Post-Photo Op New York City – No Preezy In Sight

Thursday’s news:

Obama Kicks Off Closing-Argument Tour in Wisconsin

President Obama is officially back on the campaign trail in full swing, delivering his closing argument at a chilly tarmac rally here – steps from Air Force One – after an unprecedented and unanticipated two-day pause in the home stretch thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Obama invoked the superstorm, and the lessons he has taken from it, to set the tone for his three-state, 16-hour swing with five days of campaigning to Election Day.

“All the petty differences seem to melt away. There are no Republicans or Democrats during a storm,” he said.

Referring to his visit to the disaster zone in New Jersey Wednesday, Obama said he saw “a spirit that says in the end we’re all in this together. That we rise and fall as one nation and one people.”

We sure are lucky to have Obama as our president at a critical time like this. He spent TWO WHOLE DAYS dealing with Superstorm Sandy! That photo-op tour personal inspection of the damaged areas will probably save his reelection.

Meanwhile, from the New York Daily News:

Staten Island has been the scene of some of the most heartbreaking storm-related devastation, especially on the South Shore where numerous trapped residents had to be rescued. Hundreds of homes — from multimillion-dollar mansions to modest bungalows — have been damaged and dozens of streets are impassable due to downed trees and buckled roads.

As such, federal and local officials heard an earful from residents Thursday.

“Please don’t leave us,” a weeping Donna Solli pleaded to Sen. Chuck Schumer in front of her damaged Neptune St. home. “I live alone down here.”

Schumer hugged Solli, a Transportation Department worker, and tried to comfort her. “I know what you’re going through, sweetheart,” he said.

Minutes later, Joe and Angela Fugel approached the senior senator with tears in their eyes. Owners of A&J Police Equipment & Uniforms, their 27-year-old store on Cleveland Ave. near Great Kills Harbor is now in ruins.

“Everything’s gone — come look please!” she cried out. “I lost everything — my livelihood!”

After showing Schumer the wreckage, she turned to a reporter and said, “We need so much help.”

“My husband built this up from nothing,” she said.

I am going to put aside my usual sunny optimism and naïveté and be a cynical pessimist for a moment and say that New York and New Jersey would be a hell of a lot better off right now if they were swing states. If they were swing states then President Obama would be down there personally delivering supplies and rescuing people.

If I was advising Obama that’s exactly where he would be right now. The campaign is effectively over anyway, and he could do a lot more to help himself by leading the disaster relief efforts instead of campaigning. That would also affect Romney’s campaign efforts. The problem is that it would require him to actually act like a leader.

It really is very revealing of his mindset. The crass political calculations always take precedence. Four years ago on November 2, 2008, Barack Obama’s grandmother died. This was two days before the election. Obama never stopped campaigning.

Imagine if he had announced he was suspending his campaign to fly to Hawaii with his family so they could grieve together. Would that have cost him any votes? Highly unlikely. In fact, he could have easily gained sympathy votes. The media would have eaten it up.

He would have missed out on giving his victory speech in Grant Park, but he could have given the same speech from Hawaii. However there wouldn’t have been a huge adoring crowd in Honolulu. We can see what his priorities obviously were then and are now.

Three more days until the end of an error.

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10 Responses to Post-Photo Op New York City – No Preezy In Sight

  1. tommy says:

    This is just ‘dressing’ to O. In a way hes trying to do a Clinton without the genuine warmth. He already likened himself to WJC during a campaign speech a few days ago. Clinton had a way of expressing himself to all Americans : I care and understand your pain, and the people would believe him cos it was real. O can’t quite pull that off, so hes using Sandy as a crutch to deliver the same message. Thats my take. Personally, all of a sudden, I’m down with very high fever, dry mouth and severe bodypain. 6 hours from now, if you still see me commenting maniacally, I’m fine. If not, pray for me.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    How Democrats will explain an Obama loss

    Shorter Marc Ambinder: Obama is gonna win, but if he doesn’t here is a list of excuses.

  3. Lulu says:

    Obama doesn’t like “people”. He doesn’t relate because he is a narcissist. He avoids all personal interaction unless he is sure of his upper hand which leads to enormous problems like his dealings with Congress and probably the Benghazi debacle (he doesn’t understand much and doesn’t listen because he fundamentally is not interested in anything but himself and I think he is stupid). Most but not all of his supporters exhibit similar personality traits and difficulty understanding that they don’t know everything. Then there is a homoerotic undertone (Sullivan, various other talking heads odd comments, yesterday’s “his loins” statement which I have no problem with personal feeling like this but their public pronouncements are weird) that people find alarming and cult-like. He really doesn’t give a shit about anything but his future sinecure which is looking rather iffy.

  4. Pips says:

    Totally agree:
    “If I was advising Obama that’s exactly where he would be right now […] down there personally delivering supplies and rescuing people.”

    But alas he prefers adressing adoring crowds to (pretending/) showing empathy with people who actually suffer.

    Same with Axelrod: Instead of his talk about shaving off his moustache if … he could shave it off right now and then grow it back in honour of another worthy cause the Movember movement!

    During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

  5. jeffhas says:

    Right after I ask, “Where is Your President?”… I’m asking “Where is Mitt?”

    Shouldn’t Mitt parachute in and start handing out help/advice/water/gas – offer some generators from some energy company that couldn’t wait to get the write-off and PR…? The Romney clan pitching in might show how they’re not afraid of real work.

    Mitt showing up right now – while preezy is out filling his adoration tank – will show just who’s give a sh*t is working.

  6. jjmtacoma says:

    Ah yes, I agree they would be getting more help than they would know what to do with if they were swing states.

    I worry that after four years of hell, gas prices are suddenly lower, supposedly unemployment is better and a couple days of acting concerned could “fix” the mess.

    I haven’t heard anyone express cynicism about the sudden improvement in our “fortunes” in real life.

  7. Karma says:

    Sad, but true. He would be all over them like a cheap suit if they were swing states with a disaster. And of course, if you advised him to stay and help in blue states, the smartest political advisor in the world, himself, would over-rule you. There is nothing to gain for him by staying there.

    Exactly, a crass mindset. it is very revealing the way he dealt with both his mother and grandmother’s deaths. Under normal circumstances people would be taken back by such things and yet he exploits these women for his personal gain in ways that are stunningly disrespectful. Even when he is not tearing them down there doesn’t seem to be a lot of love or reverence for them.

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