Presidential Debate Drunk Klown Blog III – Last Call

This thread is for the post-debate reactions.

My prediction was correct – I’m really hammered.

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    I’ll give it to Romney for content, style and a soothing voice πŸ˜€

  2. eriezindian says:

    I hope so!!!

  3. ok myiq—-I’m watching msnbc. that crowd is really happy—-thrilled in fact. However, they can crow all they want, I really believe that in the end it won’t move the needle for them.

    Steve Schmidt agrees with me….

  4. On my third beer.

    Obama did better. Romney was not as good, but still quite solid. Wash. Momentum will continue. Dem dogs will have a bone to chew on for a while, and a little useless hope for a minute.

    Romney’s strongest line: That wasn’t a question, Mr. President.

    • cj says:

      The momentum, that’s the only thing I care about. If Obama’s BS is allowed to go unrefuted, then he will usually do well. That’s the problem with moderation.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Obama won the clock by 3 minutes. Or 3 minutes of cutting off Mitt’s time (thankyouverymuch CC)

  6. ME says:

    The CNN poll doesn’t work. 😦

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Trippi : Romney did fine but a different Obama showed up. ??

  8. yttik says:

    I’m really disappointed with Crowley. I didn’t think I could be more disappointed with her than I already am, but that was some biased and crappy assed moderating.

  9. swanspirit says:

    Obama said absolutely nothing new Romney did .

    • mcnorman says:

      His nonverbal behavior spoke volumes. As well as his timing. He was told to bring it and he did. He was in for a fight with Romney which is exactly what Joe did. Bots like that.

  10. Karma says:

    PMM….I just voted at the CNN poll and it was the same 5 votes….mine for Mitt didn’t register either. Tried again…still at 5 votes.

    Bottom of the page on the right…

  11. I will be happy when post debate polls come out when the lefties will be incredulous that Obama hasn’t gained points. You have to look at this the way an undecided would and I just don’t think that this debate made a huge difference for them.

  12. angienc says:

    Obama attack on the 47 remark did NOT playing well with CNN focus group. Huddling around neutral line. Obama blew his opportunity.

  13. votermom says:

    Candy kept saying Mitt will have time I PROMISE

  14. driguana says:

    Somebody from Pittsburgh on another blog referrred to Obama as a “jagoff”. I couldn’t agree more but want to make sure that readers understand that “jagoff” is a specific Pittsburgh word with very specific meaning. It is not the same as “jackoff” which is something totally different. Recently, a number of us from Pittsburgh spent considerable time and a considerable amount of wine coming up with the definitive list of what makes up a true “jagoff”. Here you go…judge for yourself.

    Official Jagoff Dictums

    1. Argumentative

    2. Defends points of view that are non-defensible

    3. Is never ashamed/shameless

    4. Can be a perfectly normal looking person

    5. Enjoys the discomfort of others

    6. Doesn’t care about another’s point of view

    7. Assumes that everybody else is less intelligent

    8. Lives in a constant state of denial

    9. Always goes back on their word

    10. Always speaks with authority even when they know nothing about the subject

    11. Always puts the blame on others

    12. If they don’t know the answer, they will make it up with conviction

    13. Lives in a completely illusory world.

    14. Mostly have sex with themselves.

  15. angienc says:

    In CNN focus group is you *had* to vote tonight: Obama picked up 7 votes, Romney 5.

  16. sleepyhead says:

    CNN poll 71% Obama, 29% Romney. What is wrong with people?

  17. wmcb says:

    I think the debate itself was a wash. But I think it helped Romney because Obama needed to knock it out of the park to stop his slide, and he didn’t. Same old same old.

    The progs will be happy, just like they were with Biden. Won’t matter. All Mitt needed to do was continue to show as competent and successful at running things vs. Mr. I-Have-A-Vague-Plan-I-Never-Actually-Implement. He did.

  18. myiq2xu says:

    I was gonna switch to DWTS but *somebody* spoiled it for me already.

  19. taw46 says:

    Joe Trippi said it was wrong for Candy to step in on Rose Garden statement, like the ref throwing it to the team.

