A Star Is Born

Regardless of the outcome on November 6th, I think it’s fair to say that a certain congressman from Wisconsin is going to be a household name for many years to come. I would like to see him spend a few years as a VPOTUS or governor before trying for the top spot though.

Although I don’t agree with Paul Ryan on every issue, he is clearly not the “zombie-eyed granny-starver” he has been portrayed to be. That won’t stop the Vile Progs from trying to Palinize him though.

I feel sorry for his wife and kids. He better block MSNBC on his television at home.

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  1. That poster should say “AntiDope”

  2. gxm17 says:

    I saw that Obamanation is trying to palinize Ryan with the workout photos and I didn’t even respond to the FB postings. Just rolled my eyes and moved on. It won’t work. Ryan has a penis. Photos of man working out in a t-shirt and baggy shorts can’t be ridiculed the same way photos of a woman in running shorts can.

    And, of course, the hypocrisy of all the swooning over Obama’s sausage chest and noodle arms in his swimsuit photo goes over their little pea heads.

    • kanaughty says:

      i agree, ryan is the real deal, not like the swooning for the one. i never got that at all….

  3. myiq2xu says:

  4. myiq2xu says:

  5. myiq2xu says:

    • myiq2xu says:

      Before I even read it I’m gonna say I agree.

      • myiq2xu says:

        Now I have read it and I was correct – I fully agree.

        The only thing Hillary did was accept responsibility for an error in judgment. It may not have been her error but it was her department.

        But she did not take any blame or responsibility for the cover-up.

        • indigogrrl1 says:

          I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say she might know what she’s doing….and it ain’t helping Teh Once.

        • cj says:

          … it ain’t helping Teh Once

          I think you’re right about that.

        • I’ve got no problem with her taking responsibility for the security in Benghazi. She should do that. My concern is with her providing cover by backing up Biden’s assertion that he and Obama didn’t know about requests for increased security ahead of the attack. Now that I’ve seen the full quote this morning, I realize she used very careful language (“security professionals”) again to make her point, but still.

          Now I agree that it makes Obama look weak–to some. But for plenty of others this absolves him entirely.

        • Mary says:


          I’d bet my last dollar that she & Bill discussed this—take responsibility for your own smaller issue, leave the rest (ie, Susan Rice, WH, cover up) for them to handle. You look responsible, they have to deal with the “other.”

          Well played, Hillary!!

  6. myiq2xu says:

  7. wyntre says:

    Back to Benghazzi-gate for a sec.


    October 15, 2012

    Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) today released the following statement on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comments this evening regarding the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012:

    “We have just learned that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has claimed full responsibility for any failure to secure our people and our Consulate in Benghazi prior to the attack of September 11, 2012. This is a laudable gesture, especially when the White House is trying to avoid any responsibility whatsoever.

    “However, we must remember that the events of September 11 were preceded by an escalating pattern of attacks this year in Benghazi, including a bomb that was thrown into our Consulate in April, another explosive device that was detonated outside of our Consulate in June, and an assassination attempt on the British Ambassador. If the President was truly not aware of this rising threat level in Benghazi, then we have lost confidence in his national security team, whose responsibility it is to keep the President informed. But if the President was aware of these earlier attacks in Benghazi prior to the events of September 11, 2012, then he bears full responsibility for any security failures that occurred. The security of Americans serving our nation everywhere in the world is ultimately the job of the Commander-in-Chief. The buck stops there.

    “Furthermore, there is the separate issue of the insistence by members of the Administration, including the President himself, that the attack in Benghazi was the result of a spontaneous demonstration triggered by a hateful video, long after it had become clear that the real cause was a terrorist attack. The President also bears responsibility for this portrayal of the attack, and we continue to believe that the American people deserve to know why the Administration acted as it did.

