I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning

Who, me?

Jonathan S. Tobin at Commentary:

Dems Begin the Post-Obama Blame Game

Some Democrats are apparently not waiting for Barack Obama to lose the presidential election before starting the inevitable recriminations about whose fault it was. Whether writing strictly on his own hook or as a result of conversations with campaign officials, New York Times political writer Matt Bai has fired the first shot in what may turn out to be a very nasty battle over who deserves the lion’s share of the blame for what may turn out to be a November disaster for the Democrats. That the Times would publish a piece on October 24 that takes as its starting point the very real possibility that the president will lose, and that blame for that loss needs to be allocated, is astonishing enough. But that their nominee for scapegoat is the man who is almost certainly the most popular living Democrat is the sort of thing that is not only shocking, but might be regarded as a foretaste of the coming battle to control the party in 2016.

Bai’s choice for the person who steered the president wrong this year is none other than former President Bill Clinton, who has widely been credited for having helped produce a post-convention boost for the Democrats. Clinton’s speech on behalf of Obama was viewed, with good reason, as being far more effective than anything the president or anyone else said on his behalf this year. But Bai points to Clinton as the primary advocate within high Democratic circles for changing the party’s strategy from one of bashing Mitt Romney as an inauthentic flip-flopper to one that centered on trying to assert that he was a conservative monster. Given that Romney demolished that false image in one smashing debate performance in Denver that seems to have changed the arc of the election, Clinton’s advice seems ripe for second-guessing right now. But we have to ask why Bai thinks Clinton was the one who single-handedly forced the change, and what is motivating those feeding the reporter this information?


This is clearly intended to absolve the anonymous Obama aides for making a decision that they — and the president — must have signed off on before it was implemented. Bai goes to great lengths to take them off the hook, and even compares their position to a ballplayer who would reject advice from Derek Jeter. In other words Bai is saying that anyone, even really smart political operatives like those working in Obama’s Chicago headquarters, or the top guys themselves like David Axelrod or David Plouffe, had no choice but to bow to the 42nd president’s wisdom.


But the idea that it was only Clinton that advocated this strategy or that without his influence the geniuses running the Obama campaign would not have made this mistake is so patently self-serving on the part of his sources that it’s a wonder that a generally savvy observer like Bai doesn’t point this out.

If anything this omission, like the general thrust of his piece, points to an effort by Obama’s chief strategists to get out in front of the story of who led the president to defeat. Moreover, it is hard not to avoid the suspicion that pointing the finger at Clinton is a way of reminding him that if he thinks Obama loyalists owe him for his herculean efforts on behalf of the president he’s got another thing coming. Especially, that is, if he tries to call in IOUs from the Obama camp on behalf of another presidential run by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But no matter where the Democratic fingers are pointing, the fact that they are already starting to blame each other for an Obama loss has to send chills down the spines of Democrats who are still operating under the assumption that Romney can’t win.

During my lifetime there have been two successful two-term presidents. Okay, technically three but I was a tiny baby during the last few months of Ike’s administration. JFK was killed, LBJ didn’t run for a second term, Nixon resigned in disgrace, Ford, Carter and George H. W. Bush lost their bids for reelection, and George Bush left office with an approval rating of 28 percent. Only Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton completed two full terms and left office with high approval ratings. Both of them remain popular today.

Can you imagine a Republican candidate for president bashing Reagan’s legacy? I can imagine it, but I can’t imagine them ever winning another election. Reagan is treated as a saint by the GOP and every GOP candidate for high office pays homage to him, regardless of what they might think in private.

Democrats must have a suicide wish. How else do you explain bashing the only two-term Democrat since FDR? Bill Clinton oversaw eight years of peace and prosperity and yet the Vile Progs not only despise him but they hate Hillary too.

Instead of trying to build on his legacy they run away from it. Barack Obama ran as the anti-Clinton and his supporters openly crowed that they were going to purge the Clintons and their supporters from the Democratic party.

Now they want to blame Bill for Obama’s failure.

That’s where the schadenfreude comes in. Winners don’t play the blame game. Four years from now there won’t be an “Obama camp”, just like there is no “Carter contingent.”

Moral: Don’t mess with the Big Dawg.

