Small Tent Democrats


We need to organize and do it quickly.  I have suggested an umbrella group called a Federation for Democratic Reform based on the Christian Coalition model.  The purpose would be to organize a voting bloc, to lobby effectively, to vet candidates and to promote the policies that we want to see.  Since we are as uncooperative as cats, I suggest we adopt the “12 Word Platform” and make holding the line on the social insurance programs as our first goal.


What is lacking here right now is the ability of the new deal proponents to coalesce and say FUCK THAT SHIT! That is what is needed. I would like to hear a discussion in the left blogosphere of how we intend to get the band back together. No more discussion of Third Way boogiemen. There are all kinds of boogiemen out there. What I want to hear is how many of us are going to grab our weapons, join together and go out of the mead hall to fight the Grendels out there. Anyone who starts wordsmithing and getting in a snit about who they will and won’t stand next to should be offered the opportunity to go out into the night by themselves to fight the monster alone.

In case you were wondering, here’s that 12 word platform:

The 12 Word Platform

1. Medicare for All
2. End the Wars
3. Tax the Rich
4. A Jobs Guarantee

But wait! There’s more!

lambertstrether, on November 15, 2012 at 11:18 amsaid:

RD, this is a super post. “Federation for Democratic Reform” really has a nice ring to it. Like you, I’m not an organizer, but I can see this idea having legs. One thought I had was “teach in.” Another thought I had was a question: Do all McDonalds have WiFi these days? If the one up here in the great state of Maine does… (The two thoughts are related, obviously. Remember Dean and Meetups?)

That’s right, two of the most notorious prima donne in the blogosphere are once again talking in grandiose terms about starting a new political movement. Riverdaughter and Lambert have probably banned or chased off enough people to fill a small stadium, and that’s not counting the lurkers who just drifted away.

I will be honest – I don’t exactly have a warm fuzzy personality either. But then again I’m not trying to organize a voting bloc or pull together a lobbying effort. (I blog because I can’t afford professional therapy.)

Seriously, if you want to build a large group you have to be inclusive, not exclusive. When you periodically ban people you disagree with and declare that people who mostly agree with you “do not belong” in your clubhouse, that’s not very inclusive.

Bless their hearts, but Lambert and Riverdaughter are Small Tent Democrats (STD’s). They are not alone – there is an epidemic of STD’s in Left Blogistan. Some of them claim they aren’t even Democrats.

Here are five common characteristics of STD’s:

1. They espouse a far left-of-center ideology.

2. Their minds are closed to alternative ideas.

3. They keep trying to start mass movements.

4. They can’t get along with anybody for long.

5. They all think they represent the majority. (a few of them think they are the “99%”.)

Take my advice – avoid STD’s!

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  1. jeffhas says:

    You are maybe just a touch Evil.

    … but I like it.

  2. driguana says:

    Riverdaughter’s blog, The Confluence, is a refrence to Pittsburgh. Thus, she is well aware of the Pittsburgh term “jagoff”. While it originated in Pittsburgh and still exists in the distinct lingo of that city, it has a very specific meaning about a very particular type of person. I will reiterate those characteristics again here because they are another way to describe STD’s…..and certainly now, Liberals in general….and, in fact, our current president.

    Official Pittsburgh Jagoff Dictums

    1. Argumentative

    2. Defends points of view that are non-defensible

    3. Is never ashamed/shameless

    4. Can be a perfectly normal looking person

    5. Enjoys the discomfort of others

    6. Doesn’t care about another’s point of view

    7. Assumes that everybody else is less intelligent

    8. Lives in a constant state of denial

    9. Always goes back on their word

    10. Always speaks with authority even when they know nothing about the subject

    11. Always puts the blame on others

    12. If they don’t know the answer, they will make it up with conviction

    13. Lives in a completely illusory world.

    14. Mostly have sex with themselves.

    15. Can be male or female.

  3. Somebody says:

    So why is she looking to start a movement? She basically described OWS. There are plenty of groups out there wanting these things, like the communist party, SDS, the list goes on. Why reinvent the wheel? Sheesh, just get involved with one of those gruops and call it a day.

    I particularly love number 4…….a jobs guarantee. Doesn’t she know the old USSR had guaranteed jobs? Guess what, they weren’t all corner office jobs with six figure salaries.

    • DM says:

      But those groups are the “Judean People’s Front” (Life of Brian, youtube front page)

    • Mary says:

      Why is she looking to start a movement?

