Three More Days – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Obama campaign frightens supporters with nightmare vision of Mitt Romney’s presidency

Shot in the style of a television news broadcast, the ad imagines how by April 29, 2013, Mitt Romney could have already laid waste to much of Mr Obama’s legacy.

Speaking over images of the Republican giving the inaugural address, the news anchor reports that the Romney administration had signed sweeping tax cuts for the wealthy while pushing through new policies that cause American companies to outsource jobs to China.

He reports that Mr Romney had used a vacancy on the Supreme Court to nominate Robert Bork, the conservative legal scholar who Democrats blocked from joining the high court after he was first tapped by Ronald Reagan in 1987.

It claims that the court is taking the first steps towards overturning Roe v Wade and making abortion illegal in the United States.

The ad also images a Republican-controlled senate, where Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock – two hardline social conservatives who have been excoriated by Democrats for their inflammatory comments on rape – have won seats and are voting to privatise Medicare.

It ends with a mournful bulletin about what the future holds for former President Obama and an interview with one young Obama supporter “who wishes she had done more”.

As the imaginary ad disappears into static, viewers are confronted with a black screen and the words: “You decide if he gets to deliver. Volunteer. Vote.”

It’s sad and pathetic how far the candidate of “Hope and Change” has fallen in just four years. All he has to offer is fear itself:

“And that’s to be expected, because if you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters.

If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things.” – Barack Obama, August 28, 2008

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75 Responses to Three More Days – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

  1. Good Lord – they really are over the top.

    As a commenter “S” said at Hillary is 44, “Obama is like the anti-inspirational, anti-motivational speaker…he is the anti Tony Robbins…and a crude, obnoxious one at that…”

    So depressing.

  2. Lulu says:

    This is manipulative and cruel. It is also abusive as most of the Obama era has been. Sick shit and hopefully it will end soon and this bunch of freaks will go away.

  3. bluestate says:

    he’s ridiculous. i take solace in the fact that they’ve been sounding like a bitter, losing campaign for awhile now, but with them, it’s hard to tell, because they’re bitter and nasty 99% of the time no matter what. i’ll be relieved if/when he loses. i think he’ll be relieved if/when he loses. he doesn’t have a clue what to do for the next four years.

  4. Bronco Bama – Boy Preezy

  5. Take Lena Dunham’s advice and we really will be punished with a Baby.

  6. SYD says:

    It’s not Romney that is cozying up to China. It’s Obama. Borrowing trillions from them, and allowing them to manipulate currency.

    And it’s not Romney that is gutting medicare. (My mom has a $4000 “out of pocket” on her medicare HMO, under Obamacare.)

    I soooo hope that SOB is out of a job in a few days. I have grown to hate almost everything he does.

  7. Obama “just arrived” at FEMA HQ – time for the weekend photo-op. Wonder if he will be wearing his FEMA jacket, like Chuckie was. He is such an opportunistic drama queen.

    • cj says:

      He can never pull it off either, he just looks silly.

      None of the make believe is working anymore. Not the lies, not the fear & not pretending to be Bill Clinton. Today he’s reduced to dragging half of Hollywood on stump with him just to boost his crowd size.

  8. fif says:

    Absolutely pathetic. He will have to invent things to campaign for when he’s out of a job–what else does he know how to do? I guess he can golf and play b-ball with George Clooney.

  9. elliesmom says:

    Bork has got to be in his mid to late 80’s. Anyone who recognizes his name would have to know that. I’m looking forward to our president not assuming women are stupid.

    • Pips says:

      Even though I didn’t recognize his name I still reckoned he would be pretty old. 😉

    • Jadzia says:

      Robert Bork was born in 1927–he’s 85 years old. Any woman who is stupid enough to think that the Republican Party would allow a President Romney to appoint an 85-year-old of any ideological stripe to the Court is really too stupid to vote or operate heavy machinery.

      Even my brilliant grandfather, a Yale Ph.D. who died last week the day before his 95th birthday, was not what he once was by the time Year 85 rolled around. (He was still smarter than the rest of the family put together, though.)

    • angienc says:

      And let me say this: as a legal scholar, Robert Bork is a much better pick to sit on the SCOTUS than Elena Kagan.

      Yeah, I said it. Because regardless of ideology, it’s true.

      Furthermore, overturning Roe v. Wade would not make abortion *illegal* — it would return the matter *fully* to the states. The SCoaMF & alleged “constitutional law professor” should know that.

      • “overturning Roe v. Wade would not make abortion *illegal* — it would return the matter *fully* to the states.”

        I would like that to be tattooed on every obot’s friggin forehead.

