It’s official – they’re blaming Hillary (UPDATED)

Jim Hoft:

David Axelrod Chucks Hillary and State Department Under the Benghazi Bus

Obama Campaign top adviser David Axelrod told Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday this morning that the State Department was responsible for embassy security matters.

David Axelrod:

“The White House was talking about what the White House knew. There are embassies all over the world and requests all over the world and these requests go over the the security professionals at the State Department. And there’s no doubt that some of these matters went into the security department of the State Department. But it didn’t come to the White House and that’s what the White House was responding to.”

This is Barack Obama’s way of thanking Bill Clinton for working overtime to drag Barack Obama across the finish line in this year’s election.

I wonder how all those former PUMAs that jumped on the Obama bandwagon feel now?


Hillary strikes back:

A confusing array of contradictions concerning the murders of four Americans, one of which was a U.S. ambassador, was made worse by Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks during the debate with Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan Thursday evening.

Today the confusion only worsened yet again when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that her agency was not the source of misinformation concerning the attacks, charging instead that the White House was the source of the false mantra that the murders were spurred by an anti-Muslim film made in the United States.

Clinton told reporters that when Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, made her rounds on every Sunday morning news show to claim the film motivated the attacks, the information had been fed to her by the White House and not the intelligence community in the State Department or the CIA.

Popcorn time!

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102 Responses to It’s official – they’re blaming Hillary (UPDATED)

  1. myiq2xu says:

    I really hope Hillary doesn’t let him get away with this.

  2. myiq2xu says:


    I gotta take a nap.

    Shit just got real

  3. DM says:

    If Hillary wants to defend herself, she will. The ball is in her court. She knew what she was getting into when she decided to be the SoS.

  4. angienc says:

    Remember when Deputy Sec. of State Armitage (under Sec. of State Colin Powell) leaked Valarie Plame’s name to WaPo & no one blamed GWB’s White House?

    Yeah, me neither. (Scooter Libby, Cheney’s Chief of Staff helped with the cover up *after* Armitage leaked Plame’s name).

    Also, the MSM couldn’t get enough of the Plame story, but they sure don’t seem interested in 4 dead, including our Ambassador.

    • Constance says:

      Seriously we can’t let the Corporate Media set the topics of conversation. We started a petition demanding the truth from the Obama Administration. More of this needs to be done. Let media know we won’t ignore this, there needs to be loud demonstrators everywhere Obama and Biden go.

  5. LandOLincoln says:

    It will be quiet and behind the scenes as always, but somehow, some way, Bill and Hill will gut that smirking ponce like a fish. But they’ll still manage to get him re-elected–in fact that’s the club they’ll batter him with, as in ” STF up and do what we tell you, you petulant little creep, or we’ll toss you on the trash heap of history 4 years early!”

    • yttik says:

      Could we just cut to the chase and toss him the trash heap of history now?

      • LandOLincoln says:

        What, and miss all the fun? Party pooper! 😉

      • LandOLincoln says:

        It’s going to be very delicate–surgical in fact–but somehow they’ll (Bill and Hill) figure out a way to get him under control, all the while making it look like it’s all his doing.


        PS: Not too long ago I was fine with the idea of a Romney presidency, figuring one centrist Republican was as good as another, but a more knowledgeable friend of mine set me straight (she comes from a well-known Democratic family and lives in the DC area as well).

        She hated O in 2008, but this time she reeled off a string of Good Things Obama had done, an impressive number as a matter of fact, which left me scratching my head.

        Then it hit me: Bill has quietly, without any fuss, retaken the reins of power–and O is dancing to his tune OR ELSE.

        So I will go against every Librul instinct in my soul and vote for that creep, all the while telling myself it’s my third chance to vote for Bill.

    • angienc says:

      That’s the dumbest things I’ve read — but then I saw the idiot writing it & it made sense.

      It doesn’t matter what Bill & Hillary do — Obama’s going to lose anyway. But even if they could, how the FUCK does it make sense that they could control him AFTER he was re-elected.

