Zero Hour – “E” Day!

Hot Air:

Romney’s crowds are building—28,000 in Morrisville, Pa., last night; 30,000 in West Chester, Ohio, Friday It isn’t only a triumph of advance planning: People came, they got through security and waited for hours in the cold. His rallies look like rallies now, not enactments. In some new way he’s caught his stride. He looks happy and grateful. His closing speech has been positive, future-looking, sweetly patriotic. His closing ads are sharp—the one about what’s going on at the rallies is moving.

All the vibrations are right A person who is helping him who is not a longtime Romneyite told me, yesterday: “I joined because I was anti Obama—I’m a patriot, I’ll join up But now I am pro-Romney.” Why? “I’ve spent time with him and I care about him and admire him. He’s a genuinely good man.” Looking at the crowds on TV, hearing them chant “Three more days” and “Two more days”—it feels like a lot of Republicans have gone from anti-Obama to pro-Romney.

Something old is roaring back. One of the Romney campaign’s surrogates, who appeared at a rally with him the other night, spoke of the intensity and joy of the crowd “I worked the rope line, people wouldn’t let go of my hand.” It startled him. A former political figure who’s been in Ohio told me this morning something is moving with evangelicals, other church-going Protestants and religious Catholics. He said what’s happening with them is quiet, unreported and spreading: They really want Romney now, they’ll go out and vote, the election has taken on a new importance to them.

I suspect both Romney and Obama have a sense of what’s coming, and it’s part of why Romney looks so peaceful and Obama so roiled.

Those of you that haven’t voted yet need to get your asses up and go do it. Those of you who already have voted need to get out there and do it again.

There will be a Drunken Live Blog/Party/Wake tonight starting at 4:00 pm Klown time.

Rules for today: Check Twitter at least once a minute and believe everything you read. Panic early & often. If your religion prohibits alcohol try guzzling NyQuil or an “herbal” remedy.

If you’re bored you can count your toes or play with the troll. I told ABG I would un-ban him for the day. But I expect him to make an early exit.

REMEMBER MAY 31, 2008!!

Obamanation delenda est. Nos morituri te salutamus.

We have always known that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. It’s worse now, because capture of government is so much more important than it once was. There was a time when there was enough freedom that it hardly mattered which brand of crooks ran government. – Jerry Pournelle

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  1. myiq2xu says:

    Vote early and often!

  2. myiq2xu says:

    BTW – I promise to remain sober until at least 4:00 pm Pacific time. After that all bets are off.

  3. I SOOOO want to go buy a magnum of Dom Perignon. Unfortunately, four years of this crappy economy and I can’t even afford Boone’s Farm!

  4. myiq2xu says:

    My daughter:

    So nervous about tomorrow, my fingernails are non existent and my stomach turns…Is there such a thing as political anxiety disorder?

  5. myiq2xu says:


    If Obama wins, and you didn’t push for a Democratic primary challenge or a left third-party vote or a non-vote… when you post your smarmy “now the real work begins” thing on Wednesday, I respectfully suggest that the real work for you is to go fuck yourself.

  6. thank you myiq for providing this place for all of us Hillary refugees to hang out. These past four years would have been horrible without each other…….

  7. myiq2xu says:

    Guess who?

    We now face a choice between a President who kept us out of another Great Depression, managed to pass a health care law that is at least a step in the right direction, and appears to have grown in office, and a man who is a pathological liar and race baiter who represents the top 1%–the people who got us into the financial crisis in the first place; who conceals his highly suspect finances and potential conflicts of interest; who refuses to spell out what he would do if elected, who treats the electorate with utter disrespect, and who clearly has no understanding of or interest in what it is like to be poor, or even middle class. We do know that, if elected, Mitt Romney would appoint Supreme Court Justices who would very likely overturn Roe v. Wade, the Voting Rights Act, and other important progressive court decisions.

    Obama must be reelected or our country will be be in deep deep trouble.

    • Pips says:

      Wow! Just … Wow !

    • swanspirit says:

      She has gone obot , it is a sad thing to see .

    • angienc says:

      Shorter skyhating:

      Vote! Voting is the best revenge!

