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If We Disagree You Are Lying

No, seriously. Gretawire: CBS Face the Nation asked David Axelrod why he and the President are now calling Governor Romney a liar (“dishonest”) about his tax cut promise for everyone being deficit neutral … and yet don’t call President Obama … Continue reading

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Daddy Issues?

Roger Simon: I doubt the president was over-confident, nor do I think he underestimated Romney. I have quite a different explanation. Barack Obama was afraid. In fact, on a certain level he was petrified. Now I admit I have been … Continue reading

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This American Election Open Thread

This week’s This American Election, with your co-hosts myself and Anthony,  is called Math & Aftermath. Discussion topics include: First Presidential Debate: Causes & Effects Expectations for Vice Presidential Debates Magic Friday Job Report Progressive Panic Our wedding anniversary Today’s … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye Birdie

Mark Steyn: Sesame Nation Apparently, Frank Sinatra served as Mitt Romney’s debate coach. As he put it about halfway through “That’s Life”: “I’d jump right on a big bird and then I’d fly . . . ” That’s what Mitt … Continue reading

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Thank You Sir! May I Have Another?

Pathetic. The Nation: Re-Elect the President Progressive opinions on Barack Obama’s first term are as conflicted as his record. These differences are a sign of a diverse and spirited left, and we welcome continued debate in our pages about the … Continue reading

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