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125 Responses to I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning

  1. myiq2xu says:

    The Inflection Point:

    Romney is drawing astounding crowds at event after event – Denver’s Red Rocks event was at standing-room only and over 25,000 people were turned away. This story is repeated almost daily: Romney is drawing the kind of crowds Barack Obama pulled in 2008. The momentum isn’ta bluff or a headfake; Republicans are lit up in the same way they were in 2010. It’s happening in Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada and all the battleground states.

    Obama is largely reduced to trawling college campuses for political jailbait, stroking the shreds of his coalition in the increasingly desperate hope of getting at least a few salvageable video clips out of each day. Big Bird, binders, and bayonets don’t comprise a sweeping vision of a second Obama term and it shows. Vice-President Malaprop wanders Ohio diners, touching people’s food and getting biker chicks to sit in his lap. It’s a campaign in trouble, and they know it.

    • britgirls says:

      Difference is we’re not being constantly bombarded with the imagery of the massive crowds. The Red Rocks event was all but invisible in the MSM. If I hadn’t seen pics posted on a thread here I think I would’ve missed it entirely.

    • taw46 says:

      Just saw Chuck Todd talking with Brian Williams, who is on campaign trail with Barack. Brian said this is not 2008, and crowds are not the same. At this stop in Tampa, Brian said 5000 people.

  2. back under the bus goes Clinton—-why would we expect it to be any different?

  3. Just goes to show the vile progs have learned nothing. CDS is rampant- and the asshats in charge of the “new” small d democratic party have the virulent strain- which is apparently fatal.
    They just hate all things Clinton. If Chelsea was running they would hate her too.

  4. fif says:

    Whether writing strictly on his own hook or as a result of conversations with campaign officials, New York Times political writer Matt Bai has fired the first shot in what may turn out to be a very nasty battle over who deserves the lion’s share of the blame for what may turn out to be a November disaster for the Democrats.

    There’s no way Bai would write this piece if he was not getting inside information about the numbers…oh what a day of glee it will be when Obama finally faces reality! (Of course, they have to blame Bill/HRC, and they should know not to give him a scrap of help.)

    • Blaming them will backfire big time and put the last nail in the coffin of the DK type haters…Bill & Hill could not have done more for Obama if they tried. I half think that is why they did it, so that at the end of the day, if his numbers collapse and he is not re-elected, Dem voters can look at Bill and Hill and say, “See, even they couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

  5. indigogrrl1 says:

    I am so very glad that Bill has “helped” them! But when it comes time to pack … he should be otherwise engaged.

  6. Lulu says:

    Obama supporters are not Democrats. I am not really sure what they are other than cultists and authoritarians but no true Democrat attacks Clinton, LBJ and FDR like these asshats have. They can point fingers all they choose but the blame lies at the head of the ticket and this pathetic administration. They are an aberration and the country as a whole is going to purge them in the way that we as a nation do this, at the ballot box. Everyone who shilled and cheated for this nothing of a prezzy has to go either to oblivion or prison and is immaterial to me. The fact that Bill Clinton (older and in declining health) outsmarted and outclassed this collection of misfits, morons and cheats is hardly surprising.

    • gxm17 says:

      “Obama supporters are not Democrats.


      Hopefully they will leave the Democratic Party en masse once Obama is booted out and start their own Obamacratic Party.

      • DM says:

        The whites have left the Democratic Party, and they ain’t returning.

      • leslie says:

        Agreed gmx17 and Lulu. Although there are Democrats sho support TehOnce, the greater number of obies won’t stay beyond this november.

    • cj says:

      “Everyone who shilled and cheated for this nothing of a prezzy has to go either to oblivion or prison and is immaterial to me.”

      And it can’t be soon enough for me.

    • blowme0bama says:

      Looking forward to the day a Democratic party populated by reasonable adults returns. These loons are NOT any part of a Democratic party that I would EVER support.

      • bluestate says:

        totally agree, but i’m not going to hold my breath. the fact that they were able to overtake the party at all is kind of disturbing.