  8. threewickets says:

    Yeah, he’s a good fighter for his cause and team. Think he cares about this country a great deal which is more than can be said for some people already in high office. But I’m not buying into his or anyone else’s personality cult in politics. Ever. And on economic policy, he’s an old-school deficits-matter-most conservative, and I’m the opposite…especially with treasury yields and inflation and the general economy where they’ll be for the immediate years ahead. In other words I like Ryan, but if he were on the top of the ticket instead of Romney, no way I would even consider voting for them. I may be a seriously alienated Democrat, but I haven’t turned into a mainstream economic conservative overnight. If team Romney does win, they’ll be running about the same federal deficits as today for the next four years. I’d bet my house on it. 🙂

    • with ya TW all the way. I’d add that Ryan has been intellectually pampered by being surrounded by successful, rich white guys just like him for almost all of his life. His economic, social, and cultural views have NEVER been seriously challanged, which makes for a very immature person (see: barack obama). That, added to his appallingly parochial view of the world (his sneering brand of suburban Catholic jock dude is so familiar and offensive to me), makes him in my book, a dick.

      Give me Romney any day of the week over that sarcastic little know it all twerp. Romney has lived a long life and been face to face with people and situations far far different from his own. And I do believe he learned and changed as a result of them. Not so Ryan. Yes, Romney’s always been a very rich very privileged white guy, but honestly, it’s not his fault that he was born to successful, stable, supportive, and loving parents.

      The whole go spend 30 months knocking on strangers doors and try to connect with them personally about very serious matters when you are 19 or 20 years old can certainly be mocked by liberal elites but hello, how can anyone not see the life lessons those young mormons learn from that experience?

      Sorry — cant stand Ryan. It’s subjective, and a little unhinged, I know.

      • myiq2xu says:

        We all go a little mad sometimes.

      • catarina says:

        But where have I heard the “rich white guy” dig before? Oh, wait..

      • yttik says:

        I’m not sure why Ryan has pushed your buttons, Murphy and TW. I don’t see an intellectually pampered rich white guy, I see compassion in his eyes, respect for those who disagree with him. After four years of Obama’s cold eyes, that flat effect, and condescension towards those who disagree with him, it’s refreshing to see someone who acts as if they want to serve the people of this country.

        • oh I definitely like the guy more than I like obama, gawd knows.

          While I freely admit my aversion to the guy is subjective and rather squishy, I think threewickets has actual substantive objections so I wouldnt want to paint her with my emotional brush.

          I dont see compassion or respect at all — I see calculation and condescension. But I do definitely agree that he cares — he clearly cares a LOT. I also think he cares more about ideas and principles than he does about his political career, so that puts him waaayyy ahead of his peers in DC. But like Barney Frank said of him, “Ryan is smart only because he’s being graded on a curve — he’s smart compared to other congressmen.” lol.

          Also, Ryan can go eff himself for letting it be known to the NYT reporter that he thinks Sarah Palin is stupid. Screw him.

          oops I cant keep my anger in check!


      • carol haka says:

        Unfair. Romney has 23 years on Ryan and Ryan is thriving in a mostly Democractic district. Ryan went up against Obama and knows how to add and subtract. That he enjoys and respects his religion is his Constitutional right. Kudos to a young teenager that had a wonderful family life that was charged with loss of a father and then went to work and never looked back. That he had to suffer a grandmother in the house with alzheimer’s is another medal on his chest as I and millions can attest to. History could have been written another way.

      • swanspirit says:

        I don’t see Ryan as “intellectually pampered ” or sneering. I see a very intense intelligence with some typical parochial misguided sincerity .He has a great capacity for learning and he thinks on his feet .Even while he was being bullied on national television by Old Drunk Joe and Martha Ratface , he was learning from them . I saw it during the debate . He does lack experience , but he is about to get a great deal. I think it is nice he stays in shape , but I am more impressed by his brain than his biceps

      • yttik says:

        People totally have the right to not like a candidate for what ever reason, I’m just kind of puzzled when people view Ryan as pampered, as never having had his cultural, intellectual, social views challenged. That’s a good description of President Obama, but not Paul Ryan. In a way, Ryan is actually the one who came of age with a single mother and a grandmother in need of care. His ability to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats also shows he has enough humility to compromise, rather than serving a rigid ideology.

  9. votermom says:

    The book club post will go up after Lola’s post – noonish, I guess.

