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Seeing Fascists Under Her Bed

From The Confluence: Two depressing videos The first I found at NakedCapitalism. It’s a post election summary on Real News Network about what is going to happen in the next four years. That we’re going in the direction of favelas … Continue reading

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What a load of horseshit!

From Megan Garber at The Atlantic Where America’s Racist Tweets Come From Floating Sheep, a group of geography academics, took advantage of that fact to turn hatred — and, just as often, stupidity — into information. The team searched Twitter … Continue reading

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CIA Director Petraeus resigns because of extra-marital affair?

From NBC News, WH propaganda arm Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus has resigned, citing an extra-marital affair, NBC News reported. “Yesterday afternoon, I went to the White House and asked the President to be allowed, for personal reasons, to … Continue reading

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My immigrant gut tells me this is a #StolenElection

I was born in a dictatorship that was nominally “democratic.” The President, under international (ahem USA) pressure, would hold elections. There would be massive  crowds for the opposition challenger, than mysteriously the results would show overwhelming votes for the dictator. … Continue reading

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Open Thread : May I suggest a 2016 campaign theme song ?

After the 2012 electorate voted against the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful’s candidate, they may be ready for this one. One size fits all, applicable to any party, Dems, Repubs, Thirdies …. get it while it’s hot 😉 … Continue reading

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