      Pundits kept asking “revenge for what?” but it’s pretty obvious: revenge on that white European male oppressor(but I repeat myself) for having “more” than you & who only got what he has by robbing & pillaging like every colonialist.

      All the Obama supporters seem to have gotten the message loud & clear.

    • britgirls says:

      I would have guessed Andrew Sullivan. But Bostonboomer??? WTF happened to her? Just jaw dropping … 😮

      • myiq2xu says:

        I dunno. She was a good friend and then . . . she changed.

        • britgirls says:

          I missed what happened at the Confluence when everyone left. One day I checked back over there after a long break and everyone was just gone. I’m still friends with Katiebird on FB, and I feel kinda bad for her stranded over there. She’s very loyal I guess.

        • votermom says:

          I like katiebird a lot. I agree, a very loyal friend.

        • Constance says:

          Well I didn’t leave the Confluence, I got bitched out and dumped! They have no one to blame for their loss of people but their own intolerance. They called me a Republican! I have always been Independent and I used to vote 98% Democrat. They are really narrow minded.

        • those folks make me sick with their hypocrisy!!! I left the Dems because of the sexism, and nothing has changed from Obama 2008 until today. I understand the folks who left because of the vote hypocrisy in the primary. But I’m sick of “you’re a Republican” being used as an epithet. <<<<<>>>>>

    • DandyTiger says:

      Still with hiding the tax returns. Oh dear. And the blackmail about the supremes. Dear, dear.

    • leslie says:

      No kidding. I wouldn’t have guessed BB. It is really sad. I’m really sad for her.

      • driguana says:

        only took about two days for me to get bawled out over there and run out of my own hometown….confluence….right!…confluence of bad ideologies.

        • dm says:

          I have been bitched out on both sites as well. However, at least RD finds very little of value when it comes to the DEMS and BO. I may not agree with her completely, but she can rock a good rant. As for SD, well they definitely have a zero tolerance policy for anything remotely negative about “zero”…unless it’s accompanied by an deluge of hate for Romney…not sure exactly what it is, but some of those folks hate Romney even more than I hate Obama…and that is saying a lot. What bugs me the most is their motto…A Place to Discuss Issues…only if you agree 100%…why not be honest and advertise your blog as A Place to Agree with Everything we Say.

          With any luck, I’ll be able to offer them my condolences soon.

        • swanspirit says:

          The use of the phrase “Jews should stop using the holocaust as a crutch ” by RD in a comment , stopped me dead in my tracks , sent real chills up my spine , and I just had to go . Still blows my mind . still.

    • fif says:

      “A president that has grown in office?”

      Huh? Invasion of the Obot Snatchers strikes again. How do these Kool Aid lobotomies happen to such seemingly rational people? Spooky.

  8. Pips says:

    Peggy Noonan in Monday Morning:

    And there is Obama, out there seeming tired and wan, showing up through sheer self discipline. A few weeks ago I saw the president and the governor at the Al Smith dinner, and both were beautiful specimens in their white ties and tails, and both worked the dais. But sitting there listening to the jokes and speeches, the archbishop of New York sitting between them, Obama looked like a young challenger—flinty, not so comfortable. He was distracted, and his smiles seemed forced. He looked like a man who’d just seen some bad internal polling. Romney? Expansive, hilarious, self-spoofing, with a few jokes of finely calibrated meanness that were just perfect for the crowd. He looked like a president. He looked like someone who’d just seen good internals.

    Of all people, Obama would know if he is in trouble. When it comes to national presidential races, he is a finely tuned political instrument: He read the field perfectly in 2008. He would know if he’s losing now, and it would explain his joylessness on the stump. He is out there doing what he has to to fight the fight. But he’s still trying to fire up the base when he ought to be wooing the center and speaking their calm centrist talk. His crowds haven’t been big. His people have struggled to fill various venues. This must hurt the president after the trememdous, stupendous crowds of ’08. “Voting’s the best revenge”—revenge against who, and for what? This is not a man who feels himself on the verge of a grand victory. His campaign doesn’t seem president-sized. It is small and sad and lost, driven by formidable will and zero joy.

    • kanaughty says:

      This peggy noonan article is one of the best of all i have seen this season by these media writer peeps. It is almost like she is explaining the phrase “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” She says to trust your eyes with what you see or have heard on the ground, stop overanalyzing the polls to death, and what you are feeling is probably most likely the outcome tonight. It’s really very poetic.

