Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

The Raiders play at 1:00 and the Giants play at 5:00.

Pray for my liver.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    It’s hard to believe they keep making fun of Obama. I wonder if CNN will fact-check them again.

    • britgirls says:

      Aaaah … that was a great clip!! Did you notice the shoulder brush off at the very end? Mmmmmhmmm!

  2. tommy says:

    Ha, finally. I’ll definitely pray for you and the liver. You might have lost your faith, dude, but I haven’t. Lol

  3. myiq2xu says:

    Thought for the day:

    Which side acts like they are winning?

    • yttik says:

      Vote for the winners, not the whiners!

    • DeniseVB says:

      Saw some photos on FB (Romney Scrapbook for those on FB) of a Florida beach touch football game between the Romney family and their staff, vs. the traveling press corps. What fun photos and Ann led in rushing 😀

      As someone commented, the Romneys could very well be hanging out with rich friends and celebrities in gilded mansions, but they just don’t want to.

      As for your question, the Romneys don’t act like they’re winning but what we see is what we’ll get.

      Not sure about the Obamas acting like they’re winning, just ugly ads and begging for money to keep the job he doesn’t deserve 😦

    • angienc says:

      Romney is acting like he’s winning — you don’t put these kinds of positive “lets bring everyone together” kind of ads out 3 weeks before the election unless you thing you’re winning:

      • angienc says:

        And another — a little tougher on Obama’s record, but still in the “I can bring people together” mode:

  4. HELENK says:

    this is something that no one seems to be talking about
    more and more part time jobs
    less and less full time jobs
    due to obamacare

    • yttik says:

      Obamacare is really starting to hit here where I live. Hospitals are not allowed to treat people for the same problem in the same month and be paid by medicare. If you’re diabetic and elderly and sick, sometimes you need medical attention for the same problem in the same month. This rule is just insane. There are some medical issues that simply can’t be quickly cured to meet some tidy bureaucratic rule.

      People are going to die before this clusterfu$k is finished.

    • gxm17 says:

      My daughter’s health insurance was trashed. Truly trashed. She will, for all intents, be paying for an insurance (high deductible, the only option her employer now offers) that she’ll never be able to use. She is trying to squeeze in every doc appt. she can think of before her current coverage ends to hopefully tide her over for the years to come. And she has three children who will be “covered” by this shit insurance.

  5. tommy says:

    O knows that hes got to knock it out of the park to win the elections. Hes gonna be extremely aggressive. R has got to be calm, controlled, and look Presidential. If O gets overly aggressive, Rs gotta step in and take O a notch down. That’ll do. Thats enough for R to win the GE.

    • myiq2xu says:

      I don’t think anything short of a major gaffe by Romney will be a game-changer at this point.

      The question is whether Mittmentum will put him over the top.

      • angienc says:

        I don’t think anything short of massive voter fraud will give Obama the win at this point.

        Don’t listen to the progs — Romney won the 2nd debate. Those who thought Obama won it were choosing between Obama at the 1st debate & Obama at the 2nd debate.

        The only thing that kept the fact that Romney won the 2nd debate from being so overwhelmingly obvious that the progs couldn’t deny it (as happened in the first debate) was Candy Crowley’s interference to take Obama’s side & shut Romney down, but the polls this weekend prove Romney won.

        I put little faith in a “gaffe” from Romney — the only “gaffes” he’s had have been distortions manufactured by the MSM such as “binders full of women” or the “timing” of his Cairo embassy statement. Romney’s entire life has shown he’s competent & prepared — he’ll be the same tomorrow too. At worse we’ll get the same bullshit as last time from the progs — who thought Biden won the debate with Ryan too, btw — “draw with slight edge to Obama” with the polls showing Romney won.

  6. Underwhelmed says:

    This guy is wonderful. If he doesn’t win, and R does, I hope he ends up in the cabinet.

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Just donated a few dollars to enter the Spend Election Night with Mitt and Paul in Boston 😀

    I was going to donate a few more dollars anyhow and was just waiting for another crazy contest email I have no chance of winning. But now I can watch the election results and think Gee, I could have been there 😉

  8. angienc says:

    Romney up 7 in new Sunday Gallup. 52/45. Tied with Obama among women 48/49.