    • bluestate says:

      well… unfortunately what happened is that we returned to the democratic party of jimmy carter like bill clinton never happened

  7. tommy says:

    Whats astounding is that there is not one ounce of gratitude towards WJC who brought the dems out of the wilderness after the crushing defeat of Carter, followed by the Reagan revolution and the first term of George Bush (12 years). When Clinton entered the race, noone believed that he could beat George Bush. Come 2008, and the obamacrats forget recent history and delegate it as ancient history.Then they termed the Clintons racist, used sexist and degrading rhetoric against HRC, and virtually stole the nomination. Following that, when O wins the GE, they run begging to WJC whenever they are in trouble, and especially now since they sense the Os reelection is iffy. WJC graciously continues to campaign for his beloved democratic party and by extension, for O. Now that it looks like O can’t do the heavy lifting that can make it to the finish line, the obamacrats turn around and blame their traditional bogeyman – Clinton. Beyond pathetic.

    • Lulu says:

      I hope Clinton pulls the plug. I hope he tells them that if they are going to float crap like this to the NYT that they can just stuff it and he goes on vacation until election night where he offers his services as a commentator.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Narcissists never experience gratitude. It’s beyond their emotional range. And devoted staff must faithfully reflect the master’s POV or they’re under the next bus.

    • bluestate says:

      they run begging to WJC whenever they are in trouble

      they’re like petulant children

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Oh my, Colin Powell just endorsed Obama. So that means the man who got us into the Iraq war must approve of BO’s ME policies ?

    What a joke.

  9. Lizzy says:

    I don’t see much difference between their two strategies. Both are based on vicious attacks on Romney. They assumed that their sycophants in our brave new Pravda would keep the real Romney under wraps. When he broke out in the debates People saw that he wasn’t a monster. Either strategy would have failed-they tried to poison Jim Lehrer but it didn’t work.

  10. britgirls says:

    This part jumped out:

    If he thinks Obama loyalists owe him for his herculean efforts on behalf of the president he’s got another thing coming. Especially, that is, if he tries to call in IOUs from the Obama camp on behalf of another presidential run by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    Does anyone seriously think that they were going to return the favor in ’16? Yah, right. Big Dawg is getting the last laugh.

    • Mary says:

      After these vicious misfits are cast into oblivion post-election loss, Hillary and Bill won’t even need them for 2016. And the public won’t even listen to their bullsh*t.

  11. that was a really great article you cited in your comment, Myiq. I esp liked this line:

    ” Our unmediated world makes it less likely that the proverbial narrative is set solely by the Gang of 500.”

    go breitbart.

    Thanks for the link.

  12. Shez ZK says:

    Even my coffee is smiling at this post. Sweeeeet grinz.

    Remember when they used to bitch about the importance of things like ‘institutional memory’? Until Obama. Until the life long Dems allowed a bunch of outsider ex-repub/libertarians like Markos etc., real ratfucking punks with preinstalled acute CDS, to just take over everything, websites, their thoughts and Political Behaviors. Lead them by their up-in-the-air noses like the little mesmerized hypnotized alligators they truly are. Until us.

    Geezus were they gullible. What do they have left? They let the Markos’ & Joshs’ convince Democrats, specifically the wimmenz, that they needed to destroy and purge the Clintons and us. They gleefully went along with that horribly stupid advice, preened, pranced, and piled on. None of us are surprised a bit that they are still acting like complete assholes and writhing for a Clinton scapegoat to blame for their own spectacular failures and bad judgments just like their cult leader Obama.

    What DO they have left? O’Suckers.

    I’m loving watching the fucking meltdowns. I’m loving watching them have to take the well deserved blows from the cluebats biffing them upside their fool heads. Loving every minute of it. Loving yelling at Obots in BTR chats: “PANDER to me Obots! I’m a scary #Independent you desperately need!”. Good times. They’re shitting their pants.

  13. Glennmcgahee says:

    Interesting graph in this Breitbart article concerning the super-secret Obama phone call with the Des Moines Register. Take a look at how Obamacare stifled the jobs recovery. http://tinyurl.com/8sy4j3m

  14. carol haka says:

    Bill and Hill have shown themselves to be traitors to this great country. They continue to lie and cover for Obama. 👿 Also, I have always blamed Bill, Republicans and Democrats in power for 9/11. Had Bill kept his pants zipped and the Congress done their job instead of fixating on his behavior, maybe they would have had time to do their job of protecting America. 👿 Character matters – To hell with all of them. 👿

  15. votermom says:

    What I’m seeing is a big glaring red flag for any budding politician deciding which party to join. Why would any ambitious leader decide to be a Dem knowing that if and when they do succeed, their own party will tear them to shreds?