  20. DM says:

    On the economy. 65% Romney 27% Obama

  21. DM says:

    56 to 43 for Obama on the middle class

  22. kanaughty says:

    these people are saying the undecideds will decide, but i beg to differ, it is the independents. i don’t think that it is possible to have so many undecideds…

  23. taw46 says:

    Britt Hume said the same thing we did, that Romney should have come back with, why did Rice and everyone else, including you, keep blaming it on a video.

    • britgirls says:

      He started to and got cut off.

    • kanaughty says:

      i know they were saying it was the video to a point where ob was apologizing for our free speech at the un!!!!!! i mean this makes me crazy! they are trying to sweep this under the rug already!

  24. leslie says:

    David Gergen gave it to Romney.

  25. myiq2xu says:

    I had enough of this shit for tonight.

    Y’all turn out the lights before you leave.

  26. Constance says:

    So I just got back from the gym, and I specifically joined a gym with no TV’s and few mirrors. At 6:05 I was the only person in the entire gym at 6:40 the Obots started filtering in and saying they couldn’t take it any more, when I left at 7:30 they had the music cranked up and were really pumping the weights. No Romney folks came in. So the media may be happy, the asshole Obots may be happy, but normal people and specifically women didn’t like it.

    • Karma says:

      That’s refreshing news….

      Obama pandering to the MSNBC crowd isn’t a winning strategy. Normal people don’t like jerks.

  27. votermom says:

  28. wmcb says:

  29. wmcb says:

    • angienc says:

      True, but Obama did enough to allow MSM to write their “comeback” story.

      • DM says:

        This is the kind of exchange that doesn’t matter what the media says. Obama and the media called Romney a liar after debate 1, and it didn’t matter. Voters will make up their mind based on what they saw.

  30. cj says:

    Wow, Frank Luntz’s group gives the win to Romney, big time. I didn’t see that coming. Hmmmm.

    • angienc says:

      On the CNN dials during debates, Romney was scoring higher on his answers then all of the sudden at end 7 said they decided on Obama & 5 said they decided on Romney; rest remain undecided (so basically a draw). Something in the CNN milk ain’t clean.

  31. cj says:

    ROFL, a guy in the group called Obama a bullshitter. I think Luntz is going to faint.

  32. carol haka says:

    Luntz focus group loves Romney.

  33. angienc says:

    WOW — FOX/Luntz group is mostly former Obama voters & only 3 are still going to vote for Obama — most switched to Romney.
    One woman (who voted Obama last time) said that she was undecided between Romney & NOT VOTING because of how bad Obama has been & many of her former Obama-voting friends are same way!
    Overall they found Obama was defensive; can’t defend his own record so just attacks Romney.

  34. DeniseVB says:

    Luntz focus group ALMOST all are voting for Romney (many who voted for BO in 2008)

    Some guy said Obama’s bullsh*tting us again …. on LIVE TV πŸ˜€

  35. carol haka says:

    Remember Romney is gving a detailed foreign policy speech this week. πŸ‘Ώ

  36. taw46 says:

    Yay, Frank’s “dippy” group came through and named the winner!

  37. DM says:

    RD gives the debate to Romney. That’s something.

  38. wow—–must say that the results of that focus group were a pleasant surprise!!!! can’t wait to see the segment about why they switched their vote as a result of tonight. So MSNBC, bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you butt holes….

  39. DeniseVB says:

    Obama’s definitely losing the Fact Checkers, just about everything he said is a lie. Wrong on drilling permits and terror speech for starters.

    Shorter version, Romney was right on everything supported by facts.

    • DM says:

      πŸ™‚ But voters don’t care about lies. They are looking at how the candidate presents himself and his ideas, and I think Mitt won that one.

    • kanaughty says:

      yeah that whole rose garden thing was a snake oil lie. they were saying it was the video and apologized for our free speech for a long time. it was almost like they were covering up that it was al queda because they wanted it to look like the were in control there and that al queda didn’t exist after bin laden. but they do exist. anyway, that was a lie. they were telling the american people it was a video that whole time and even arrested that director for questioning to make it look more ligitimate. so ob can’t get away with saying it was a terror attack from the beginning because he just didn’t.