  9. Pips says:

    Prediction from Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel in Wave goodbye to the Obama media:

    By the next presidential cycle most of these people will be gone. They’ll have moved on to academia or think tanks or Democratic senate campaigns, or wherever aging hacks go when their union contracts finally, inevitably get voided. They’ll be replaced by a vibrant digital marketplace filled with hungry young reporters who care more about breaking stories than maintaining access to some politician or regulator.

    • myiq2xu says:

      The media is the only profession where you can be consistently wrong about everything and still keep your job.

      • elliesmom says:

        We used to say that about the weatherman on TV. Then someone invented the weather satellite, and being right became an important requirement for the job.

  10. WHAT? WOW? CNN showing PA as only leaning O? When did that happen?
    Please please PLEASE God! Please let it be PA that exacts revenge! Oh PLEASE!
    There is never any waiting around here to vote- maybe the most was in the 08 primary- about a half hour to vote for Hillary. Usually only about five minutes- so I have an appt at 9- will drive by the pooling place and scope it out- then vote after my appt- around 11 am. Also have an appt this afternoon at 3- so will check lines then as well just to get a feel for what is happening. I will also make a point of swinging past the one precinct that had the envelope voters last time.

    • myiq2xu says:

      Panic early & often.

    • Anthony says:


      PMM just called me from the road. Apparently, all of the Obot voting precincts that were brimming with eager voters in ’08 now have room enough in their parking lots for a sizable Romney rally. Nobody’s there, not even the Mouse. Not at the door, not a line to be seen, not a vehicle in sight.

      On the other hand, in what PMM calls “Bitter Clinger Country” (Western PA), where the voting precincts usually resemble the abandoned Lucille Roberts storefront in Queens (where I swear I saw Joe Biden drinking out of a paper bag), Romney voters were in lines that extended far beyond the doors, and estimated wait was at least 30-45 minutes. Mind you, these voting precincts are usually breezily empty because PA is usually a shoo-in for the D’s.

      PMM promised to call in later with an update, and asked that I post them here as they come in. I have nothing to do today but vote (and laundry), so I will honor her request as the calls come in.

    • Erin says:

      PMM – my local news this morning described PA as one of the “in play” states. Linking it with OH, VA,etc.

  11. myiq2xu says:

  12. myiq2xu says:


    Lynn Sweet, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, is once again banging that liberal drumbeat that Romney’s voters are all racist white folks because crowds at Obama’s rallies are more “diverse.”

    Talking of Monday’s Obama rallies with aging rocker Bruce Springsteen, Columnist Sweet waxed poetic over the racial make up of the crowds in Wisconsin.

    Obama has the cool folks like “the Boss” and Jay-Z, and as far as Sweet is concerned the crowds are even cooler saying (my bold), Obama’s crowds are “with demographic diversity like you never see at a Romney event: black, white, old, young.”

    After four years of this shit my reaction is “So fucking what?”

    As long as the GOP isn’t discriminating or excluding people because of their race, what difference does it make?

    • piper says:

      Lynn, put down the vodka bottle. Diversity, my foot, he was in Madison, college town, where the kids came to see the ‘entertainment’ not him.

    • lorac says:

      Geez, I thought Lynn Sweet was one of the 2 Chicago reporters who was telling the truth about Obama 2008 and on…. I must be confusing her name…

      First, I’m so tired of people thinking that diversity=skin color differences. Or even diversity=black. You did nothing to get your skin color, and pardon the pun, but it’s only skin deep. True diversity is about a million other things – educational level, hobbies, skills, religion choices, job interests – lots of things. When we find a new person interesting, is it because of their skin color, or because they bring something new into our lives – a different interest to talk/learn about, a different perspective to consider…?

      But we could (and could have during primaries 08) characterize it as a question of wisdom – and if most blacks and a bunch of whites can’t see the better choice of candidate, when they self-select elsewhere, that’s on them, that’s not us doing anything to them. They were free to support the better candidate, and chose not to.

