Saturday Drunken Open Thread

It’s Beer Thirty!!

What’s your poison? I’m drinking Rolling Rock Pale Ale.


Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight and change your president on Tuesday.

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78 Responses to Saturday Drunken Open Thread

  1. driguana says:

    Well, for some reason that I still don’t quite understand, I only drink beer in green bottles…so Rolling Rock is cool…doin’ Peronis myself and really quite worried about the election…I have a cousin who is a professional poling expert in Cincinnati, and a very independent sort, who says its Romney by 5.5 in Ohio and that will hold nationally…polling rock…..its the Somalis I’m worried about….

    • Do the math. Over 5 million votes were cast in Ohio in 2008. A 5.5% margin cannot be overcome by a mere 45,000 Somalis, assuming every single one of them voted for Obama, even the children. Same with Afghanistan. There are only 68,000 troops left, distributed across many states.

      Try instead using the Law of Attraction.

  2. tommy says:

    I’m too sick to even get up from the bed. Drinking at this point would definitely kill me. But all of you go on and have one for me.

  3. I’m so antsy—one minute feeling confident about a Romney victory and then the next minute down in the dumps cause I’m feeling like we’ll be stuck with Bronco for 4 more years. Driving myself crazy. Shopping is my drug of choice but I’m all shopped out….:(

    • simofish says:

      Me too, me too. Not to make light of bi-polar folks — but I can only imagine this is slightly what it feels like.
      I am so damn frustrated.

  4. Ok- this is getting ridiculous- and more than a bit creepy. How could I have a supporter number? I have never donated to that asshat.

    PMM – We’re going over supporter records for the final time, and we noticed you haven’t yet made an online contribution (we copied and pasted your record here).

    Supporter Record: 21458826
    2012 online support: pending
    Suggested contribution: $5

    In three days, President Obama and Elizabeth Warren will be holding their breaths, waiting to see if you did enough to get them elected. Right now, Democrats’ chances of keeping the White House and Senate have dipped to 48%. Please immediately contribute $5. Your contribution will be immediately wired to White House and Senate battlegrounds, meaning it will be on the ground fighting in places like Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin in a matter of hours. And it will be matched for just 24 hours, doubling your impact!

    Thank you,
    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

    Third time today I have gotten this one.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Creepy and mildly threatening.

      • Yes, it does sound slightly threatening.
        Like they are saying “look lady, we know who you are and where you live…….”
        Thank God I have a big dog. And that is just the first line of defense.

    • yttik says:

      Sounds a bit desperate and threatening, doesn’t it? I’d be tempted to lock my doors and keep my money under my pillow.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Wait, I thought they were winning. /s

    • DandyTiger says:

      Remember, “voting is the best revenge”. Hmm, maybe Obama was on to something.

    • I just dislike that number.
      Is this how they cataloged all the undesirables in Germany and the Soviet Union?

    • angienc says:

      Did you contribute to Hillary or the DNC in the past? They probably got your contact info from there.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Did you donate to Warren or sign up for her newsletter ? Still a creepy letter, like pay or else in that friendly collection agent sort of way.

      Just wondering if they used your real name and if you live in MA, they’re using DMV lists, or buying up charity or old campaign donation lists.

      • Never donated or signed up for Warren- and I don’t live in MA- though I grew up there.
        I did donate to Hillary- but I know how they got my email- it was that fucking cheating bastard (may his junk turn black and fall off) Edwards. As soon as he endorsed that fraud he “donated” his email list to the creep. Right after that I started getting emails from the dnc- and they sold my name to the whole fucking D world. I get email from Patty Murray- and isn’t she out in the west coast.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Edwards was the last Dem I donated to also. So that’s why I’m getting crazy emails from Dems all over the country … none really positive, all pretty desperate in tone. Sad little Dems riding Bronco Bama’s coattails this year 😦

        • DandyTiger says:

          Funny. I donated to Hillary and asked that my info not be handed over. And they didn’t. I don’t get those emails. Hmm, thanks Hillary. They probably would have if I hadn’t asked though, but still.

    • kanaughty says:

      whoa that is freaky! i would be freaked too… really weird.

    • Print them out and mail them to the DNC headquarters., Tell them you’re a Romney Democrat now, thanks to what they did to Hillary in 2008. It should arrive just in time to be salt in the wound.