    • cj says:

      You’ll love this, Kevin DuJan claims a Democratic civil war is going to break out as soon as Barry loses with the Clintons leading the charge. Probably all fantasy, but who cares, it still put a smile on my face:


    • Shez ZK says:

      Exactly votermom. The whole time they’re tearing to shreds they are simultaneously screaming for Absolute Obama Respect. They show zero respect for anyone else, and have earned none.

      Anybody remember an old show called Catastrophe: No Safe Place? That’s the atmosphere of the current Dems, especially for any and ALL females of any party that have the temerity to want to run for office, much less to obtain parity and equal representation for us.

      The second they try to smear Hillary I speak up loudly and tell them they do NOT get to trash my Female Role Model, the most popular and admired female politician on the planet, and get away with that bullshit.

      • carol haka says:

        That was before she became a key player in the Libya coverup. McCain just called BS on Hillery on Fox News. He schooled her that emails into 300-400 government officials during a 9 hour attack on American soil is not a Facebook posting. 👿

        • I was SO hoping for an evil smiley after my happy smiley.

          Thanks Carol!


        • carol haka says:

          Just the facts ma’mn! I know facts are a tricky thing. 👿

        • Shez ZK says:

          Except the topic was NOT Libya, something we are all livid about, and knew instantly would damage Hillary. The same Hillary who does not set Foreign Policy, Obama does. She follows his orders or gets fired. OF COURSE it’s not that simple.

          So let me get this straight. I’ve just started commenting here, (many are known to me for years now), but I’ve observed you attack or be hostile to anyone who brings up Hillary in any manner whatsoever, and now you’ve started on me like I’m some uninformed Clinton groupie? Not cool.

          On the other hand I was certainly discussing in general, how ALL female politicians have been treated over the years. This granny has been around a few election blocks over the decades. Hillary has a lifetime of achievements and poise that no Obama Scandal will ever negate her as a Female Role Model for all of the women and girls in my family, and on the entire planet. Go ahead and blame Hillary for Obama’s fuckups all you want, and I’ll go back to discussing rumors of Obama was trying to secretly create an ambassador hostage situation to trade for his good bud the Blind Sheik’s release, all the while trying to recover the stolen stingers. Hmmmmm….

          • myiq2xu says:

            Don’t let Carol bother you. Those of us who remember her from the old days know she means well but she has a tendency to be flamboyant with her emotions. Subtlety and moderation aren’t her style.

        • carol haka says:

          No one has ever been a bigger supporter of Hillary. But when she is involved in the Libya coverup she is no longer a person to admire. That’s my opinion. This coverup is not some little event worthy of a “firing”. The full force of criminal charges should be brought down on those who are involved. And if she broke the law, it doesn’t matter who gave her the order. She is responsible. And I don’t like cover-ups and illegal activity from either side of the aisle. I’m sorry if you are offended by my remarks

        • carol haka says:

          Yes Klown, it must be the vapors! 👿

        • Shez ZK says:

          ‘Ere Klown … I don’t like to bogart (or harsh my mellow)

          Ahem. I am one of ‘us who remember her from the old days’. I adore our carol and have seen her comments on more than one site for a long while. Same goes for I love you Klown, and Darragh too. She just needs to be more careful who she replies to, some of us will respond bluntly back. We’ve been seeing complaints for days now that it is getting overbearing.

          • myiq2xu says:

            I’m lazy, and moderating threads has been really easy this time around. Four years ago it was a full time job and required a strong stomach.

            Which begs the question, where are the trolls?

            Most days the only thing I find in the spam filter are Russian pornbots and some determined spambot army trying to sell email lists.

  16. tommy says:

    O/T. Interesting story. Babies born in summer ‘less likely to be CEOs’ – A person’s date of birth can affect their climb up the corporate ladder, researchers say. The study by Sauder School of Business researchers at the University of British Columbia shows that only 6.13% of a S&P 500 sample was born in June and only 5.87% of the sample was born in July. By comparison, people born in March and April represented 12.53% and 10.67% of the sample of CEOs. “Our findings indicate that summer babies underperform in the ranks of CEOs as a result of the birth-date effect, a phenomenon resulting from the way children are grouped by age in school,” Maurice Levy, co-author of the study, said.

  17. carol haka says:

    How are students voting in elections in states where there actual address is their parents address in most cases?