  40. ME says:

    CNN Fact checkers gave Libya terror declaration to Obama. How can that be when we heard him blame the video at the UN?

  41. angienc says:

    CBSinstapoll…65%ROMNEY 34%O ==== that’s almost exactly what it was debate 1!!!

  42. britgirls says:

    God … CNN was driving me mad. They still haven’t shown their focus group. They’re fact checking only Romney it seems. And they keep harping on about the President’s rose garden comments. Overlooking the fact that he and his administration have been lying about Libya for weeks and linking it to the stupid video.

  43. swanspirit says:

    NEXT debate : Foreign Policy

  44. leslie says:

    angie — Sununu is on CNN now.

  45. DeniseVB says:

    Just got a note from Markos πŸ˜›

    (name) this feels a whole lot better than the first debate, doesn’t it?

    We’re still winning. Let’s bring this one home.

    Please contribute $5 to President Barack Obama.

    Keep fighting,
    Markos Moulitsas
    Publisher, Daily Kos

    • angienc says:

      Poor progs — Obama did better than absolute suck & turned in plain old suck & they are wetting their pants.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Exactly what the message said to me πŸ™‚

      • kanaughty says:

        yeah the guy just isn’t good at debates and i don’t see how all the obots think he is so great. so many uhms ahha, let’s move on, my time, but my time, whining and preaching and teaching. that is super annoying.

  46. DM says:

    According to a CBS “insta-poll,” viewers awarded the debate to Romney by a margin of 46%-22%; a similar survey by CNN awarded the debate to Romney, 67%-25%.

  47. leslie says:

    I have to go back to work tomorrow. g’night.

  48. Was it just me? We need the transcript/video of the Libya exchange. I could have SWORN I HEARD OBAMA SAY that that night, he was watching(?) the (live stream of the) attacks?

    Maybe I am wrong, but I said to the dog – “oh God, he just made headlines and screwed himself”

    • Karma says:

      I heard that too and thought the same.

      Who knows if it actually makes the news or is yet another WORM.

      • thanks Karma – I KNEW I heard it.

        • Karma says:

          Can’t find it in the transcript….but I did think the exact same thing when hearing his answer.

          So we might both be wrong but I’m not sure that it’s worth watching that thing again to see where my brain went…OMG….lol

    • kanaughty says:

      i heard it too, that means that they did know. if they are watching the video in true time then they did know and they can’t claim ignorance as they were trying to do. they are all fricking liars… even having watched the live video they still said there was a protest outside and it was because of the video.

  49. DM says:

    The CBS insta poll gives the debate to Obama by a few points
    37 Obama 30 to Romney, but on the economy Romney wins it handily.;leadHed

    • DM says:

      The sample of the CBS poll is random.

    • DandyTiger says:

      And since “it’s the economy stupid”, in the end, that’s what matters.

      I have to say, I actually believe a lot of not so partisan people will have the opinion that Obama edged out Romney. Not because he really did in this debate, but because in their minds they see how much better he was from the last debate. It’s one of those funny perception things people get snagged on.

  50. votermom says:

    He gets the “most improved ” award?

  51. angienc says:

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper fact-checked Obama & Crowley saying they were wrong on Libya statement. Benghazi was not called an act of terror in Rose Garden. (See my rube reading skills are fine).

    • cj says:

      OMG, get out of my head! ROFL !

    • DM says:

      We’ve talked about that here for weeks. We know that Obama did not call it an act of terror for two weeks. Even now, he prefers not to talk about it.

    • Mary says:

      Good for Anderson Cooper!!

    • Karma says:

      Good, because Wolf even floated the error immediately after the debate wrapped that Romney was wrong and had to be corrected.

      Anderson corrected two of his co-workers.

      • angienc says:

        Crowley just admitted she got context wrong too. Yay — not when everyone saw it.

        Idiot Kirsten Powers & Juan Williams defended it — even after Crowley admitted she was mistaken!