  10. Don’t we ALWAYS hear that “The President is always the President no matter where he is, 24/7. He doesn’t have to BE at a location to know what is going on.” This just smacks of politicization. (Color me surprised) You know damn well when the POTUS arrives ANYWHERE – work grinds to a halt.

    Also, I think it funny, now, in the huge disaster, Obama trots out FEMA and Craig Fugate. Craig was our State Emergency Manager here in Florida (I worked with him through the 4 storms in 2004). He went to FEMA and you heard NOTHING from him until this storm. Obama always trotted out Janet for this stuff. FEMA was sidelined. In Texas fires, in Tennessee Floods, FEMA was no where to be seen – on the air. Nor was the Preezy. I’m with Syd – I really cannot stand anything he does. It’s always about HIM – not US.

  11. leslie says:

    Since the coming of the Obamessiah, my world has been turned upside down. From 2000-2008, I reviled FOXNews. Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Dana Perino, Ari Fleischer, John Bolton, John Sununu. I thought Mike Huckabee was “cute and funny” but not worth paying attention to. And Greta Van Susteren disappointed me so very much when she left CNN to go to FOX. I thought the Ds were honest, sincere, worthy, fair, and decent people (for the most part). And I thought the R’s (not my friends, of course) were greedy, prejudiced, vile, duplicitous, untrustworthy. Now, I listen to/watch FOXNews, Karl Rove and John Bolton (JOHN BOLTON fer heaven’s sake!) . I like to listen to Dana Perino and Ari Fleischer. I’m in love with John Sununu. The continued coverage and challenging on FOX r/t Benghazi despite the complete shunning of this story of by every other network and MSM outlet demonstrates who is actually a news organization and who is not (at least for today).

    And now, I voted a Republican ticket for the first time in my life (and i’m proud of it). Now every day is Opposite Day.

    Tomorrow I am teaching my beautiful and smart 2 yr old granddaughter to add to her vocabulary. She says “Brock O’Mama”. (It’s on my answering machine.) Tomorrow she’s gonna learn to say “President Romney”.
    I hope y’all have a great weekend. I’ve got TONS of errands to run. But I’ll try to keep up while I’m “on the road again”.You are who have kept me going these past 4 years.

    • tommy says:


    • leslie says:

      What I meant to say _

      “The continued coverage and challenging on FOX r/t Benghazi despite the complete shunning of this story of by every other network and MSM outlet demonstrates who is actually a news organization and who is not (at least for today) gives me some measure of hope.

    • eriezindian says:

      Ditto to everything Leslie said. I am the same way…………despised Fox until I realized they were talking the truth(most of the time). I still am not fond of Hannity but do listen to him…mainly for the guests. The dims rejected me…they didn’t want this middleaged, white woman who lives in rural Pa. Go Mittster!!!

    • angienc says:

      Brock O’Mama — that’s adorable.

      I’m feel the same as you as to the rest–although I never disliked Dana Parino and John Sununu was before I was super-aware of politics (like I am now) so I barely remember him but the name.

      Oh, and I fell for him *first.* 😉

  12. tommy says:

    Todays Rasmussen poll have O and R tied at 48.

  13. cj says:

    Michelle Ray‏@GaltsGirl

    Sure, Obama loves America. The one in his head, that looks like Europe, where is he wearing a crown, summarily executing ppl by drone attack

  14. yttik says:

    “Mitt Romney could have already laid waste to much of Mr Obama’s legacy…”

    That’s certainly what I’m hoping for! For starters he can lay waste to the frat boy, misogynistic attitude of this administration and put his binders of women to work. Then he can lay waste to the fines, fees, and new taxes in Obamacare. I’d like him to lay waste to 4 dollar gas and staggering unemployment, too. He can lay waste to a complicit press, to divisiveness, to gridlock in congress, to a record breaking nat’l debt.

    • gxm17 says:

      Right on!

    • Karma says:

      That’s my wish too. Obamacare is going to put us under. And the only reason jobs would be shipping off to China would be to get away from that horror show of a bill.

      How does the media sleep at night lying about it? That bill is the biggest anchor on our economy and all those waivers tell the tale.

      Big businesses will be the only ones left standing but no one else will have enough money to buy anything with their part time jobs. And how many of those big businesses will be left standing after another recession and thousands of more dollars per household are taken out of the market place? Would Sears make it? Or Best Buy? There are a bunch of them just holding on now.