    That’s what — an entire week with Romney over 50% & outside of the margin of error in the Gallup poll?

    Yeah, all Monday’s debate is going to determine is how wide a margin Romney wins by.

    As I posted in an earlier thread — it’s important to run up the score in the popular vote too. Rumors are that the reason Obama is running ads in places like CALIFORNIA is because he wants to try to get maximum turnout in places where he has a lot of support to win the popular vote so he can contest the legitimacy of the election either by arguing (1) voter fraud by Romney or (2) the EC system itself. You know the vile progs will support him & if nothing else keep people divided by casting doubt on Romney’s win.

    • yttik says:

      Our local elections office has just complained about all the people hounding them for their ballots (They were just mailed out.) Apparently a record breaking number of people are very eager to vote this year and have been pounding down the doors trying to get their ballots. The office claims they’ve never seen anything like it.

      I get the impression that people this eager to vote are probably not real interested in a repeat of the last four years.

    • Erica says:

      Wouldn’t it just be the most ironic thing in the world if Obama complained about election fraud?

      • angienc says:

        LMAO! I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right, if that happens I think the irony would cause the universe to fold in upon itself.

  9. leslie says:

    I just saw this in my email and wondered if THIS is the “surprise” we’ve been told to expect. Didn’t read the entire piece. I have to start making dinner and don’t have time now.

    • angienc says:

      Anything sourced from ThinkProgress with this sentence:

      Would-be corporate pugilist Tagg Romney is a director.

      is per se unreliable.

      Plus, WTF — employees of their “secret bank” are guilty of fraud? First, how can it be a “secret” bank if ThinkProgress knows about it? Second, the entire thing makes no sense.

    • blowme0bama says:

      A subsidiary of a private equity firm with which Romney’s family has placed funds hired former employees of some equity firm that was involved in fraud.

      Big whoop. That can’t be their “October surprise”. Absolutely lame.

    • gxm17 says:

      I actually read that piece of crap and it wasn’t even good for a laugh. In the end, the last paragraph, there is this beaut of a revelation: “…his son Tagg chose to hire into his family these alleged white collar criminals….” LOL. For real. The big “scandal” is that Mitt’s son chose to hire alleged white collar criminals. Not convicted felons. Not convicted child rapists. Not even convicted purse snatchers. Admittedly I was sleep reading it but, as far as I can tell, we never find out who “alleged” that these employees were criminals, aside from the persons who wrote the alleged “news” article.

  10. SHV says:

    “My daughter’s health insurance was trashed. Truly trashed. She will, for all intents, be paying for an insurance (high deductible, the only option her employer now offers) that she’ll never be able to use.”
    That is the bottom line of the Obamacare insurance scam. People are forced to buy “junk” insurance and even the restricted, high deductible “basic coverage” is unaffordable.

    • myiq2xu says:

      Funny how “health care reform” does nothing to reform health care. It just forces people to buy crappy health care insurance.

      • angienc says:

        On Twitter a few weeks back the Obots were trying to make the fact that Romney said “No one ever died from not having health insurance” a thing. SMH.

        Today some were actually repeating the “gas was so low when Obama took office because Bush crashed the economy” line from the debate. They literally will believe *anything* Obama tells them no matter how stupid because they can’t tell the difference!

  11. Somebody says:

    My son and his family are in the same boat with the high deductible crap insurance. He went from a crappy coverage policy to basically a no coverage policy that cost more money. His family’s medical bills will for the most part be out of pocket unless god forbid one of them becomes seriously ill, yet his premiums jumped significantly.

    • ME says:

      We have an FSA and Obamacare is not good for us. He was strictly about politics and not about fixing health care for all Americans. He took part of a Republican plan so he could mute right wing criticism. Everything he does is about political games.