    • kanaughty says:

      good i am glad anderson had the guts to correct them and get to the truth. they were misleading the american people with that lie for weeks.

  52. cj says:

    Anyone watching CNN? Did Candy Crowley fact check herself yet. :eyeroll:

    • DM says:

      I’ll post more from the transcript:

      ROMNEY: I — I think interesting the president just said something which — which is that on the day after the attack he went into the Rose Garden and said that this was an act of terror.

      OBAMA: That’s what I said.

      ROMNEY: You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack, it was an act of terror.

      It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you’re saying?

      OBAMA: Please proceed governor.

      ROMNEY: I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.

      OBAMA: Get the transcript.

      CROWLEY: It — it — it — he did in fact, sir. So let me — let me call it an act of terror…

      OBAMA: Can you say that a little louder, Candy?

      CROWLEY: He — he did call it an act of terror. It did as well take — it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea there being a riot out there about this tape to come out. You are correct about that.

      ROMNEY: This — the administration — the administration indicated this was a reaction to a video and was a spontaneous reaction.

      CROWLEY: It did.

      ROMNEY: It took them a long time to say this was a terrorist act by a terrorist group. And to suggest — am I incorrect in that regard, on Sunday, the — your secretary —

      Read more here:

    • angienc says:

      Yes, she did admit she got it wrong — when no one was watching anymore.

  53. cj says:

    Hannity just said Crowley admitted she was wrong on Libya & Romney was right !

    • DM says:

      Romney is right, and Obama should be ashamed to have treated the whole thing as a “bump in the road”.

  54. “So as soon as we found out that the Benghazi consulate was being overrun, I was on the phone with my national security team, ….”

    This is what he said – and here is the debate transcript. (assuming it is correct)

    Do a “Find” for Benghazi – it’s easier – and yes, CC covered for O

  55. taw46 says:

    “Can you say it a little louder, candy”. He is so pathetic. Always looking to the media to save his ass.

  56. myiq2xu says:


    {{staggers back to bed}}

    • angienc says:

      Problem was All-Stars were all people who made it to at least semi-finals so they all have a “fan base.”

  57. wmcb says:

    Doesn’t matter who won on “points”. On everything important to voters, Romney won. Watch. This is going to be like a lesser version of the Biden debate. Obots will crow, then be dismayed as the needle doesn’t move. I said it right after that debate, and I’m saying it here. Watch.

  58. britgirls says:

    Here’re some comments from my FB. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

    (Random obot): I bet Obama could dribble a basketball with his penis. He gets my vote.

    (Dem that’s gonna vote for Romney): The debate kind of turned me toward Romney, being openly liberal/democratic its weird. Obama just didn’t win this debate.
    8 minutes ago Β· Like

    (Most likely a Puma): Um, off topic comments aside, I didn’t particularly care about their agressiveness.. I just want to see whoever wins get the job done. (And I have no doubt Hillary could do it as well..)

    • kanaughty says:

      those are awesome! thanks for sharing. sorry but that penis one is making me still LAUGH OUT F’ING LOUD though….

  59. angienc says:

    CNN snap poll results (according to Greta): Obama wins 46-39. But Romney 58-40 on economy; 51-44 taxes; 49-46 healthcare; 59-36 on deficit. Vote for? Tied 25-25

    • britgirls says:

      Yes, I just saw that on CNN. Overall they give it to Obama, but when pressed Romney wins on all points. I don’t get how that works.

    • DM says:

      People want to give Obama the win. He was the “underdog” and that’s what people do. When we get to the details, people know that Obama is a loser.

      A similar thing happened with the CBS poll. On the economy Romney won handily.

    • kanaughty says:

      yeah, how does ob win, but romney actually win on everything. that is just weird…

    • DM says:

      Look, right now, almost 60% of the voters say we’re on the wrong track, but those 60% voters are not voting for Romney. People are not rational beings, especially when voting.

    • Karma says:

      Wow….deep breath…big gulp….I’ve never seen her look like that on air. She looks like she is going to hurl.

  60. DM says:

    I said that the fact checkers are giving Obama on the terror thing because he said that word when he gave the speech in the Rose Garden:

    No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.