      Go back to Cannon’s place & spin your ludicrous shit there.

      • LandOLincoln says:

        Poor baby–you got so steamed you forgot to use all the “angry cat” emoticons you lot use with such abandon. 😉

        • angienc says:

          I don’t use angry cat emoticons — EVER – so stop pretending that you know me or that you know what you’re talking about.
          But I know who you are — you’re the anti-semite Cannonfire troll who is voting FOR Obama because you don’t have the sense God gave a goose.

        • kanaughty says:

          Ok well i guess the trolls or i mean the obamabots are invading so that means they are in panic mode. This person won’t be the last who will try to ruin our flow of conversation for the next 20 something days.

        • kanaughty says:

          Ok well i guess the trolls or i mean the obamabots are invading so that means they are in panic mode. This person won’t be the last who will try to ruin our flow of conversation for the next 20 something days.

  6. swanspirit says:

    Some Hillary supporters are defending her by saying the Ambassador shouldn’t have gone to Benghazi , if he had stayed in Tripoli he would have been safe . Lets blame the victim , shall we?

    • DM says:

      It would be sweet if Hillary came out with a strong word about the misinformation from the WH and quit with “Homey don’t play dat.”

    • Constance says:

      If Hillary takes this lying down she doesn’t deserve to be President. And I believe she would make a great President.

    • yttik says:

      It looks like Hillary has failed to fall on her sword.

      That’s why I keep asking, what is Hillary being accused of? Did somebody working under her fail to provide the security needed for our embassy in Libya? Yes, absolutely, but that’s completely different from going on all the talk shows blaming a you tube video, refusing to call it terrorism, and claiming that the future doesn’t belong to those who insult the prophet. So who went out and lied to the American people? Susan Rice, Carney, President Obama.

      The next question is, who was really directing policy at the State Dept? Ultimately Hillary is responsible for the entire State Dept whether she knew about it or not, unless the President or one of his minions decided to work around her, which would not surprise me. That is the impression I get, that Hillary is pissed because somebody circumvented her authority.

      • indigogrrl1 says:

        yeah – I am not going to join this jump on Hillary bandwagon. I trust in her because she has made so many right decisions and this does not add up.

        • britgirls says:

          Totally agree. I’m waiting and watching to see what happens. I still trust and stand by Hillary.

      • kanaughty says:

        Ob and his team are asshats so i think it isn’t beyond them to have set her up and worked around her. I hope she continues to fight back and bill stops campaigning for the one. Its obvious to me the ob team just wanted to do whatever they could to throw her under the bus. Her term as sos had been perfect until now. And i think ob just has like thos thing against her and just never wanted to see her end her term as a success if there was a possibilty he was going to be a one term president. In the future hillary will have to talk about how the ob left wing conspiracy was worse than the right wing conspiracy she endured… I guess we will see how this plays out. I mean hillary just doesn’t make mistakes like this big and if anything she has always been a hawk. Her past performance and decisions with strength behind them dictates to me that ob were setting her up.

  7. Constance says:

    Notice Axelrod is doing the bus driving not Obama. Any women who are still Democrats are good at excuse making and will likely take this in their stride. This still doesn’t explain the BS the White House was spouting about the random demonstration about the film which was a bold faced lie from day one. Remember the feds showing up to the house of the nut case that made the movie and dragging him away? Remember the bizarre foes of the Prophet and we are sorry for our free speech comments by Obama? I think the wheels are coming off the bus.

  8. carol haka says:

    Everything about the event was in the daily briefings. We know Hillary knew immediately. We know Obama knew immediately.

    What we don’t know is who’s bright idea was the video bs. What we don’t know is why Hillary was so God Damn Stupid as to go along with it.

    Unless Hillary was drugged or is under some kind of spell, she went for it to save the asswipe’s political farce.

    Now, her only amends is come out with it being Obama’s plan, and she carried it out. Same thing with Susan Rice.