      • SHV says:

        I suspect that the “deals” were cut by the DNC with “Big Health” before Obama was selected. Anyone but Hillary would have been OK, in exchange for about $100 million in campaign “donations”

        • gxm17 says:

          I think you are spot on. And, Obama was eventually selected because he could be sold as more “historic” than Hillary. And, being biracial, he could get away with the blatant and appalling sexism that a typical white guy candidate could not.

    • Jadzia says:

      I feel so bad for you guys. Living in a country with national health insurance, not everything here is “free” at the point of service. (What I mean here is that obviously health care is not free, but we pay special taxes–for my family of 7 it works out to about 300 euros/month–to have most everything covered.) For example, I tore my meniscus a month or so ago and while the doctors visits have a copay (6 euros), because we do not pay for private supplemental insurance (a “mutuelle,” which for us would be about 150 euros/month and covers EVERYTHING YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE that the public insurance doesn’t, including things like occasional housekeepers for pregnant women on bedrest, it’s completely crazy), the ultrasound/MRI/Xray (had all 3) were not covered.

      The big difference, compared to my experience in the U.S.? When she was writing out the referral to the ultrasound/MRI/Xray place, our primary care doctor was able to tell us EXACTLY how much we were going to have to pay for the imaging services. (It was 90 euros.) And THAT, to me, is huge. The worst thing about health care in the U.S. for us, despite the fact that we always had great doctors and were more fortunate than many folks in that we usually had “good” insurance, is that nobody can EVER tell you how much anything is going to cost ahead of time and anything you pay for out of pocket is stratospherically priced. Ask me about the day we got our NICU bill when our 3rd was born in Los Angeles! I nearly had a heart attack then and there.

      I wish you and your son’s family well.

  12. Underwhelmed says:

    Thinking about the upcoming FP debate, and O’s FP in general. I think there are 2 ways to look at the current state of affairs, which is a drastically destabilised ME, a perilously weak domestic US, a significantly weakened international US, a significant uptick in militant Islam ideologically and politically, and a dangerously imperiled Israel. All of this has come together during the last 4 years, O’s presidency.

    I feel the explanation can only be 1 of 2 things: either he is profoundly, catastrophically incompetent, and has surrounded himself with people on the same level .. or this is exactly what he wants.

    If you look at his available, if obfuscated, track record, and if you look at the people he grew up with, spent time with, listened to, supported, I think it’s safe to say he’s a card carrying anti-Semite. I think he wants Israel gone. I think he wants the USA on its knees, if not flat on its face. I think he’s the domestic enemy he swore an oath to defend against.

    But then again, I could be nuts.

    • ME says:

      He’s doing exactly what he wants. He likes the fact that middle America is beginning to feel the squeeze of economic hardships. In his view America should be diminished because we are the source of upheaval in the world.

    • myiq2xu says:

      If you look at his available, if obfuscated, track record, and if you look at the people he grew up with, spent time with, listened to, supported, I think it’s safe to say he’s a card carrying anti-Semite. I think he wants Israel gone. I think he wants the USA on its knees, if not flat on its face. I think he’s the domestic enemy he swore an oath to defend against.

      I wouldn’t go nearly that far.

      I think he believes that both the US and Israel need to be humbled. I think he would like to see Israel forced to make peace with the Palestinians on terms much more favorable to Palestine. I think he loves this country but believes that the US should just be another country and not an empire.

      • SHV says:

        “I think he believes that both the US and Israel need to be humbled. I think he would like to see Israel forced to make peace with the Palestinians on terms much more favorable to Palestine. I think he loves this country but believes that the US should just be another country and not an empire.”
        What is in the mind of a sociopath? I’m not sure but, IMO, it doesn’t include any of the profound thoughts, policies or positions that are unrelated to “self”.

        • angienc says:


        • myiq2xu says:

          I don’t doubt that he envisions a prominent role for “self” in making his vision a reality.

