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Overnight Open Thread – Carly Rose Sonenclar

Is she awesome or what? She’s only 13 years old! Appropriately enough, this was “Diva” week on the X Factor. Vote here.

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Open Thread: So I asked my husband about military intelligence

Retired Marine Corps Intelligence circa 1992 Bottom line, Military + Squirrel = Deer in the headlights. Now I know why he’s not a General, d’oh…

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Great Moments In Lapdog Journalism

sy·co·phant noun \-fənt also -ˌfant\\ˈsi-kə-fənt also ˈsī- & -ˌfant\ Definition of SYCOPHANT :a servile self-seeking flatterer

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Sarah Palin: Who’s running our country?

Sarah Palin: Who is running our country? We’ve got a CIA Director sharing security info with his mistress using an unsecure gmail account. We’ve got the delusional Susan Rice blaming the death of an ambassador on a Youtube video. We’ve … Continue reading

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Open Thread: “America”

Good morning ! So how far have we come ? Fun little clip from West Side Story tells me not far at all. (Rita Moreno and George Chakiris won Oscars playing Anita and Bernardo, and the movie won the big … Continue reading

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