Closing Speeches

Here are Mitt Romney’s and Barack Obama’s closing speeches of the 2012 campaign.

See you in the morning.

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    That NH crowd really seems energized.

    • SYD says:

      And let’s remember, these are Mitt’s former constituents. Cuz many Mass residents retire to NH. Where they can “live free or die.”

  2. myiq2xu says:

    This is Romney’s theme song:

  3. imusthavepie says:

    Obama all fired up. Groan. He said it, but I don’t think he really meant it. **Note to country: No more community organizers for POTUS please.

  4. angienc says:

    I’m not watching the Obama speech, but reports say he rambled & cried.

    • imusthavepie says:

      All I can think about is the horrible things Obots and the Obot media said about Hillary Clinton when she got emotional in NH. Horrible, horrible things. So sorry Bronco Bama….I can’t feel anything for you and your narcissistic tears.

  5. angienc says:

    Also, Dixville Notch has gone for 7 of the last 13 eventual winners in the last 13 POTUS races, so that’s only 50%

    And they did NOT go for Bill Clinton *either* time so they’re ability to pick “winners” is vastly overrated.

    • angienc says:

      PS — turnout was down from 2008 when there was 21 voters, when there was 15 votes for Obama, 6 for McCain.
      That’s a huge *drop* for Obama.

  6. myiq2xu says:

  7. threewickets says:

    Wow, watched a bit of BO’s speech and can’t watch more. He is so thoroughly in love with the idea of himself. It’s not really empathy for people or love of country. It is transcendent narcissism.

    • myiq2xu says:

      If I didn’t know anything about Obama I might have been impressed with MO’s intro.

      • Erica says:

        Yeah, but when she was talking about the president she envisioned 4 years ago, she was describing Hillary to a T, not Barack.

      • threewickets says:

        Used to listen to all his speeches in 2008 with a pretty open mind, even when I was supporting Hillary. Remember the Iowa one well. Just can’t anymore.

  8. Erica says:

    Romney’s podium says Real Change on Day One. Now if that’s not a peace offering to Hillary voters and disaffected dems, I don’t know what is.

  9. tommy says:

    Dude who chuted into Pakistan under cover of darkness, and personally strangled Bin Laden with his bare hands, cried? Thats an anti-climax.

  10. myiq2xu says:


    In the last couple of days, I have read the consternation of the left as they see the evangelicals and other right wing followers get behind their Mormon. It’s as if the left has forgotten all of the studies by Bob Altemeyer and lessons learned from John Dean about the nature of the authoritarian follower.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  11. Erica says:

    I was just over at Rachel Maddow’s blog. Wow, if Romney wins tomorrow, it’s gonna be messy over there.

  12. Erica says:

    Night all.

  13. Underwhelmed says:

    Apparently O said something on the trail about just being a campaign prop. Now he’s in weepy meltdown mode about how hard it’s all been. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe and despise him, but … is it possible he really has been the patsy/puppet all along, a tool to be used by the likes of Valjar, and now it’s crashing in on him?

    • leslie says:

      Frankly, I give you credit for listening to/reading about him. I just can’t do it. I haven’t been able to – since “You’re likable enough, Hillary.” I just don’t care about him, MO, Valjar or anyone else associated with him and his camp.

      • leslie says:

        It can’t come crashing down on him hard enough or soon enough. May 31, 2008 – says it all for me.

        • Underwhelmed says:

          Oh, don’t get me wrong. Whether he’s in the driver’s seat, or whether he’s been tied to the roof of the car, he’s culpable to some degree. As an outsider to the US, I confess I could never understand how anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together could fall for his flimflam show. Not when there was HC, so obviously his intellectual superior, with more experience in her eyelashes than in his whole body. And the more I saw, the more I thought — seriously? Seriously? This man is just wrong. And what’s being done by him and for him is wrong. The warning lights were flashing from the minute he opened his mouth. And yet, and yet … it’s like people were begging to be deluded. So bizarre.

          But I do find the fact of Obama an interesting psych study. Because … he’s one twisted little man. And that can be fascinating. Maybe it’s easier for me because I only have to live with him from a distance, like the rest of the world. My heart aches for you guys, who’ve had him in your faces for the last 4 years.

  14. DM says:

    Here are OH numbers for three big counties
    The numbers represent the total county vote in 2008. The percent of early vote in 2008. The number of ballots received in 2012 and percent to the 2008 total county vote.

    Cuyahoga Cnty 672,750 (2008) 39.5%(2008) 253,512 (2012) 37.7% (2012)

    Franklin Cnty 564,971 (2008) 44.3%(2008) 222068 (2012) 39.93% (2012)

    Hamilton Cnty 429,267 (2008) 25.4%(2008) 106,380 (2012) 24.8% (2012)

    Clearly the early vote percent in 2012 is behind 2008 in each three counties, but the worst performer was Cuyahoga County. These early ballots represent the total through 11/5.

    We don’t know what percent is Obama and Romney. It’s already Election Day 2012.

    • DM says:

      Also, all the other counties (Romney voters?) have higher 2012 early vote percentages than 2008.

      • threewickets says:

        Yup compared to both state average and 2008, 3% lower turnout for early voting in Democratic leaning Cleveland, 6% lower turnout in young people leaning Columbus. Interesting signals for today. Nate Silver crunches weakly sampled poll numbers, he doesn’t do turnout, lol.

  15. Clover says:

    My Obot neighbors and lots of commenters on left sites are absolutely GLOWING about the Obama “landslide” that’s coming tomorrow. So what’s up? Somebody is wrong — either them or us.

    • tommy says:

      Yep, its the same on both sides of the aisle. Obot and pub sites. Each side is a 100% convinced that their dude is winning. There sure gonna be a few heartattacks when the final results are announced.

      • ME says:

        Exactly which is why I don’t understand Dick Morris and Hillbuzz. IMO it SEEMS as if Romney will win, but I have no idea. Hard for me to say it’s in the bag.

  16. tommy says:

    All mods, sleep deep and well. You all may have a long night ahead of you. And if my suspicions are true, the final results might not be announced on election night.

  17. leslie says:

    I’m going back to bed. I fell asleep waiting for the numbers in NH. I have to get up for work in just over an hour. It’s gonna be a killer day. . . and nite. ‘nite ……

  18. Lulu says:

    Mittens made Obama cry! He poked him with a stick until he was rambling and blubbering. Campaigning for his life wore him out, made him emotional. He didn’t have time to govern, or get some rest. Awwww. He should head for Hawaii and wait for the subpoenas.

    • Mary says:

      Now, he cries. After running a gutter campaign, trying to trash Mitt Romney without basis, calling for “voting for revenge,” governing arrogantly with “I won,” “my way or the highway,” attracting supporters who support through ridicule and hatred of others who may disagree on policy, yada yada yada.

      Now, he cries.

      Tough shit, buddy. We know who you are. Forced tears won’t cut it. If you’ve blown this thing, you’ve done it yourself.

      Now, go home to Chicago. Just leave.

    • Clover says:

      I didn’t see any tears for Hurricane Sandy.

      (h/t Jesse Jackson Jr.)

  19. Erin says:

    This morning on my local NBC news show, the anchors were discussing the states in play and the path to 270 for the candidates. Interestingly they put PA into the “in play” category.

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