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We have not yet begun to fight!

Reality bites Jonathan Chait: Romney Says He’s Winning — It’s a Bluff Romney is carefully attempting to project an atmosphere of momentum, in the hopes of winning positive media coverage and, thus, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Over the last week, … Continue reading

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This has David Axelrod written all over it

October Surprise Revealed: Gloria Allred Heads To Court, Attempts To Unseal Mitt Romney Testimony And Lift Gag Order Famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred will be in a Boston area courtroom Wednesday in an attempt to unseal the sworn testimony … Continue reading

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Borrowing from our grandchildren

Mitt Romney said something that really resonated with me but then got lost in the noise caused by Obama’s Epic Debate Fail. Let’s go back to that first debate: LEHRER: … Governor Romney, you — you go first because the … Continue reading

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It’s Over

My verdict? Romney is going to win. In the last presidential debate last night we saw a cool and collected Mitt Romney who projected competence for the position of Commander-in-Chief.  Having already set up his alpha bona fides in the … Continue reading

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My Spam Folder

The graphic above is an actual screenshot of my email spam folder, after I deleted the ads for Viagra, penis enlargement and Russian mail order brides. I do want to discuss the first one: Myiq2xu, Republican attempts to reduce voter … Continue reading

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The Hammer of Kraut: “It’s Unequivocal… Romney Won”

Real Clear Politics: Charles Krauthammer: I think it’s unequivocal, Romney won. And he didn’t just win tactically, but strategically. Strategically, all he needed to do is basically draw. He needed to continue the momentum he’s had since the first debate, … Continue reading

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And the winner is . . . Bob Shieffer!

No, seriously. For the first time in four debates, nobody is talking about the moderator: Bob Schieffer sets the standard Finally, the moderator isn’t the story. The cardinal rule of debate moderation is this: it isn’t about the moderator. But … Continue reading

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