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All Hallows Eve Eve Overnight Open Thread

I’m watching Snow White and the Huntsman tonight. What are you doing?

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Will Sandy Save Barry?

You know you were thinking the same thing – will Sandy save Barry’s ass? He sure hopes so. He’s running around posing for photo-ops that make him look large and in charge. But will it be enough, or is it … Continue reading

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Are You A BGV?

Stephen Green (aka “Vodkapundit”): The polls also have a hard time making numbers out of “broken glass voters.” These are folks who (like me) voted for Bob Barr four years ago, or held their nose and grudgingly voted for McCain, … Continue reading

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Obamacrats Playing Defense

Not sure where Myiq is, but until he returns, I thought I’d keep the ball rolling. Halperin this morning: From ABC News: With one week to go, states that were once considered Obama strongholds now look less solid. Republican groups … Continue reading

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5 Things I’m Looking Forward to on November 6th

Sandy has hit and the clean up will soon begin. Our thoughts are with those who’ve suffered from the storm. While we watch and wait, I thought we could all use a laugh or two. If you wonder why I’m … Continue reading

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Black Voters Going PUMA?

Exodus: Inner City Blacks Fleeing Obama After his meteoric ascent to the top of the American political arena in the country’s history, we are now in the midst of witnessing one of the most stunning collapses of any man ever … Continue reading

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