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Overnight Open Thread

Angie wanted a new thread so here it is. I’ll check on you occasionally.

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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

The Raiders play at 1:00 and the Giants play at 5:00. Pray for my liver.

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TAE: Lady Smarts & Parts

There are only three more episodes before election day, and we have an exciting line up for you tomorrow on This American Election! Jennifer Lee, an entertainment professional, feminist, and filmmaker, will be our special guest! Lee is currently working … Continue reading

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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

In football they call it a Hail Mary: Did Obama Give Gloria Allred’s Game Away? For several days, reports have circulated that attorney Gloria Allred–who always seems to surface when a Democrat is in trouble–is about to drop an “October … Continue reading

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George McGovern, RIP

George McGovern, liberal standard-bearer against Nixon in ’72, dies George S. McGovern, an icon of American liberalism who campaigned for the White House with moral fervor against President Richard M. Nixon and the Vietnam War but lost in a thundering … Continue reading

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Closing the Sale

Everybody who has done any kind of sales knows what “closing” means. You’ve made your pitch and now it’s time to turn your prospects into customers. It’s still two weeks until election day, but tomorrow night is the time for … Continue reading

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