      Of course, I didn’t mention Asians – judging by TV and the media, we seem to have changed from 3 races, to only 2 in America. Maybe when Obama loses, our country will become “diverse” (using their boring racial definition) and Asians will start to be shown again…

  13. angienc says:

  14. tommy says:

    I get the feeling that we’ll reach warp speed today. If I’m away from TCH for 2-3 hours, I’d miss 6-7 threads. And when I get back, the moods, scenarios and topics would be perplexing enough to make me wonder : Hey, whats going on? lol

  15. DeniseVB says:

    Keith Koffler predicts Romney, there’s an “earthquake” that the media and pollsters have not detected……sounds like the Chick-fil-A effect 🙂

    After analyzing each of the swing states individually, my tally is Romney 321 electoral votes to 217 for President Obama.

    I based my conclusions on polls, information I have gained from reading extensively about the election and – get this – my gut instinct.

    With respect to the latter, that doesn’t mean I’m guessing. My instinct is based on what I have seen from various reports and from the feedback I get from you, which leads me to believe there is an earthquake rumbling beneath the electorate that the political Geiger counters in the mainstream media – and their affiliated pollsters – are not really detecting.

  16. Stood in line for 25 minutes (Saint Pete FL) before the polls opened. I was the first in line of the “next!” (about 20 people let in before me in the first group) and about 40 behind me by then. It took about 15 minutes inside for me to get my ballot, vote and “scan” it. (At least there is a paper trail) I came out and it was POURING RAIN but no one seemed to mind.

  17. I ALMOST played that on Cash 3 this morning (lottery) after voting, but reversed it to 312. I’ll be pissed if I was wrong! LOL

  18. ooops! “Romney 321 electoral votes”

  19. Greta Wire

    Two New Hampshire villages have voted. Obama wins one race 23-9, while he and Romney are tied in the second race, 5-5.

  20. indigogrrl1 says:

    Hi Y’all I just wanted to say thanks.

    Gawd ~ it has been a looong almost FIVE years. I’ve been typing with some of you since I stumbled in over at TC bewildered and furious at what was going on….laughed with everyone that night SM coined the PUMAS phrase….. I miss SOD and her particular brand of wit….. I STILL belly laugh at Angie’s description of BO finishing the primaries looking like a “hot tranny mess” (BTW – the little exhausted Princess Prezzy did that again)…. followed the Klown over here because strangely enough he’s the SANE one…and I have THANKED the UNIVERSE each and every day for each and every one of you (esp my man crush Dandy Tiger) for keeping it real, keeping me sane and keeping me laughing.

    Whatever happens today, I will see you tomorrow. We’ll have work to do either way.

    • elliesmom says:

      I feel the same way. I followed RD to her place after she made a snarky remark at TL that got BTD’s panties in a wad. When the crowd at TC broke up it took me awhile to find the Klown. By then I had become “elliesmom’. Still miss Samantha. I tried to stay away after I caused a “kerfluffle”, but this place is my blog home. I’m old enough to expect to be allowed a crochedy day now and then. lol

    • angienc says:

      I feel the same way about all of you.

      And no matter what happens I got what I wanted — to see that hot tranny mess break down & cry. And unless slumped over & crying is the body language of a guy who’s winning, I think today will be a good day.

      Although I’ll be super pissed if the MSM & cheating carry the SCoaMF over the finish line again. Can you *imagine* how much more insufferable the Obots will be?

    • fif says:

      HONK! Started with Taylor, then RD, and followed the crazy Klown over here. It’s been a long haul, and I really really really want him to go down today. I need resolution.

      • Erica says:

        I took that same path, fif. And have appreciated being her and seeing the familiar names pop up and being at a site where dissent is tolerated. If the importance of that wasn’t learned in 2008, then Hillary’s loss to the lying/cheating/stealing front man, then there is no redeeming element in 2008 at all.


        • Erica says:

          wow, I need tea! two sentences hacked into one. meant to say: if we didn’t learn the importance of tolerating dissent and discussion, then 2008 has no redeeming element at all.

    • jjmtacoma says:

      School has been keeping me too busy – but I still lurk and comment when I have time. I am not sure how I ended up at TC anymore (I think I followed RonK from somewhere) and I used to read myiq at corrente (while waiting, what? 6 months for my password?).

      This is a good place. I like the different perspectives coexisting in one place.