  10. myiq2xu says:

    Ace of Spades:

    What Hillary has done is basically say, “the damn phone is ringing and President Creased Trousers isn’t answering it so give it to me. She comes off as the grown up who said, look I’m in charge here and for good or ill that makes me responsible”.

    People tend to admire others who stand up and take the hits. Hillary looks like A-the loyal soldier and B-the only one who is going to stand up and say, “something awful happened on my watch and I’m going to look in the mirror to see who is in charge and not like some other people I could name, look around for scapegoats”.

    Hillary isn’t taking the blame, she’s taking the credit.

    Now a lot of this is hypocritical because Hillary already tried casting the blame elsewhere but when all else fails, it’s sometimes better to own it in the end.

    How does this hurt Obama? Well tonight he will be standing next to Mitt Romney. Romney you might recall has made a rather big stink about Obama’s failure to lead and his own stellar leadership record.

    Here’s how he might play this when Benghazi comes up (or he brings it up himself)…”It’s all well and good that Secretary Clinton is taking responsibility but my leadership experience has taught me that only the person at the top of the organization is truly responsible. President Obama is at the top of the Executive Branch and he’s ducking responsibility. I’d like to know if the President agrees with the Secretary and if he does, why hasn’t he asked for her resignation? If he doesn’t agree, why doesn’t he say who is responsible? Most importantly, why hasn’t he taken responsibility from Day 1. Harry Truman didn’t say the buck stopped at the Department of State, it stopped at his desk in the Oval Office.”

    And then it will get ugly for Obama when Romney ads, “And who does the President blame for the failure of his policies to get this economy going? The Secretary of the Treasury? Maybe he blames you the voters for not paying enough in taxes. This country needs a President who accepts the responsibility that comes with the job and doesn’t blame his subordinates.”

    Obama will have no answer to any of that. He also can’t fire Hillary because that would cause problems with Team PUMA and his administration would be in disarray 3 weeks before the election

    He can’t suddenly say, “Oh no, it’s me not Hillary who is responsible” because A-he doesn’t believe that and B-It’s too late. She beat him to the punch, he’ll look like he’s scrambling to catch up (which he would be).

    Mitt’s been running a campaign based on his leadership and Obama’s unwillingness and inability to lead. The second most popular (maybe the most popular) Democrat in the country, who happens to be Obama’s own Secretary of State, just co-signed that charge by stepping into the vacuum Obama’s cowardice created.

    What Hillary has done is hand Mitt a baseball bat, turned him in the direction of the giant Obama pinata on stage tonight and said, “Have at buddy. Maybe I’ll see you in four years”.

    And what’s the downside to Hillary? None. No one is really going to hold her responsible. The DMM (Democratic Machine Media) won’t. The GOP certainly won’t (update: as predicted) and Obama can’t. She’ll be hailed as “presidential”, “the one official willing to stand up and take responsibility” and ironically enough, a “good soldier”.

    Don’t forget, Hillary has seen a variation on this play work before. Remember Janet Reno taking the blame for Waco? Clinton looked weak and Reno owned him for the rest of his presidency.

    Sure it’s kabuki theater and there are still plenty of outstanding questions (who said “hey, let’s blame a protest about some tape” among them) but the story will be the debate and if Romney can use it to put Obama back on his heels. By the time Hillary gets back in the country the story and the campaign will have moved on and the damage to Obama will be done.

    Maybe Hillary didn’t do all of this on purpose (but why wait until now to do this?) but intentionally or not, she’s teed this up for Mitt. Will he hit it?

  11. britgirls says:

    OT … but PA is really getting close. Also, votermom … Casey Jr./Smith are now within the margin of error!


    • So should I be praying for bad weather in the Philly/Pittsburgh districts? I heard bad weather benefits R turnout?
      It has been known to snow here in NW PA BEFORE Hallowe’en. Not likely to happen in Philly- but torrential downpour type fall rains are not out of the question.
      Anybody around the Philly area know a good rain dance or have an in with the weather gods?

  12. wmcb says:

    Good article by Coulter. Who is it that always plays the “scary black people!” card again?

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