is at Bingo and when I asked the neighbor lady to lend a hand she slammed the … Continue reading

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Pre-Debate Open Thread

Hilariously, JetBlue is offering to fly people out of the country if their preferred candidate loses on November 6th. The JetBlue poll is running pretty close, so go vote in it. No registration required. The debate starts in just three … Continue reading

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Only 17 States Have No Voter ID Law

States in green have strict photo ID laws on the books while those in yellow have less strict photo ID requirements. States in blue have non-photo voter ID laws while those in gray have no voter ID law on the … Continue reading

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Please sir, I want some more

Congressman challenges USDA to follow own school lunch restrictions Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp issued a challenge to the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Tuesday: Adopt the same calorie restrictions and menu standards in the department’s cafeterias as the USDA now … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye Dodgers!

The longest rivalry in professional sports continued last night: Giants Eliminate Dodgers From Playoff Contention A must-win game turned into a job the Los Angeles Dodgers couldn’t get done. They were eliminated from playoff contention, their wild-card hopes dashed Tuesday … Continue reading

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