    • myiq2xu says:

      he’s the SANE one

      Stop spreading vicious rumors!

    • catarina says:

      A “man crush?”
      So, Dandy’s.. not a real tiger???

  21. wmcb says:

    Going out to vote at about 930-ish, trying to miss the before work crowds. Confident but still nervous as hell.

    On an unrelated note, my 5 yr old granddaughter came home from kindergarten yesterday and told me she learned a new song. She then solemnly said that her music teacher said it’s a very important song. Very Very Important. She then proceeded to sing “America The Beautiful” for me.

    Made me glad to live somewhere where they still instill things like patriotism in the public schools. One of her homework assignments is practicing the Pledge of Allegiance. God Bless Texas.

    • britgirls says:

      Oh thank Gawwwwd! I was in a bagel place the other day (during the power outage so the place was packed) and on Kathie Lee’s morning show they showed a clip of a classroom of black kids singing some song about how it’s everyone’s duty to vote Obama. You should’ve seen the horrified looks on everyone watching. I said loudly “… and that’s why children should not be able to vote.”

  22. Well, husband just reported in- he said the line at our little bitter clinger polling place is out the door and down the walkway. (we vote at the township building- home of the PD, state rep office, town offices etc.) He said every parking spot is full, the street is filling up with cars, the VFD lot across the way is getting full!
    Yup. Bitter clingers are out in DROVES!

    • britgirls says:

      AWESOME!!! I’ll be going over to our township building in about an hour. Will let you know, but I’m expecting the lines to be around the building. Last time my baby was a newborn so they kindly let me skip the entire line! Aaaaah … good times. 😀

    • Somebody says:

      PMM that’s such good news!! Of course I’m assuming all those bitter clinger votes are for Romney or at least the vast majority of them. Oh how I would love, love, love to see PA flip!!

    • votermom says:

      I just voted, happened to drive in the same time as my neighbor. A lot of cars but the line was not bad for me – they divided by initial and it happened that for my last name, there was just one person in front of me. The other three lines were kinda long but still fit in the building.

      My neighbor said her husband voted soon after the poll and he called her that the line was really long which is why she waited an hour to come out.

      We are a tiny township and i LOVE that we have paper ballots! Filling in those little circles was so satisfying!

  23. DandyTiger says:

    I love the smell of panic in the morning.

  24. OMG! Just heard on the radio that the scanner broke down at the precinct where I just voted. Florida has more problems – and they only had one scanner. This WILL require a hand count of votes already cast, I would think.


    • elliesmom says:

      I don’t know why we don’t use the “bubble machines” that are used ubiquitously to grade exams in schools to vote. The machines are cheap enough for every polling place to have an extra or two should one break down. Voters fill out the bubble sheet ballot. By this time in history, all of us have taken a test this way so no explanation of how to fill out a ballot should be necessary for 99% of the people. Number 2 pencils are cheap. When you fill out the ballot, it gets run through the machine on your way out and is counted immediately. There’s a clear paper trail should a recount be necessary. If someone tries to “rig’ the election, they would have to do it one little machine at a time. While it might be slower than the touch screen computers some places use, a polling place could have a dozen bubble readers for the cost of one of the computerized machines. Since most of the time people spend in the voting booth is spent figuring out how to use the machine/fill out the ballot, the lines would have to move faster if people were already comfortable with the “equipment”.

      • Ellie – this IS that type of voting. Paper Ballot, bubbles, insert into machine for it to be scanned. Scanner keeps the paper ballot, but the scanner part apparently broke down on the one I used (NO – I DIDN’T Break it!) Probably designed to stop working when the votes were 100 to 1 for Romney! LOL

        • elliesmom says:

          But at least they have your ballot. When I voted many years ago in Chicago, they had this machine with all kinds of levers. It was like a kachinko machine. Who knew if your vote was really being counted? But in your case this morning, if they kept the ballots which had been run through that particular scanner separate from ballots which had been run through other scanners, they just have to run all of them through another machine to keep the count accurate. It should be a no-brainer for them to maintain a link from ballot to machine into perpetuity .

    • Somebody says:

      Seriously the precinct only had one scanner??

  25. DandyTiger says:

    Philly polling locations are blocking Republican’s from voting. And they won’t let Republican inspectors in. Who’s surprised?

