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Did Obama Jinx The Tigers?

This was just brought to my attention: Obama Says He Kinda Hopes the Tigers Win the World Series President Obama appeared on the Tonight Show last night where he admitted that he’s leaning toward rooting for the Detroit Tigers in … Continue reading

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I won’t miss this shit

Andrew Sullivan To ABC: If Romney Wins Florida And VA, It’s The ‘Confederacy’ During this Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, Daily Beast writer Andrew Sullivan claimed that if Republican nominee Mitt Romney wins back Florida and Virginia in the … Continue reading

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Good Policy = Good Politics

Walter Russell Mead: How Change Works Our political parties may be ideological in some of their inspirations and their rhetoric, but they are pragmatic. If an approach to an issue works and pleases voters, political leaders try to bring it … Continue reading

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TAE: On the Ropes Open Thread

It’s almost that time again! This American Election, a radio show for politicos addicted to the horse race, starts in just 15 minutes (1:30 Eastern time). Click this link to listen live, or to the archive version later. My co-host … Continue reading

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What Obama Delivered & Why He Has to Go

Volumes have been written already about what Obama promised as a candidate and what he actually delivered as president. The cases are often myriad and confusing because there are so many broken promises and the multiple effects of his disastrous … Continue reading

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