          Here is some insight from Walter Russell Mead:

          Campaigns aren’t the best forum for this kind of discussion, but the President has or at least had a grand strategy, and it isn’t, as these things go, a bad one. Looking at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the danger that radicals and fanatics in the Muslim world could capitalize on anti-American feeling to succeed where Bin Laden failed and unite a sizeable portion of the Islamic world behind the idea of a civilizational conflict with the United States, the President set about reducing America’s military profile in the Middle East and attacking the radical strategy by narrowing the gap between the United States and the Muslim masses as much as he could. He also set about repairing relations with leading European countries, partly with an eye to assembling a broader diplomatic coalition to deal with Iran.

          By working more closely with regional partners and moderate Islamists (like the Turks), the President wanted to reduce America’s direct exposure to the region’s dangerous, messy conflicts while steering the region toward more democratic forms of governance, more moderate forms of religion – and all within a geopolitical framework that protected vital American interests.

          It was a strategy of withdrawal because the President believed that under George W. Bush if not before, the United States was overstretched and overcommitted. He sought to reduce America’s commitments and liabilities in the region while protecting our vital interests by shifting to the role of an offshore balancing power.

          Those who think of Obama as spineless or unpatriotic don’t understand his intentions very well; Obama’s strategy is Nixonian. Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon believed that the United States was overextended in both economic and military terms, and that America needed to step back. They did their best to negotiate an acceptable withdrawal from Indochina (as Obama is attempting in Afghanistan), they sought to rely less on direct U.S. power than on regional allies (like the Shah of Iran), they accepted nuclear parity with the Soviet Union and sought to reset, as it were, US-Soviet relations through the concept of détente. If all that looks familiar to students of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, it should.

          But that wasn’t all. Aware that the United States needed to do more than retreat, Nixon and Kissinger dramatically opened relations with China on the basis of mutual concern about excessive Soviet strength. The opening served two purposes; in substance it redressed the global power balance and strengthened America’s hand vis a vis the USSR; in theatrical terms it demonstrated that despite the loss of Vietnam and the rise of the USSR, the United States remained an active, creative global power that could not be ignored.

          For President Obama, liquidating the Middle Eastern wars and the reset with Russia were also only part of a larger strategy. The “pivot to Asia,” stepping up America’s diplomatic presence in Asia and strengthening our alliances in the region similarly increased the reality and the perceptions of American power around the world. As countries from India to Japan rallied to America’s side, even very small additional deployments of American forces in the region would paint a compelling picture of American power and determination. Asia played a similar role in both the Nixonian and Obaman strategies: Nixon created a relationship with China and Obama balanced against it, but in both cases Asia served as an eye catching example of American diplomatic and military power.

          For both Nixon and Obama, retreat could not become a rout. Nixon sought to avoid outright defeat in Vietnam by aiding the South Vietnamese government even as American forces withdrew. For Obama, killing Osama bin Laden played a somewhat similar role; having gotten the man it came for, the United States could turn its attention to withdrawal without appearing to retreat in disarray.

          Moreover, for both Nixon and Obama, their foreign policy strategies were intended to serve domestic purposes: allowing cuts in the military budget that could support domestic programs of various kinds. For Nixon, liquidating the Vietnam War and achieving a measure of détente and arms control with the Soviet Union offered a path toward substantial defense cuts at a time when deficits were forcing the United States off the gold standard and Republicans as well as Democrats favored expanding the role of government. For Obama, ending the wars and shifting from a ‘boots on the ground’ approach to the Middle East to an offshore balancing role in both the Middle East and Asia also offered the prospect of significant defense cuts at a time of economic and fiscal stress. Navies are much cheaper than armies, and patrolling is cheaper than war.

          These are both smart strategies, and skilled practitioners of the diplomatic arts going back to Cardinal Richelieu and beyond would have no trouble seeing and appreciating the conceptual elegance and economy of means they display. But smart strategies don’t always work; when Napoleon was asked what kind of generals he most wanted, he said he wanted lucky generals, not smart ones.

      • Underwhelmed says:

        He says he loves the US. But talk is cheap. What has he done, ever, to uplift, inspire, improve or achieve positive outcomes for your country? By every yardstick I can find, everything is worse for you. Everything. I think it’s a case of pay attention to what he does, not what he says. I’m not a conspiracy nut, truly I’m not. But when I look at him I see a man who has consistently made decisions and choices that undermine your people and your constitution. And I can’t believe he doesn’t know that’s what he’s doing.