    Trey Gowdy can’t get his hands on them soon enough for me.

    22 days and holding.


    • Constance says:

      No, if you listen carefully Hillary never did say the deaths in Libya were caused by a riot over the film. She very carefully said there are many riots going on in the ME that are in response to a movie that degrades Islam. The fact that she did not go on TV and claim this BS lie about Libya on every network “news” show which makes it clear she was distancing herself from this from the start. Now she will have to show there was pressure from the Obama Administration to keep that presence in Libya small and getting smaller and I bet she can and will. Axel and the rest of the Obots are fools.

  9. While I’m glad Hillary is striking back, she’s doing so with her weakest card. She talked about that video on AT LEAST two separate occasions the week that it happened. In front of cameras. I will never forget it. And those clips will be drug out this week. Guaranteed.

    • DandyTiger says:

      If she doesn’t do more, that will end up being the reason. She made her bed. She may not be able to get out of it without looking like a hypocrite now. We’ll see though.

    • DM says:

      Yes. She didn’t speak the truth but went along with the misinformation and waited until the WH, on September 19th testified to congress that there had been a terror attack. Then, on September 21st, for the first time she called it a terror attack.

    • Here’s one. She’s very careful to refer to the “protests,” which makes me feel a little better. But I know the Obama admin. They will deliberately conflate it.

      • Here’s another one. 7:00 mark is the relevant part.

        • DM says:

          Hillary says it, but not outright

          From the transcript:

          Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior, along with the protest that took place at our Embassy in Cairo yesterday, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet.

        • angienc says:

          The “some” in the “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior” could include Obama.

        • While that’s true, Angie, how does she sell that? “Take a very close look at what I said. I was careful not to tow the line by my very word choice.” Nuance never works. Not with this press, or these Obamacrats.

        • angienc says:

          Because she doesn’t want to directly contradict the POTUS. That’s all she has to say to have a very plausible/believable reason for saying & doing what she did AFTER the attack.

          The before the attack lack of adequate security is another matter, but I’m sure it’s going to turn out that the WH *did* know about the security concerns & the bulk of the responsibility for lack of adequate security was due to Obama’s foreign policy.

    • Constance says:

      Hillary ain’t done yet! She is just getting started. Axelrod is a fool! ROFLMAO!

    • DM says:

      She has an out in that there were protests all over the world regarding the stupid video, and she might say that’s what she was speaking about to calm the waters. But she did give the wrong impression.

      • Constance says:

        True but she will say she spoke the truth from day one and you and others somehow got the wrong impression. Then she will apologize and say she should have been more articulate but was under extreme stress from the events or possibly the Obots.

    • yttik says:

      But in the context of Hillary’s job, I would expect her to denounce the video. And if you listen to her words carefully, she’s not excusing the violence or feeding anybody false into.

      It’s almost as if Obama copied Hillary’s homework, distorted it, and attempted to use it in his job context, possibly even directing Susan Rice to do the same.

      • angienc says:

        Obama made the UN Ambassador a Cabinet position, which means Susan Rice is not part of the State Dept.

        Ha, ha — Team Obama really are a bunch of amateurs.

  10. DM says:

    Maybe it’s time for popcorn.

  11. DandyTiger says:

    I’m glad Hillary is pushing back some. She needs to do more. After all, what is more important, the truth, the country as a whole and the department she runs and the people in it that depend on her, or the current president? No matter your party or even your policy views, many things matter much more than the current president. After all, they come and they go, there are many things much more important.

  12. DandyTiger says:

    Well there you go. Some Obot friends are already talking about how they knew all along she was no good. How she was a war mongering liar. I suspect those are all talking points coming through. The Clinton’s better be on their toes. A storm is coming their way. It may already be too late to get out of the way.

    • myiq2xu says:

      My money is on Hillary.

    • Constance says:

      It was too late to get out of the way on September 11th. She and Bill have been planning their safe exit from day one. Bet on it.