    • angienc says:

      Well, I’m sorry Ms. Sulivan, but the guy in the White House isn’t a Republican –and he’s no ordinary Dem either– he’s TehPrecious & the MSM can’t shed any light on what’s going on in NY or NJ because it might hurt his reelection.

      • This is just heartbreaking.
        The govt just sucks at this shit. And this is what we pay them for damn it!
        Why can’t they get supplies to these people? Did Ft Dix get washed off the face of the earth? Westover in MA still does the big airlifters as far as I know.
        FCS If LaGuradia and that other airport in NY are open- why is the military not airlifting in supplies and then helicopters can deliver them where needed?
        This should NOT be that hard!

        • You know, I get the feeling some of this with holding of supplies is deliberate. I know it isn’t tin foil Tues- but really. What a great excuse for the okamp to frig the whole election up. Riots would be right up their alley for martial law. And if there is any way they can drag out the NY and NJ results by claiming people did not get to vote?
          I am smelling something rotten here.
          Because, really, it isn’t that hard. If they gave any one of us control for one day- we would have supplies flowing in in less than an hour.
          Where are all those supplies DHS bought up over the summer? Remember those big purchases they made of ammo and so forth? Well at the same time, I believe they were also purchasing lots of disaster relief supplies no? Where is it?
          The military ships tons (literal tons) of water to the troops day in and day out. I would not take away from the troops- but apparently there is a supply line.
          Jeebus- can I be in charge please? Two days- that’s all. Just long enough to get emergency supplies flowing to these people.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Norfolk sent up 3 ships, and Marines from Camp Lejeune are being choppered in. Could easily do that with a load of food, water and blankets for the people in the Rockaways? And some Marines to handle the looters 😉

        • SHV says:

          What happened to the water, sport drinks that were for the 47-50,000 marathon runners? There should also be a lot of fruit and snack foods available, also.

      • leslie says:

        Geraldo is broadcasting from Staten Island and this is just sad. People are cold and hungry and they have no where to stay. I can’t listen to it. And I don’t know where to donate because I don’t know if it will actually get to the people who are struggling. How can we get shelter to these people – or water – or blankets. I am so angry with the lack of response by FEMA and Homeland Security (heh). But we’ll hear that is wasn’t their fault. FEMA and DHS and SCoaMF will have any number of goats to scape for this failure.
        Libya is not the only tragedy. . . And the people I know won’t even think about holding BHO accountable. (They did when it was Bush, tho’)

        • cj says:

          Geraldo is one of the biggest tone-deaf, O-apologists out there. Yesterday he got into a brawl with the hosts of FOX & friends about Benghazi and today he got slammed on twitter for whining about his urgent need for a generator to aerate his friggin’ koi pond.

          I know the people on Staten Island appreciate the coverage, but he’s about as sincere in his “caring” as Bloomberg & Obama

    • DeniseVB says:

      Heartbreaking 😦 It’s what the National Guard is sent in for to prevent the looting, but Bloomberg doesn’t want anyone armed except the NYPD.

  5. angienc says:

    Ha, ha — those idiots went through with the Million Muppets March (albeit it was more accurately the 100 Muppets March). This is why they are losing & they are too stupid to know it.

  6. angienc says:

    In anticipation of Tommy who is sure to be here soon to tell us about the PPP (Kos/SEIU) poll in Ohio:

    NumbersMuncher ‏@NumbersMuncher

    PPP(D) finds Obama up 6 in PA, 52-46. Sample is D+10 — it was D+7 in 08 and D+2 in 2010. Obama needs close to 08 turnout to win even in PPP

    • With thoise numbers he needs to elevate turn out. Not gah happen.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Ruh roh. If you unskew even conservatively PA is tied. But I think it’s more like 2010, which would mean Romney wins.

    • yttik says:

      All Obama needs to do to win is to increase the amount of support he had in 2008. Seriously, he won because so many conservatives/Republicans stayed home, unimpressed with McCain. They aren’t staying home this year.

      So in order for Obama to win he has to not only keep all the voters he had in 2008, he would have to have found an entire new group to appeal to. I have combed the internet, talked to people, and I have not found one single person who was skeptical about Obama in 2008 but has decided that he’s done such a good job, they’ll now be voting for him. LOL, that’s almost laughable to type. Not. One.Single Person.