  18. myiq2xu says:

    Kevin DuJan:

    Additionally, I have been receiving reports that many of the young staffers that Obama took with him to Washington are actively seeking jobs for February 2013 or sooner. One of my contacts is a headhunter here in Chicago who has already fielded calls from “10 or 15″ Chicago-native Obama White House staffers who are moving back to the Illinois in January of this year; they are clearly looking to get a jump start on the search in the job market that Barack Obama helped tank and they do not want to be unemployed or allow too much time to pass between working in the White House and scoring a high paying position in a corporate setting (if they can find one). My headhunter source tells me some of these people are already having interviews and might actually leave before Mitt Romney’s inauguration on January 21st, 2013. “They need to get out before the investigations start and suddenly saying you worked for Barack Obama becomes a red flag on your resume instead of a prestige listing”.

    The reason for the push to find jobs immediately is pure supply and demand in a tough job market and also the fact that once Obama’s defeated the Democrat Civil War will begin, where Clinton loyalists will start work purging all the Obama operatives from the party and attempting to restore the public’s faith in the Democrat brand by eliminating all traces of Obama from the DNC. This means that once they leave their White House positions the young Obama staffers will have a hard time finding new jobs in Washington DC because the Clintons will punish anyone who hires them. The Clintons want all the Obama acolytes gone so that in the next four years the Party can try to pretend that “The Golden Age of Hope and Change” never happened at all (much like Democrats isolated and banished most of the Carter people when they finally rebranded the Party as centrists under the Clintons).

    Obama’s young staffers (many of whom are under 30) are thus facing a situation where they will be out of work when Bathhouse Barry leaves office…the usual places that White House staffers land after a failed administration will be closed off to them due to the Democrat Civil War that Hillary Clinton is going to orchestrate…and corporations looking to curry favor with the new Romney White House will be reluctant to hire Obama staffers into their ranks.

    So, these young men and women are in a panic and are looking for work here in Chicago…a place where they feel their Obama connections could still be worth something. Almost none of these people will be going to Honolulu with the Obamas when they move there because his “Center for Social Justice” being built at the University of Hawaii is not going to be either funded or up and running for a LONG time. Penny Pritzker was trying to raise money for that while pulling together the “trust” that purchased the Obama family’s new home near Honolulu…but the usual wealthy donors are not writing checks for this project because they don’t want to anger the Clintons, who are largely seen as taking back the party starting November 7th.

    Be still my heart.

    If they need someone to help bury the bodies, I have a close friend that owns a hearse.

    • cj says:

      The whole thing is priceless. I don’t know which part I love the most. Michelle’s mom popping her cheek just to annoy him, Penny Pritzker being run out of town as soon as he loses, the Clintons leading a Democratic civil war, or just the fact that he calls him bathhouse Barry, lolololol.

      • britgirls says:

        I absolutely LOVE going over to Hillbuzz for a boost. His posts are hilarious and I love all the anecdotes he adds from his own life. If his boyfriend’s mother ever reads that site she’s gonna flip out. He’s slagging her off on a daily basis! lmao!

    • votermom says:

      I hope they enjoy their share of the funemployment they foisted on the rest of us!

    • t says:

      I don’t necessarily believe him, but it was fun reading.

      • t says:

        And I just saw, “Democratic Civil War that Clinton will orchestrate” and I definitely know that it’s just comedy he’s writing…

  19. yttik says:

    The lack of logic of Obama supporters still astounds me. It’s like, let’s try selling hope and change by bullying people with accusations of racism, death threats, and assorted sexual abuse. Let’s attack and reject the one successful Dem president with the high approval rating. Let’s run out all the Dems who don’t salute properly and tell them they aren’t needed anymore. Let’s create divisiveness and alienate as many people as we can. Let’s tell stupid lies and just repeat them over and over again. Let’s create gridlock in congress and avoid passing a budget. Let’s make poor people suffer more. Let’s stop opposing war, Guantanamo, the loss of civil rights, bail outs for wall street.

    It’s like all these people jumped down the rabbit hole and I have no idea why.

  20. ME says:

    I have never been a Democrat but for the life of me I can not understand why they threw the Clintons and a large percentage of their base under the bus. Bill Clinton does deserve credit for his 8 years in office but we should also admit that he had a Republican congress and the Silicon Valley dot com boom of California, that eventually went bust.