  26. wmcb says:

    Heh! Seen on AoS:

    H – Help
    O – Obama
    P – Pack
    E – Everything

  27. tommy says:

    Todays Rasmussens final daily Presidential tracking poll has R up by 1, 49-48. Rassie also expects the electorate to be a D+2. Dems – 39% Pubs – 37%.

  28. soupcity says:

    Husband and I just got back from voting for R and R. Felt great! I haven’t been this excited to vote since voting for Hillary in the primaries. Crowded as heck for my precinct but didn’t have to wait too long. No machines this time, all that was offered was paper ballot, which I prefer anyway. Goodbye BO!!

  29. Pips says:

    Being the kind who’ll never be able to comprehend politicians mindset, that they put their political affiliation above their personal feelings, hurts, morals and ethics, I’m appalled at seeing Bill Clinton shill for Obama – even to the point, where he’s now almost lost his voice! And hearing him refer to Obama as not the President but MY President almost literally makes my skin crawl.

    And, in the same vein, I’m wondering how NJ Hillary voters, who witnessed how their votes were given to Obama at the 2008 Convention feel about seeing their NJ ‘compatriot’ Bruce Springsteen ‘kiss ass’?

    Anyway: Thank you to myiq and all former Conflucians and present TCHers for being here and help keep me (relatively, heh!) sane; and Good Luck with your voting today. Or as we say in Danish when we’re afraid to jinx: Pøj-pøj. 🙂

    • cj says:

      I forgot where I heard it, but apparently Bill was in PA to specifically give Hillary’s holdouts permission to vote for Obama. Appalling is the correct word.

    • Erica says:

      I admire and respect the big Dawg, but my vote belongs to me.

  30. piper says:

    Where’s Oswald and did he vote?

  31. piper says:

    All sarc aside for the moment – glad that I found this site since so many former Hillary sites were absorbed into the borg.
    Voted last week as I’m not fond of crowds and his lordship hates waiting by himself in the car. Also found out the our city clerk uses WI vital records and social security to update voting rolls which is good given how close we are to Chicago where the dead get to vote (lost a loved one last year)
    Go Mitt, go from one of your former Michigan neighbors.

  32. driguana says:

    I’m goin’ out and play a quick 9 holes this morning….very theraputic…every time I hit a bad shot I can swear and blame it on somebody…back after lunch with a bunch of six packs of Stella and Peroni and ready for the evening…

  33. wmcb says:

    I’m off to vote in a few. Then going out for awhile, since I CANNOT stand being on pins and needles all day. I need distraction. I ‘ll check in, but likely late evening. Going to studiously avoid and pray til then.

  34. fif says:

    REMEMBER MAY 31, 2008!!

    I WILL NEVER FORGET!! Feeling queasy. If this goes a different way, I am going to need professional help…unthinkable. But I am feelin’ lucky!

  35. piper says:

    Just saw this posted on Lucianne
    “A Pennsylvania judge is issuing an order to reinstate
    Republican election officials across Philadelphia who allegedly were
    ejected or refused entry by on-site Democratic voting chief judges,
    Republican officials tell Fox News.”

  36. Somebody says:

    I take the shenanigans in Philly as a good sign. It must team Ohole is a little worried about PA so they’re trying to pad their numbers in Philly. Also, good for this judge!! I hope those D’s that pulled this stunt are held to account, unlike that NBPP thugs.

  37. Somebody says:

    Tiny bit of good news perhaps. My daughter, who is away at grad school, just got a call from Planned Parenthood. It wasn’t a robo-call it was an actual person calling to discuss how important it was for her to vote to protect her rights, blah, blah.

    My daughter is a registered R. She is young, but she was old enough to vote in the last two presidential elections, squeaking by in 2004. She’s never gotten a call from any D affiliated group before……good sign? A little desperate to be trolling registered R’s for votes?

    We are in Florida btw.

    • jjmtacoma says:

      My speed reading skills caught the “good news” “daughter” and “planned parenthood”…

      I had to come back to read it more carefully!

      That is funny that they are trying to GOTV…

      YEARS ago (I should say decades) I worked for a place that did GOTV reminder calls to all registered voters without regard to party. We did not promote a position, just a reminder call.

