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“Vote With Your Lady SMARTS, Not Your Lady Parts!”

This really needs to be made into an ad.

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Friday Afternoon Open Thread

I love finding classic movies on YouTube. The Giants play at 5:00 but Twilight New Moon premieres on FX at 4:00. What are you up to this evening?

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GMTA – Me and S.E. Cupp

Yesterday I wrote this: But playing the race card plays identity groups against each other. For almost five years now Obama and the Democrats have been relying heavily on the race card, and to a lesser extent the misogyny and … Continue reading

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Where Obots Come From

And they say science majors are for the smart kids: Surprise! ‘Undecided’ debate questioner at Tuesday’s debate declares for Obama In a shocking development, the 20-year-old exercise science major who led off Tuesday’s presidential debate seeking reassurance from the candidates … Continue reading

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Hating A Dead Man

‘Hating Breitbart’ Review: How Andrew Tortured the Media with the Truth “Hating Breitbart” introduces movie goers to the man the mainstream media despised for telling it like it is. The film, opening in select theaters Friday, will certainly be greeted … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Open Thread

I started to write a post, hated it, deleted it, now I got nothing. You’ll have to settle for this until I find inspiration. BTW – Lawrence O’Donnell is human excrement.

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