      • angienc says:

        I mainly agree with you except for the he loves this country part — he only loves himself.

        • SHV says:

          He also is like a child with oppositional defiant disorder; doing things just to piss people off. Also has the mind set of a serial abuser; feels utter contempt and enjoys shitting on his most ardent sycophants. This self identified scion of Kenyan royalty has special contempt for AAs. Remember his comments about “Pookie and Ray-Ray” sitting on the sofa and feeding cold fried chicken to their kids?

          • angienc says:

            Ha ha! Wasn’t that what caused Jesse Jackson to say (on hot mic) that Obama better watch it or he’d “cut his nuts off?” LMAO!!!

        • myiq2xu says:

          Let me restate that:

          He thinks he loves this country.

          But I don’t believe he hates America. He just has what is a fairly common lefty view that we’re too big for our britches.

          • angienc says:

            I can sign on to that — or to put it another way:

            He loves this country as much as he can love something outside of himself.

        • taw46 says:

          If you loved your country, why would you want to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”? Why would you want to “change our traditions, our history”?

        • myiq2xu says:

          Why would somebody lose weight or quit drinking?

          Because they hate themselves? Or because they want to improve themselves?

          I probably should frontpage this topic. This will make a good am post.

    • angienc says:

      Remember this little tidbit from his vaunted Cairo speech? I wonder if Mitt’s going to bring it up given the leak to the NYT last night about 1on1 talks with Iran:

    • yttik says:

      What Obama intended, like whether or not he loves or hates America, is not really relevant to anything at all. I mean, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Obama could be a secret Manchurian candidate planted by our enemies to destroy America or he could simply be an inexperienced community organizer who is incompetent and unintentionally creating chaos. Either way, the results are the same for those of us who are collateral damage.

      I can never figure out which theory is more scary. That a leader is part of an elaborate conspiracy staged by our enemies or that he’s so incompetent he’s capable of doing more damage to us than our enemies ever dreamed of. Either way, we need to change direction.

    • Jadzia says:

      I’ll actually pick the “profoundly, catastrophically incompetent” door for $100, Alex. Although there is at least ONE member of his administration who doesn’t fit that profile, I can’t imagine she would go along with Door #2.

  13. insanelysane says:

    The photo atop Drudge today really is revealing. I especially love the background photo of Tweety. Most definitely isn’t getting that tingle up his leg in that one.

  14. HELENK says:

    backtrack makes conference call to black preacher including Jeremiah Wright for get out the vote

    • 49erDweet says:

      Thus affirming again the law of unintended consequences.

    • I have been saying that for a few years now- but I live in bitter clinger rural farm country- the farmers have known all along. The more acreage that is planted for ethanol- the less for food crops and the less corn for feed for cattle. poultry and swine.
      And let us not forget ethanol uses more energy to produce than it ever generates.

  15. Check out Drudge NOW~ LOL!

  16. 49erDweet says:

    OT a little. Where have the Fred Biletnikoffs gone? None of these fast kids have hands anymore.

  17. HELENK says:

    george clooney is in some rare company of backtrack boosters

  18. Roberta says:

    If…when Romney wins the thing I will like most is never having to see Axlerod on another TV news program.

  19. angienc says:

    Hey the suspect in the WI spa shooting has been found dead — no details how he died, but the “found” makes me think self-inflicted. Police believe it was related to domestic dispute:

  20. myiq2xu says:

    Seabass just came up short on what would have been a new NFL record FG. It also would have been the game winner.

    OT in Oakland.

  21. DeniseVB says:

    Just noticed my ~DH on the TCH FB is showing up here on the twit feed? … must sound smarter 😉 Ok, will use DeniseVB, smarter?

  22. myiq2xu says:


  23. The Patriots are going to give me a damn heart attack! Jeebus! They had a lead- lost it- were down three- tied- went to OT- finally won on a Jets fumble.
    But a W is a W!