    Obama is a slime.

  61. melisshka says:

    I just have to say, regardless of substance, Mitt was very alpha male tonight. I guess he always is, but when he was fighting for time with the Preezy and Candy, I loved his aggressive yet polite manner. As for substance, I think it was more or less a draw. Obama did better than Denver, but he came across as kind of a jerk (when doesn’t he these days?) and I still don’t think it’s going to work for undecideds.

    • DM says:

      Romney is trending up, and this debate was not a game changer for Obama. I believe it cemented the view that Obama’s policies are losing propositions for Americans.

  62. wmcb says:

  63. UPDATE: Because probably few people who supported McCain in 2008 are undecided today, Gallup had a problem coming up with unbiased undecideds. Indeed, CNN admitted that almost all of the audience had voted for Obama in 2008.

    More at link

    • kanaughty says:

      so the truth comes out…

    • DM says:

      I think the CBS, which is random sample is better. Still, I don’t believe that the poll should be limited with “undecideds”. It’s best to have a regular poll with a sample of at least 1000 voters and then segregate by subgroups, like all polls.

    • Karma says:

      Greg Gutfeld made a joke/prediction today on The Five, that there would be more plants at the debate than in Michelle’s garden.

  64. wmcb says:

    The woman who asked the pay equality question may be a Code Pink coordinator who hated Hillary in 2008.

  65. angienc says:

    Via Twitter– MSNBC focus group mostly went for Romney because of economy.
    Matthews mostly silent & then explodes about how could women be buying that — “THOSE FOUR WOMEN! ROMNEY DIDN’T ANSWER EQUAL PAY!”

  66. Erica says:

    I just went online and changed my reg from Dem to independent. Feels good to sever the bonds!

    • DM says:

      I know what you mean. I did that in June 2008, the day after Hillary stopped her campaign.

      • Erica says:

        I’ve been thinking about it since May 31,2008, but didn’t do it. I still wanted to get their calls and mailers. Tonight after the debate, I felt done with that. If I hadn’t known who was who on that stage tonight, who is R and who is D, I would have had a hard time labeling them. As it was, Romney addressed my concerns and articulated a populist position more than Obama did. I’ve already stopped making assumptions about candidates bused on R/D-tonight I just made it official.

        • votermom says:

          You will still get their calls & mailers. But it feels so good to be able to say sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone who cares about your party.

          If I hadn’t known who was who on that stage tonight, who is R and who is D, I would have had a hard time labeling them.
          So true!

        • Erica says:

          you must have mistaken me for someone who cares about your party.

          Great line! Cant wait to give it a whirl!

  67. wmcb says:

    • Erica says:

      I liked what Romney said about hiring women in MA. He’s walked the walk, so he can talk the talk without fear. I am really starting to like the way he presents himself and what he has to say.

      • DM says:

        Lots of people are excited and voting for Romney after debate 1, and I think debate 2 will add to the excitement. Women will continue to flock to Romney. It’s not more about defeating Obama, but electing Romney.

    • DM says:

      Obama and his campaign distort most remarks from Romney and tell the world: “This is what he said”.

      Chicago politics at work.

      • kanaughty says:

        that is the weirdest argument type to me is when ob says, “he said this and meant this” when 1. mitt may never have said it, and 2. mitt didn’t mean what yours and axies stupid interpretation of his comment said….

    • votermom says:

      Gotta tweet something about binders …

  68. tommy says:

    Anybody still awake? If yes, who won? The progs say that O won big, the pubs call it a tie. Can you give me a neutral unbiased opinion?

    • DM says:

      I’m unbiased. I think Obama held his own, but it was not a game changer. Polls seem to confirm that. If Obama won, it wasn’t by much. Romney did very well too. He was detailed as to how Obama had promised but not delivered. I think that will resonate with the undecideds who don’t want to vote for Obama. In addition, Romney’s answer about why he’s not like Bush will help him with those who are concerned that voting for Romney is another four years of W, as Obama says. Overall, I think Romney won in the area that counts: the economy.