    • cj says:

      A good portion of the D party suffers the same kind of Clinton derangement syndrome as the R party. With the Dems, it probably started at the coctail circuit level & worked its way down to the vile progs who hated Bill for being a centrist, but turn a blind eye to Obama’s creeping fascism.

      They’re just handy scapegoats for whatever goes wrong in the party. Until somebody needs them.

      • sleepyhead says:

        Yeah, it started when Sally Quinn got pissed off that they didn’t come to her parties. She then made it quite clear that the Clintons were “not our kind” and tried to paint them as clueless small-town hicks.

  21. mcnorman says:

    Genuine gratitude.

    Now they want to blame Bill for Obama’s failure

  22. soupcity says:

    Yes, blame Bill again. When you have no record to run on, consistently belittle your opponent and only drag out a shiny repackage of your agenda for the next term ( btw only when it’s too late to be called out on it in the debates) it is clearly not your fault. :eyeroll:

    It never ceases to amaze me that all the “genuises” that surround obama always seem to need so much help. The first strategy, to paint Romney as an extreme conservative, was not and would have never worked anyway. I swear, these fools have never mentally gotten past the age of 12. Who’s still gonna be standing and who will actually have a lasting legacy after November 6th? My money’s on the Big Dawg every. freakin. time.

  23. tommy says:

    Todays Rassie poll has Romney up by 3. R-50 O-47. And later today, they’ll be releasing polls for VA, PA and NC. Should be interesting.

    • britgirls says:

      I saw one today from Pharos Research Group (which I’ve never even heard of before so I’m a bit dubious about them), and they had PA at
      49% O to 46% R

      Just 3% apart. Caaaaaahm aaaaaaahn PA!!!! You can do it!!

  24. DeniseVB says:

    Not good news for John Kerry, Hillary may stick around for awhile ? From Politico:



    • carol haka says:

      If you call a stint in Levenworth hanging around. Of course, hanging is the prescribed remedy for Treason isn’t it? 🙂

    • indigogrrl1 says:

      that is so reaching …. so in the 1,000,000th time she was asked she used the term “unlikely” rather than ” no “.

      and Carol Haka ~ with all due respect. can it.

      • carol haka says:

        Can’t take a little humor! 🙂

      • lorac says:

        Carol, I really suspect that every single person who has even been to this website for one minute is 100%, thoroughly aware of your bone-deep, overarching ugly hate for Hillary. To be honest, I tend to just scroll by you now, because it’s just too much. I heard you ten million times ago….

  25. Pips says:

    Tagg Romney apologizes to Obama for ‘take a swing’ comment.

    Josh Romney, one of Tagg’s younger brothers, was asked on “The View” about the remark and joked, “[Tagg] has slugged me a couple of times; I assure you president Obama has nothing to worry about.”


    After the apology Michelle Obama was seen, looking sort of hoity-toity and as if she majestically handed out a pardon, saying “Well, I’m pleased you said that. Thank you.” Then turned away, almost knocking over the cute little blond kid in a blazer, on her way to receive the public’s admiration.

  26. Pips says:

    Obama claims, now, that he always knew it would be a close race. So why the snotty behaviour in the first debate? To me it certainly signaled that he believed this to be a walk-over. That he could, almost literally, just ‘phone it in’.

    I blame … Bill Clinton! For, hmmm … giving the wrong advice!

  27. yttik says:

    Naturally Obama sat down with the press yesterday…..not to relieve people’s minds about Libya, not to clarify any statements, not to do any presidenting, but to tell everyone what a wonderful guy he was and what a good campaign he is running.

    The lies he told were kind of breathtaking. He said the media had failed to support him and dismissed his chances of re-election over a year ago. He’s always been the underdog and he’s always known this was going to be a tight race.

  28. Simofish says:

    Obama will start blaming us Nov 6th, just watch.

    One speech I will be watching – his concession speech. And Hillary cay say to Mooochele …. I was a two term First Lady !!!! BITCH !!!

  29. DeniseVB says:

    This is a good smackdown by the WSJ about that Des Moines paper v. Obama. Seems BO embellished those evil Republicans with some tall tales.


    I love when the media fact checks each other 😀

  30. votermom says:

    What do you think of Ed Klein’s claim here?


    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered additional security for the U.S. mission in Benghazi ahead of the terrorist attack but the orders were never carried out, according to “legal counsel” to Clinton who spoke to best-selling author Ed Klein. Those same sources also say former President Bill Clinton has been “urging” his wife to release official State Department documents that prove she called for additional security at the compound in Libya, which would almost certainly result in President Obama losing the election.