  38. DM says:

    Hey, my family is Catholic and I understand the bunch have been hanging on to the apron of Mary to save the country. The Catholics are tilting to Romney. It’s an anecdotal story, but I understand from them that Catholic communities are going all out for Romney.

  39. Glennmcgahee says:

    Sample poll from Fort Lauderdale – hotbed of Democrats.
    2008 – 6 hours in line to vote with a lot of rowdy, snotty kids
    2012 – walked right in and voted- no wait, no kids in sight
    Hopefully, the adults are taking over.

    • FLVoter says:

      I live in Fort Lauderdale. We early voted October 27, but drove by our precinct this morning. In 2008 there were over 200 people waiting outside for it to open to vote. This morning not even 30. My husband said looks like Mr. Romney is going to win.

  40. DM says:

    Feeling Over Polls
    Peggy Noonan: “There is no denying the Republicans have the passion now, the enthusiasm. The Democrats do not. Independents are breaking for Romney. And there’s the thing about the yard signs. In Florida a few weeks ago I saw Romney signs, not Obama ones. From Ohio I hear the same. From tony Northwest Washington, D.C., I hear the same.”

    “Is it possible this whole thing is playing out before our eyes and we’re not really noticing because we’re too busy looking at data on paper instead of what’s in front of us? Maybe that’s the real distortion of the polls this year: They left us discounting the world around us.

    • threewickets says:

      May want to check out @fivethirtyeight and @redistrict exchange last night on twitter about early voting and Ohio skews. Nate really sounds to me like he’s got his head in the sand. He’s going down tonight, imo. We’ll see.

      • leslie says:

        I hope Nate goes down big time. My obot bro-in-law keeps sending me Nate’s pronouncements as if they were gospel and Nate were Matthew, Mark,Luke and John all rolled into one. I want this thing done!

  41. gxm17 says:

    Gawd, I’m glad that’s over with. Done and done. Here’s hoping my vote helps make a difference.

    • leslie says:

      Thanks, gxm. I know this meant a lot to you. I hope your vote made all the difference.

    • Karma says:

      Thanks for voting for Romney. I know you’ve been Jill Stein the entire time and would only vote for Romney if it was too close.

      For months I was considering voting third party to give them some voter love in blue CA. However, with the Obots/MSM suddenly caring about the popular vote, not caring about Benghazi, etc. I wanted to make sure Romney’s numbers were up, even in CA, from a registered Dem.

  42. yttik says:

    I really believe Romney is going to win and by large margins, but listen, no matter what happens, people have to keep the faith. We don’t know what twists and turns the future holds. I don’t want anybody going off the deep end tonight. There’s a method and a purpose to all this madness. Just when you think all is lost, a window always opens.

  43. britgirls says:

    Well, I am an independent voter for sure. My ballot had two votes for R candidates, two for D candidates and one for a Libertarian.

    And to think I used to vote straight Dem without even thinking about it! Never again.

    So … this is my report from bitter-clinger eastern PA (60 miles north of Philly and very close to the Jersey border). The parking lot was full, but the line to get in the building was nowhere near as long as in 2008. The line was around one side of the building this time, versus wrapping around 3 sides of the building last time. Hoping that means that Obama’s ’08 voters can’t be arsed voting for him again.

    Only 9-ish hours to go. Gawd … long day ahead. 😯

  44. lyn5 says:

    To heck with a landslide, I want a Romney earthquake!

  45. foxyladi14 says:

    Did any one else notice?
    Obama ‘s last speech sounded like a concession speech.And he cried. 🙂

  46. wmcb says:

    Voted! Felt great! I did all R for the first time, except for some offices which, this being TX, had only an R and a libertarian on the ballot. I voted for libertarian where a third party vote wouldn’t skew it to a Dem. Because the R’s need to be kept on their toes as well!

    Oh, and on the way home had to stop in Walgreens, and they had FOUR FOOT TALL PINK SOCK MONKEYS. I mean, seriously, what grandmother of a 5 year old little girl can walk past that? Freaking Huge. Pink. Sock. Monkey. Hello???? He’s on her bed now, in all his OMG cute coolness.

  47. threewickets says:

    Stocks up, bonds down. Also a Romney sign, case anyone’s keeping score.

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