    • Erica says:

      My fourteen-year-old daughter said of the moderator: She works for Obama, right mom? So not the best there;sq She tended to step in on O’S behalf. Romney got less time, but used it better, was direct and on point more than 0. 0 did better than last time but comes off more vague and makes immature appeals to the moderator. Just my 2 cents

    • tommy says:

      Thanks, DM and Erica.

    • angienc says:

      Screen shot on major issues Romney won via CNN focus group (made up of NYers who voted for Obama last time):

    • angienc says:

      Also, Luntz’s group on Fox (made up on Nevadians most of whom voted for Obama) overwhelmingly gave it to Romney.

  69. Erica says:

    Goodnight, all.

  70. myiq2xu says:

    Oh my head!

    Where did everyone go?

  71. tommy says:

    I bet myiq wakes up with a lousy hangover. Dude did a lot of drinking. Gallup has R up by 4, Rasmussen up by 2 and IBD has O up by 1.

  72. DM says:

    After reading many articles it’s clear that most pundits are giving Obama the win, but not by much. And all seem to agree with me that Obama’s performance was not a game changer.

    • DM says:

      I think voters that were undecided will decide for Romney after this debate. Those voters that Obama convinced that Romney was evil, will change their minds and vote for Romney. For that reason, it’s a Romney win.

    • DM says:

      I agree with two points: the economy and Libya, but not the media. The media would have turn on itself, and that won’t happen. Most who have read sufficiently know that the media is totally protective of Obama, but most voters are not aware. I have family members who have no clue how bad the news media is, and they will never find out because they are not interested in reading political articles, watching debates, and doing their own fact-checking.

      • angienc says:

        I think the media point was that the media will have to cover that Crowley was mistaken & that will make people aware of the bias.

        • DM says:

          I’m skeptical because people don’t read that many political articles. It would have to be a sensational headline: “Moderator helps Obama with lie”. Short of that people won’t know. That’s what I think.

  73. westcoaster says:

    this is from earlier this year, but it sums up the debate:

  74. angienc says:

    Halperin — who once wrote that Obama was “like God” — could only give Obama a B-. Gave Romney a C (mainly because he “so completely flubbed Benghazi that he may have “taken issue off the table.” Bwahahahaha! Unfucking real delusions there, folks). But if you flip those grades, it’s close to the truth.

    • DM says:

      Romney didn’t screw up on the Libya issue. Obots are dreaming a fantasy if they think that Romney screwed up the Libya issue.

  75. angienc says:

    Good night all!

  76. angienc says:

    One last thing then I’m gone — handpicked 8 (only 8!) undecided on MSNBC panel leans more toward Romney after debate — BWAHAHAHAHA!

  77. Lulu says:

    Later this week I am attending a reception where my idiot congressman is going to speak. He is unopposed on the ballot and will win by default. The host told me if I would come and speak to him as an ex-Democrat I would get a few minutes of his time. I do not like him. I think he is a fool. But I am going to go and I am going to plead for a break up of the media monopolies.

    Monopoly busting is hard work. It usually involves long court battles because said monopolies do not want to cede their power and money. How do CNN, MSNBC, as well as the broadcast networks stay in business with the dreck, agitprop, and group think they roll out night after night with such tiny viewership in relationship to the total population which in turn gives them such enormous power?

    The media companies bundle. They force cable companies to pay for this garbage. The cable companies pass it along to the consumer. If they HAVE to pay for this shit to get entertainment content, the consumers are going to have to foot the bill. By having cable or dish or whatever we are compelled to pay for their propaganda. I see it as forcing captives to pay for their own captivity much like the old debtors prisons did. It is killing their business model as more people give up cable to go to internet only content.

    I want to see cable companies charge for the content that people CHOOSE to have come into their homes. I want a menu and have media served a la carte. And the cable companies pay for the content that their customers WANT. Bundling should be illegal. If NBC, CNN, etc can continue to operate and pay million dollar salaries to propagandists it will come out of their pocket not mine.

    • votermom says:

      Would you like to do a post on this for crayfisher? Its an excellent issue and I’m really interested in how your congresscritter reacts.

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