    • cj says:

      I hope he’s right, but if she’s holding back exculpatory docs just to help BO get reelected, well, it’s not very helpful at all.

    • carol haka says:

      I think it is irrelevant as she has participated in the cover-up. And if it bears out that they were gun running, well ……. They are already short 10000 to 20000 shoulder to air weapons they are willing to disclose ….. 👿 I’m done with their behind the scenes weapon running. 👿

  31. votermom says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      I wish Fox News would run it commercial free the night before the election which would offset that insipid “Superhero Obama Killed OBL” movie coming out soon. 😀

  32. carol haka says:

    Just saw Mike Baker on Fox. Damn that man is “HOT”! 🙂

  33. cj says:

    The Allred case:

    The judge has agreed to release Mitt’s transcripts to the Boston Globe — but Gloria’s client is not allowed to talk about the case.

    Gloria is grasping at straws … but it’s clear, the judge is not gonna cut her a break. Gloria vows to return to court after she files a motion.


  34. DandyTiger says:

    I don’t like how Gallup keeps getting closer every day. That’s not a good trend. Perhaps this will be a really tight race and not a blow out. I so want it to be a blow out. But I do know FL, NC, VA, and CO are already done, for Romney. NH might be as well. So the battle is over NV, WI, MI, PA, and OH. The fact that the battle is over those states is very bad for Obama, but it’s still a battle. Come on people, throw the loser out.

    • DandyTiger says:

      By the way, I think the Obama camp has put all their efforts and money and cheating tactics in OH, believing that would be the deciding state. So even if Romney has the votes there, I suspect Obama might take that state via those efforts anyway. Which means Romney needs some of the other battle ground states to go his way. Which is why I think they’ve moved a ton of resources to PA. It’s a state Obama hasn’t worked, and more importantly a state that hasn’t been rigged.

      • votermom says:

        Philly is the problem. I really hope the burbs go for Mitt and cancel out Philly.

      • What Votemom said. The entire problem is Philly. The middle of the state and the I-79 corridor from just south of Erie to just north of Pittsburgh will go red.
        We just do not have the ability to override Philly. Because the population is all over there- the districts are all clustered over there. So turnout being 100% here would not even help. sigh. If Barry takes the Philly and surrounding districts- he wins all 20. No matter what the rest of think or how we vote.
        Pretty much sucks.
        Electoral votes need to be awarded by district!

    • piper says:

      Don’t count WI out. We just went thru a recall election where the unions thought they would win by electing the Dem. Barrett and ousting Walker. I wonder how they felt the day after when that scrabby Walker won by a bigger margin than before. Only 2 counties, Milwaukee and Dane (Madison) went big for the Dem. Barrett.
      Honestly, I’ll be glad when this election is over and I don’t have to have the remote nearby to mute all of Barry’s nauseating ads. Not too many Romney ads here. Spouse thinks it’s great Barry has to spend more of his money here instead of other places.

      Myiq – congrats to your win last night.

  35. tommy says:

    Damn, Romney just raised a boatful of money. From Oct 1-17, he raised $111.8 million. Use it RIGHT NOW in the vulnerable Bush states, and target the Gore states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. DO IT NOW!

  36. votermom says:

    Hah! CNN pulls its dumb “women vote with their periods” article

  37. t says:

    I do blame Clinton. He showed people what a good Democratic administration looked like, making Obama look like a more terrible president than he even is. So, yep, it’s all Clinton’s fault

  38. dailypuma says:

    Bill Clinton nor Hillary Clinton can win the public approval game because he has no cable media network supporting him the way Obama has both MSNBC and Huffington Post offering a crossfire of support.

    Bill Clinton reminds me of the classic Director of Photography hired to shoot a film, the great ones don’t even own a camera or lights, they just say what is needed for the film, it is paid for, and they control the lighting and design and even the framing of the shots.

    However, nowadays, the guys who own lower cost digital gear, (like the Obama and MSNBC progressive connection) use the momentum of being younger and using the latest greatest stuff to build buzz for themselves and their younger followers, even if what they build has less substance.

    Bill and Hillary can’t win without a cable news network that reports news from the moderate democrat platform, which ironically, is the platform from which real change occurs.

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