  7. So now they are going to allow storm victims to vote by e-mail.
    SERIOUSLY? And they know who is on the other end of this email how?–election.html

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Rockaway help, but not sure how much since they don’t have power and can’t see these resources:

  9. leslie says:

    I have to say good night for now. i’m undone by the feelings of helplessness r/t this horror in our own nation. So similar to the feelings during Katrina, but at least I could help in theRed Cross relocation center in Chicago. Here, beside donating money, all I can do is watch and hope.

  10. threewickets says:

    Five days without power in the semi boonies, and finally we’ve got light and heat. Hallelujah! Wanted to drop off a thought on the stupid Nate Silver brouhaha, which you guys may have already covered. The Prog bloggers are falling over themselves to publicly give props to Nate and defend him. I think they’re all buying insurance and an excuse if Obama loses. When Obama loses, Nate will be buried deeper under the bus than anybody has ever been buried.

  11. You know me. I stick to my Sierra Nevada. This beer tastes like kind bud, and since I don’t smoke anymore….

  12. yttik says:

    Beer thirty??! There better be no beer around these parts! 🙂 I’ve got a backyard full of teen agers having a party. Only my children would decide they want a garden party in the middle of….November! It’s 40 degrees out there, wind about 20 knots, rain as usual. Husband did a beautiful job stringing party lights on breakers in case they short out from the rain. They have a nice tent and a bonfire and they’re all roasting marshmellows.

  13. myiq2xu says:

    Don’t forget to change your clocks tonight and change your president on Tuesday.

  14. swanspirit says:

    i am so ashamed at the treatment of Sandy victims. I totally fail to understand a lack of preparedness on the part of agencies , esp FEMA ..People’s needs in any disaster are not difficult to anticipate . . Water , food ,shelter clothing warmth in the cold and an energy source .,and the revenger in chief won’t even answer a question from the press regarding the disaster. He did his walk thru and he is done , because he is busy campaigning . Even Bush was not that callous

    • yttik says:

      I know! It is shameful. With all the warnings they had about this storm for days and days, you would think the Gov would have prepared. It takes nothing to have trucks full of water and supplies already in place before the storm even hits. If you don’t need them, send them back, but emergency preparedness should have already been in place. This is America, not a third world country.

      • angienc says:

        This is the problem: when the federal government takes things over all you get is things that cost us more & actually do less for us. That’s what happens with bureaucracy.

        I’m not even claiming that the elected officials “don’t care” — I lived in NOLA during Katrina –Bush wasn’t callous at all (as is the common perception — even Swannie wrote that in her post — and I’m no Bush fan). On the federal level, it is the stupid system itself that is broken.

        BTW, there is plenty of blame to go around for Katrina, but the state & local government — Gov. Blanco (D) and Mayor Ray Nagin –really deserve *most* of the blame, not Bush. And if you knew what a vocal critic I was of W during the 8 years he was in office, for me to say that, it’s true.

        • DM says:

          Angienc, my complain about Bush’s response on Katrina was that the State of LA had no way of rescuing people trapped in NOLA. I agree with you that the federal government is not the best responder, but this is where the national guard works. The problem as I understand it, the LA national guard was in Iraq. Bush needed to bring in the Army, Navy and helicopters from those two units.

          Bush’s response to Katrina is inexcusable.

          • angienc says:

            I was there — in case you didn’t pick up on that — and there was National Guard in NOLA. How anyone can believe the entire LA National Guard was in Iraq is difficult for me to understand but any source that tells you that is not credible.

            Here’s what happened. There was something like 40% of the LA National Guard deployed to Iraq at the time and Gov. Blanco did NOT send her request for ADDITIONAL National Guard troops from other states to help to the US National Guard Bureau until August 30 –the day AFTER Katrina hit. The additional troops could not be sent to LA until the National Guard Bureau approved the request — which it did on Sept.1. Then the troops had to actually GET to LA. Blanco should have sent the request BEFORE Katrina hit OR she should have entered into a compact with other Governors to bypass the National Guard Bureau process BEFORE Katrina hit. She did neither. All the stuff you wrote about Bush *needing* to bring in the Army & Navy because of the deployment of some of LA National Guard to Iraq is NOT how the National Guard system works, so you don’t really have as good of an understanding on this as you think. I’d check my sources.