    • DM says:

      I don’t believe Hillary will run again, so the only thing she cares about is her legacy. She might just throw Obama under the bus and let the chips fall where they may.

      • DandyTiger says:

        Good point on not running. If she never plans on it, then she has more flexibility. She may just dive under the bus to help Obama knowing it doesn’t matter to her personally. That would be sad, but it’s a possibility.

        • DM says:

          I don’t believe she’ll go under the Obama bus. I think she’ll throw Obama under the Clinton bus. She’ll protect her legacy.

    • angienc says:

      But, but, but the dumbass LoL just said upthread that Bill was still going to get Obama re-elected — how can the Clintons be no good *and* help Obama at the same time?

      • Saw that upthread- I see it has not provided this “list” of wonderful things the once has supposedly done.
        I am not holding my breath waiting for it as I know it to be a fairy tale. And so help me I am going to live long enough to see that fraud OUT of the White House!

  13. myiq2xu says:

    • elliesmom says:

      The house across the street from us sold last month. It used to be a funeral home. We don’t know if we should tell the new neighbors or not.

      • myiq2xu says:


        That would be so cool! If it wasn’t haunted I would make it look like one. Put a motion sensor out front and whenever someone walks by the curtains move and a pair of red eyes look out. Add hidden speakers that play strange sounds. Buy an old hearse and park it in the driveway. Put a sign out front that says “Deliveries in the rear”

        You would never have to worry about burglars.

  14. yttik says:

    My money is on Hillary winning this battle. She’s far too experienced and far too powerful to be caught off guard by an amateur like Obama.

    My goal at this point is to see this administration ride off into the sunset in a few weeks and fade away like a bad memory. Regardless, Hillary said she was only going to serve four years, so she will be leaving anyway. I don’t believe she has any intention of running in 2016, so I’m not in the least concerned about her future political ambitions. I really don’t have any loyalty to Hillary, but I do resent her being used as a scapegoat, by Obots, by the media, by Obama. I’m glad she hasn’t fallen on her sword for O’Bummer. She is not responsible for him, and she did do everything she could to try and convince the Dem party not to nominate him.

  15. myiq2xu says:

    Okay, now I’m gonna take a nap.

  16. Underwhelmed says:

    Yeah, so take this with a grain of salt, but … HC is a Scorpio, right? From her October horoscope …

    “Can you really be yourself with Saturn in Scorpio, your own sign? He will be there from October 5th as part of a long cycle, when all the ‘Me’ issues become much heavier and have to be taken more seriously.

    One thing is certain. You can and should take your time, adjusting. It may be your online profile, your media presence, your face, your body or your good name. It may be your identity out there in the world, or your image. October 2012 is the dividing line between the past and the future, though, and as you are laying future foundations, it’s important to go in slowly.

    Very close to Friday October 5th when both Saturn and Mercury are in Scorpio, you may find yourself making a choice between guessing and knowing. Knowledge is far preferable. Really think about matters which are coming up now, which affect the way you are seen – and the way you appear.

    Someone who sets a brilliant example in this regard will be around you near Tuesday 9th October when Apollo in Scorpio aligns with Psyche. The connection may be personal, or at a distance, but you will have inspiration. You may even feel like imitating this person’s approach. It is certainly another step on the path to progress.

    From Thursday 18th October be very cautious about committing yourself to any plans (especially involving signatures or binding handshake agreements). Anything that would affect your name, face, identity, body, image, online persona or reputation is crucial. Mercury is shadow, and it will not be until December that you can finally call something absolutely final. Read the terms and conditions on weight loss, glasses or cosmetic surgery. See the small print before you hire a web designer or order business cards. Before you put your name on a book, make sure the editor has spelled it correctly.

    This flakey phase is over as the Christmas decorations start dominating the shops, but until then, crawl into this new cycle slowly and carefully and give yourself as much leeway and back-up as you can. Anyone slippery who your radar tells you may go back on his/her word or complicate your life should be kept at a distance – especially if this person has a crucial impact on the way you appear or the way you are seen. Talk to them again in December .”

