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Lazy Saturday Open Thread

My daughter sent me photographic proof that Michigan has turned to gold, or at least the trees have. Apparently Autumn has arrived back east. I told her it’s still Summer out here in Big Smoggy. The trees are still green … Continue reading

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Watch this movie!

I’m serious. Take some time and watch it now before it gets pulled from You Tube. If liberals are the ones with hearts, and conservatives the ones with brains… this is a film about and for those who choose to … Continue reading

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Barack Zelig Obama

“I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” – Barack Obama Andrew Klavan: A Fantasy Election, an Imaginary Man Even before his inauguration, Barack Obama was an imaginary man, the … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Open Thread

Because I didn’t feel like writing anything last night.

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