  24. gxm17 says:

    OT (not sports or politics related), just a diversion. At the family gathering after the internment of my uncles Doyle and Richard yesterday, I learned that Peter Doyle (aka “Pete the Great”) was my great, great uncle (my great great grandfather James was his brother). My cousins had saved a massive treasure load of old photos and documents from my Uncle Richard’s house. He was a hoarder and it was a ton of work. Just one of the many interesting kin in our family tree, I knew “Pete” would be a looker before I saw his picture because all of the men on my dad’s side of the family are handsome. So my job now is to take a folder full of photos/documents every week and scan them after work. I figure it will take most of a year. Here’s Peter Doyle’s online biography, it’s a fascinating story:

  25. taw46 says:

    I live in central Florida, east-coast side. A co-worker visited the Romney/Ryan campaign office yesterday. The volunteer said the first day they opened, they had 200 people in line. The day after the first debate, they had 400 people in line. Said he has never seen anything like it. He is originally from MA, and worked in union jobs. Talked to a friend of his in MA and asked him how many of the union workers at their company were voting for Obama. He said none.

  26. OldCoastie says:

    Game over already, Myiq?

    I want the Angels to steal your pitcher.

  27. myiq2xu says:

    Vogey is dealing the nasty stuff tonight!

  28. myiq2xu says:

    I would put up a fresh thread but the Giants are winning and it’s bad luck to change anything when you are winning.

  29. myiq2xu says:

    Hot Air:

    The psychology of the race has shifted, a prospect that advisers to Mr. Obama had long fought. They sought to define Mr. Romney as an unacceptable choice, hoping to keep enough voters who supported Mr. Obama in 2008 from seeing Mr. Romney as a plausible alternative…

    Here in Florida, the largest competitive state with 29 electoral votes, supporters of Mr. Romney say they have noticed a drastic change since the Oct. 3 debate in Denver, where his strong performance came as he stepped up his advertising in Florida.

    “For a long time, the Republican rationale was ‘I just want Obama to lose,’ ” said Brian Ballard, a co-chairman of the Romney campaign in the state. “He opened people’s eyes at the debate. It moved the needle for the pro-Romney vote, not just that we can’t have four more years of the same.”

  30. myiq2xu says:

    I guess Russell Crowe never saw Poltergeist.

  31. DM says:

    I didn’t know popsicles came from SF. What a great city. I love popsicles.

  32. insanelysane says:

    I hope Sergio Romo closes. He looks like a Matador in his stance.
    Now that is eye candy!

  33. DM says:

    The detail for the NBC/WSJ poll is out.

    Click to access nbc_oct_poll.pdf

    • DM says:

      44% think Obama should be reelected — obots.

      Deserves to be reelected……….. 44
      Give new person a chance …….. 41
      Not sure …………………………….. 15

  34. angienc says:

    A good sign for Romney — CBS has a “human interest” story on Romney up taking a break from debate prep to officiate the coin toss for the flag football game between his senior aids & the traveling press corps. He gave each team captain one of those plastic bracelet things with the words “Clear Eyes, Full Heart, American Can’t Lose” on them. (Link includes video):

  35. tommy says:

    The Los Angeles mayor ‘reflecting’ on whether he’ll run for Preezy in 2016. Lol

  36. Lulu says:

    “Look squirrel” makes a lot more sense now.
    First Human Ancestor Looked Like a Squirrel

  37. DM says:

    It’s 6 to 1 Giants!

  38. myiq2xu says:

    Here comes Romo!

    #SFGiants are 3 outs away from Game 7

  39. DM says:

    Strike 2

  40. myiq2xu says:

    GIANTS WIN!!!!!!

  41. myiq2xu says:



  42. Erica says:

    I don’t know their names, but the man playing Obama sounds just like him. It’s uncanny.

  43. HELENK says:

    I just had the pleasure of telling the DCCC that I voted straight republican.

  44. Erica says:

    I hope we’ll have a live blog. This is the first debate I’ve been able to watch real time, and I’m looking forward to reading along and contributing to the discussion!

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