  17. dailypuma says:

    There might have been a memo but that memo would have gone to the white house as well. The thing I don’t get is, this happened around September 11, that is a known risk day anyways. Whose to say there were not 10 planned attacks but the place that would be attacked would be the one with the least protection?

    So if the Libyan embassy had been better protected, then plan E is to attack another embassy that is less protected and so on down the line, the goal being to not incur any more loss of life because apparently Al Queda has suffered significant losses in the past year.

    Plus there have been reports that muslim moderates are fed up with the lunatic fringe of the muslim world, this would point to a logical belief that the embassy was well liked and therefore in less danger.

    • yttik says:

      Hillary did mention that there had been a security review of the embassy conducted in preparation of Sept 11, as was State Dept policy.

      It’s a tantalizing piece of info. We now know Sept 11 is a known security risk day that the State dept prepares for. We also know a security review on Libya and our ambassador was completed right before the attack.

    • Underwhelmed says:

      On a wider scale, I hope that’s true. It’s the only hope any Muslim in that part of the world has, that the moderates/non-fanatics stand up to the violence and hateful rhetoric. Apparently there are protests in Pakistan supporting the girl who was shot. Given Pakistan’s track record that seems hard to believe … but I’ll take being wrong, gladly.

    • DM says:

      this would point to a logical belief that the embassy was well liked and therefore in less danger.

      I don’t believe that the State Department could have been caught flat footed because the ambassador was liked. He had plenty of enemies and the State Department knew it and he knew it. Obviously the ambassador was cautious by not leaving the compound on September 11. He knew it was too dangerous. I think it had to do with intelligence work that had to be done at that location. That’s what he did anyway before he became the ambassador.

  18. in light of all of this, what’s Bill going to do? Keep giving speeches for O?
    And myiq (or anyone else) how many puma’s really went back into the fold?

    • carol haka says:

      Cynthia, good luck with everything you are up against and to this week. My prayers are with you. You have a lot of courage and a lot of strength. 🙂

  19. myiq2xu says:

  20. myiq2xu says:


    Finally, while I do not delve too much in to picking NFL games (too much variable in effort from these teams imo), I have to say that I think the 49ers (-7) over the New York FOOTBALL Giants seems like a terrific investment opportunity. The Giants have been lackluster all year. The 49ers are still fuming over their loss last year in the playoff game and Harbaugh is insane. Take the Niners, lay the 7. I expect a blowout. (My personal investment here will by 5 units.)

    NY Giants are winning by two touchdowns and just intercepted and have 1st and 10 at the Niners’ 12 yd line.

  21. angienc says:

    It’s looking to me that ALL of the responsibility for the cover up — Rice & Carney telling the American public that it wasn’t a terror attack but a spontaneous protest over the video that turned violent — lays at Obama’s feet.

    However, Hillary, as Sec. of State, does have responsibility that our ambassador did *not* have adequate protection (and, btw, the fact that he & 3 other Americans are dead, proves that he didn’t have adequate protection). That doesn’t necessarily mean Hillary is *solely*responsible for that lack of adequate security because it is Obama’s “Arab Spring” and Libya *is* 100% Obama’s war (plus I’d even bet she has communications with the WH discussing the security concerns in Libya prior to 9/11/12), but she does have *some* of the responsibility (hence her speech yesterday re: “we can’t work from bunkers” etc.).

    • With you. I’m definitely placing most of the blame for this at Obama’s feet, as any rational person would. But I’ve got serious questions about Hillary Clinton’s decisions beforehand, and performance after the fact.

    • yttik says:

      Angienc, Hillary has total responsibility for the fact that the ambassador and our Americans are now dead.That responsibility simply goes with the job. But that doesn’t mean that she did anything negligent or criminal.