  15. Simofish says:

    I can’t take this. How the hell can people support him? How the hell can he be closing the gap? I don’t get it! This is stressing me out. WTF!
    Charles krauthammer said last night this has to be the luckiest guy ever. Look at his rise to power and now when he’s losing this storm rolls in right be fore the election to give him a bump. Charles looked sad – like he knew something we didn’t.
    Karl Rove did give some good points about early election results swinging for Romney in Ohio.

    • cj says:

      It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? BO’s continued support & likability will forever be a mystery to me.

      • catarina says:

        We have this conversation here at my house daily.
        Are this many people really this stupid??
        Dear goddess!

    • yttik says:

      He’s not closing the gap. That’s a piece of media nonsense. 60 million people have been impacted on the east coast by the storm and many polling firms suspended their polling, so we don’t even have any new numbers to go on. Obama just held a rally and got 2200 people. Romney had 30,000.

      LOL, by the way, Charles always looks sad. It’s just the way his face is.

    • gxm17 says:

      IMO, that’s just American Pravda BS. I don’t know one person whose vote has changed because of the storm, or who has even said to me “wow, Obama is really handling the storm well.” Not even my obot friends who are too busy trying to keep Benghazi out of the conversation.

    • Pips says:

      At John W. Smarts place commenter NES ( November 2, 2012 at 5:11 pm) has some very good points why she thinks Obama will lose. Might cheer you up a bit? 🙂

    • angienc says:

      He isn’t closing the gap — he’s staying exactly where he was. Movement within MOE (which is what Romney going from 50 to 48 is) isn’t significant.

      And the people who support him are (1) corrupt (2) stupid or (3) sociopaths. (I’m not kidding).

  16. DeniseVB says:

    HBO’s BM latest: A warning to Romney supporters, black people know where you live and they will find you.


      • Lulu says:

        Billy has violent racist fantasies. I wonder if he was selected for school counseling when he maxed out on arrested social development in the seventh grade.

    • cj says:

      When you run against BO, you’re running against all of Big Hollywood, late-night comedians, day-time talk shows, the entire fashion industry, NPR, PBS & the Muppets, the DC cocktail circuit, the NAACP & AARP and most of the print & tv media except FOX and a handful of conservative papers.

      And every single one of them is in a panic right now, including Maher. Their last Hail Mary will be the HBO Bin Laden movie, which I hope to god is a dud.

    • ME says:

      How can black people get behind him? He is saying we are all violent animals. Maher thinks black people are at his beck and call and he can sic them on people at will. Disgusting and it should be on the 24 hour news cycle.

      • cj says:

        That’s exactly what he’s implying & he’s said a lot of other things (even his expectations of BO) that make me suspect he’s a racist at heart & is just too big a fool to recognize it.

        • leslie says:

          Hmmmmmmmmmmm BM – – – – – racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist, racist v misogynist,

          That’s about right.

  17. cj says:

    Mike Emanuel‏@MikeEmanuelFox

    Pres Obama #Mentor #OH event: City of Mentor Fire Department reports there are a total of 4,010 people in attendance.

  18. cj says:

    Joe Pounder‏@PounderFile

    Obama has 4,000 people in Cleveland area this morning. His last event in Cleveland before ’08 election had 80,000 people.

  19. Addleline says:

    Laid waste to Mr Obama”s legacy??? Well I hope so. What legacy? As though people aren’t suffering now! I’m in NC and have already voted. From what I’ve seen and heard, it’s Romney here. Our problem is with Ashville and Research Triangle Park area of Raleigh.

    Can you imagine four more years with no election over his head. Obama’s next 100th day. Oh my!!!!!

  20. tommy says:

    According to HuffPo, the O camp is irked cos Romney keeps on using the word “change”. Did they patent the word when I wasn’t looking, or something?

    • Lulu says:

      Everyone was wanting to “change” from Bush and now they want to “change” from Bronco Bama. They are irked that a growing majority feels the same way about Bronco that they felt about Shrub. They are also irked about everything. They can GF themselves because no one cares. If we give Bronco Bama a participation trophy for his inadequacy would they feel better about themselves or continue whining?

  21. When is the O Camp NOT irked?

  22. moononpluto
    November 3rd, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Obama just told his supporters in Ohio to go to the polls in four days. I 100% support him on this.


  23. cj says:

    As Joe Biden says, where the hell do these jerks get the big cue balls?

    Jim Messina‏@Messina2012

    The Romney campaign’s message today is revenge, ours is the President’s plan for the middle class. I’ll take that contrast any day.

  24. leslie says:

    Has anyone see the film, “The Master”? what about “A Late Quartet”?
    I need to see a movie tonight. I need distraction.

  25. Clover says:

    OFA, pobrecitos! If only their “be very afraid” video were half as convincing as the anchor’s crappy hairpiece.

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