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Hero’s Welcome Overnight Thread

Surprise Military Family Welcome Home at South Carolina Football Game

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I Get By. Or Poverty 101. Introduction

Well, the election is over and we as a nation are headed for the poor house. We all need to pitch in and share whatever hints we have for living frugally. Having been poor and poorer, I have never lost … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Own It

Graphic via Ace. I know we have mega-buses to throw the veterans under (cough…Petraeus…cough), but here’s my personal keeper of peace, especially while raising teenagers. Happy Veterans Day to my gentle giant of 43+ years and all who have served, … Continue reading

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Happy Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. On Memorial Day we honor those men and women who died defending this country. Today is the day we honor all of the men and women who served in our armed forces, both living and dead, … Continue reading

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I’m doing fine, how are you?

Hello everyone! I’m doing fine, how are you? In case you are wondering, I have been holed up in my man cave, decompressing. Mostly I have been reading books. I keep the television turned off and I have reduced my … Continue reading

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