      I actually get the impression that she wants the congressional investigation, in fact, she’s even conducting one of her own. To me that suggests that something did not go down the way she intended. She told Issa that nobody wants to get to the bottom of this more than she does. To me that indicates that she believes there’s something at the bottom to get to. She’s not giving the appearance that this whole thing was just an unfortunate and unavoidable tragedy.

      If Obama’s Happy Arab Spring policy was in force at the State Dept, then that is also completely her responsibility and unacceptable to me if she participated. But what I suspect, is that somebody over ruled her, somebody went over her head, somebody played politics in the State Dept without her knowledge.

      Naturally I have no evidence of any of this, but it would be irresponsible not to speculate 🙂

      • angienc says:

        I agree — what I meant about her having “some” of the responsibility is that Obama shares in the responsibility (most of the people in progville seem to think otherwise) and that I’d bet that not only did the WH know about the security concerns in Libya prior to the attack, that the reason for the lack of security is directly related to the Obama foreign policy of “let a smile be your umbrella.”

  22. elliesmom says:

    So what’s Bill going to do? What matters more to him, his wife’s legacy or the Democratic Party? Does he call in sick, show up, but phone it in, stick the knife in and turn it counterclockwise, or does he does go all in for Obama? I wish I could say for sure he would put her first for one damn time in his life, but I don’t trust he will.

    • cj says:

      So far he’s still all in for Obama. In NV, he was mocking, contemptuous, and hee-hawing Romney to death about flip-flops until he was red in the face.

      For 4 long years I’ve been waiting for either one of them do the honorable thing when it comes to Obama and now 3 weeks out from the election, I don’t think I care anymore. I’m not going to prejudge Hillary until all the facts are out, but I’m not going to worry about her legacy either.

  23. Simofish says:

    Have not read thru all the comments just yet. My thoughts.

    Playing off of from what yttik said the other day. Obama winning gives him credibility of being a two term president that Bill and Hillary I am sure would not like to see.

    So I am thinking perhaps Hillary encouraged or perhaps didn’t say anything when the WH decided to blame the “video” — knowing full well she could come out later and slam the WH for their bullshit.

  24. yttik says:

    Regarding that video, there were two different tones and two different contexts that it was spoken about in. One was in telling people in the ME that the US Gov had nothing to do with the video, condemned the video, and that it was not justification for violence. That was necessary diplomacy because there were extremists attempting to recruit protestors, in the same time period as the attack on our embassy. They were probably trying to claim the video was made by the US Gov in the hopes of stirring up unrest and anti-American sentiment.

    The second mention of that video was very different, it was done by Susan Rice and President Obama who basically implied that somebody in America did a reprehensible thing, and that is why our ambassador was killed and people were rioting in the streets.

    • gxm17 says:

      And let me remind everyone that Hillary did not stand up in front of the world and say: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet.” Nope. It was the President of the United States who uttered that condemnation of our First Amendment rights. Now that’s some scary shit. Not only did he deceitfully use the video to try to save his campaign, he used it to shit all over our Constitution in front of a global audience. Anyone who votes for Obama needs their head examined.

    • Constance says:

      Well don’t forget the feds showing up at the home of that nutcase immigrant who made the movie and dragged his ass to interrogation. That was completely bogus. Is he still in Prison? He actually might be safest in prison after the blather the Obama Administration dumped on him. Are we the taxpayers going to get sued over how he was framed?

  25. carol haka says:

    Okay, I need help. For those familiar with New York. My son and his potential roommate have found a rent control apt in Park Slope Brooklyn. What do you know? He has to get to and from Tisch late and early safely. Also, i read there are some parts of Brooklyn with an open sewage sinkhole problem – he’s not going to be near that is he?

    • wyntre says:

      The whole of Brooklyn IS a giant open sewage sinho;e!


      No, really, Park Slope is a gentrified area about 20 minutes from Manhattan. Nice big park, Prospect Park, nearby.

    • threewickets says:

      They breed Obots in Park Slope, until they’re ready for full Obot indoctrination at Tisch.:evil: Otherwise, nice neighborhoods on both sides of the commute.

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