            I said there was plenty of blame to go around in Katrina on the local, state and federal level. I am not a fan of GWB & I’m not excusing him for anything he did in office or in relation to Katrina that I find fault with. However, I am not going to make up shit to blame him for — I was there; it was not how the MSM represented it. Believe me or not, I don’t care.

            But the bottom line is: first responders (which includes the National Guard, who are under the authority of the governors) are supposed to be on the state & local level — in Katrina it was the people in charge at the state & local level who DROPPED THE BALL FIRST in a multitude of ways both before and after Katrina hit. By the time FEMA came in it was already a clusterf*** and FEMA did not act efficiently & messed up stuff too. However, I do not charge anyone involved with evil intent – the problems during Katrina was mainly incompetence & bureaucracy.

        • DM says:

          Angienc, I read that you were there. I didn’t miss that. But I don’t care if the governor, or bureaucracy is at fault. At some point, a president is the last resource to get things right. Right now people will look at Cuomo to do his job, but if he can’t, people will expect Obama to pick up the slack. Obama has more resources than Cuomo. It’s not just FEMA, but more agencies and more power to cut through the red tape.

          • angienc says:

            Got it. You don’t care about the division between state & federal authority or the reality of how bureaucracy works, you’ve formed your opinion (which based on what you wrote about the LA National Guard situation seems to rely on suspect sources) & you’re sticking to it.

            It’s been 5 days since Sandy hit, the people in Staten Island are still cold & starving & who knows how many dead are in houses there (the MSM certainly isn’t showing it, they’re showing heartwarming stories of private volunteers helping others out — which was also happening in NOLA, btw) yet you’re still willing to give Cuomo time to do his job before blaming the federal government. By this time in Katrina, Bush had already sent a request to Blanco to allow him to federalize law enforcement and Blanco REFUSED THE REQUEST. Yet Bush’s actions were across the board “inexcusable.”

            Like I said: I don’t care if you believe me or not. There is plenty to complain about with Bush & FEMA during Katrina, but I’m not making up shit to blame Bush for. You go right ahead.

    • angienc says:

      The Obots are actually going around dancing at what a stroke of luck Sandy was for Obama because with Chrisie’s “endorsement” of him & their photo op together it “transformed Obama into Mr. Bipartisan” (!) and not only stopped but reversed Mitt’s momentum (you know, that momentum that last week they denied he even had).

      As to the actual people out there who are suffering because that photo op did jack squat for them? They don’t care. In fact, I don’t know if we discussed it over here, but NBC last night to hold that “benefit concert” (which was really to promote Obama) actually diverted resources from storm victims to give to celebs (why they couldn’t film the concert in LA instead of NYC, I have no idea). You can read the sickening details here:

      When I say the only people who support Obama are (1) the corrupt (2) the idiots or (3) the sociopaths, I’m not kidding.

      • swanspirit says:

        I completely agree , Angie , you really have to be an idiot on some level to support the asshat in chief .Bloomberg proved that . and fwiw , I do not think bronco bama has the capacity to lead . If Christie was on the phone with him , I am certain that Christie dominated , and led the conversation to obtain what he wanted . And still , there was no follow thru from bumbler in chief ; who once again is all hat and no cattle

  15. angienc says:

    Pictures from Romney tonight in CO (because the MSM will not show them to you):!/dgjackson/media/slideshow?

  16. DM says:

    Obama won in 2008 with his coalition made up of several hate groups: the Clinton haters, the Bush haters, the bank haters, and many more. That coalition fell apart and Obama has been left with voters that don’t show up at the polls, Blacks, Hispanics and college students. 🙂

  17. DM says:

    The ABC/WP poll says that 49% of the respondents do not see Obama’s response as a factor in their decision.
    Both candidates are tied at 48

    The two contenders are also about even when it comes to basic popularity, with the parity being unchartered territory for a modern incumbent facing reelection.

  18. DM says:

    I hope Gallup gets enough voters’ responses to pull together at least one more poll. I don’t understand how other pollsters, like Rasmussen have been able to get enough respondents from the areas impacted by the storm.

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