      It has to be HER movement, which SHE leads, the members of which SHE gets to approve/disapprove or include/exclude.

      I’ve already raised an adolescent.

  4. DM says:

    RD missed one item:

    5. Items 1 to 4 are impossible.

    I like RD and go there from time to time. I avoid saying anything that will banish me from her space.

    RD is young and has the right to dream. Her wish list is good, if not realistic.

  5. HELENK says:

    this is the new normal.

    oh well there will be many who will now have the time to join small groups

  6. DM says:

    Hay Caramba! Another bill for the taxpayers if the FHA runs out of funds to pay for the mortgages in default.

    The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), in a report due out Friday, could disclose that its reserves for future mortgage-insurance claims dipped into negative territory for the first time in almost a quarter of a century.

    Every year, the FHA, the government insurer of home loans, is required to issue an independent analysis of the “economic net worth and soundness” of its insurance fund.
    This is the fund that pays lenders on loans that go bad, which is why FHA loans are available for borrowers with relatively lower credit scores. The FHA insures roughly $1.1 trillion in mortgages.

    The report also looks at the FHA’s capital reserves, which are there to cover future loan losses.

    For the past three years, those reserves have fallen below the congressionally mandated 2 percent of the portfolio, or around $22 billion, but have not gone negative. They did go negative back in the very early 1990s.

  7. angienc says:

    Anyone who starts wordsmithing and getting in a snit about who they will and won’t stand next to should be offered the opportunity to go out into the night by themselves to fight the monster alone.

    Seriously, she wrote that and she wasn’t being ironic? Cause damn — her writing that in earnest takes my breath away.

    • myiq2xu says:

      I hope for her sake that she wears a jacket. It’s pretty cold out there.

    • The essence of Democratic othering. You’re either with them or against them. They are all Bush now.

      • leslie says:

        Did you mean we are all Bush now?

        BTW: did you hear anything about the job ? My fingers are still crossed for you.

        • No, I meant they are. I’ve never been Bush and I refuse to be. It’s an ironic statement considering our shared opposition once upon a time.

          As for the job, I found out in the interview it was a first interview. There is an second interview, and I’ll hopefully find out today or early next week if I am selected for it. I appreciate your support, leslie!

        • Erica says:

          Hope you get it, if you want it!

      • cj says:

        And it’s been going on a lot longer than I’d care to admit. Now that John Kerry’s name is in the air for Sec of Defense, FOX has been replaying a lot of the old swiftboat ads from 04 & I realized that I never watched a single one of them.

        Whether it was a smear job or not, I’m sorry to say that I bought the Democratic talking points hook, line & sinker and dismissed anything coming out of these former military men as nothing more than evil pimping for the GOP. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but since I formed my opinions based on nothing but Democratic “fact checkers,” I can’t say that I gave those guys anywhere near a fair deal.

        And it wasn’t just that, it was everything. If the news came from a right wing source, it was dismissed out of hand. That will never happen again.

        • myiq2xu says:

          When I first started blogging, people would freak out if you linked to a right-wing source. Lambert was one of those people.

          The issue should be “Is it true?” not “Who wrote it?”

        • cj says:

          Exactly myiq. What happened in 08 opened my eyes, and it leaves me feeling that I should revisit a lot of my former opinions just to see how valid they still are.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Me too, bad swift boaters, bad ! When the facts came out, I realized they were madder at him for becoming an anti-war activist and throwing his medals over the WH fence. The nature of his “war injuries” were questioned too and if he deserved the purple heart. I don’t think his records were ever released ?

          If JK becomes Defense Sec., I think you’ll see a new outrage surface from the old vets.

        • cj says:

          It was what he said about the atrocities too. I don’t know, were our guys chopping off heads like Genghis Khan? There were atrocities, no doubt about that, but were the things he testified about actually documented? That’s what I never found out for myself.

        • leslie says:

          Me, too, cj. A mistake I hope not to repeat ever again.

        • piper says:

          My dh who was drafted and did one tour in Nam rarely spoke about this ‘conflict.’ For us, john kerry lost much respect when he went to hanoi with good ole jane and shat on the US. However, we did vote for him because we wanted bush and darth v. out of the wh. Another election where we had to choose between 2 losers for both P and VP – j. edwards vs darth v.

    • Mary says:

      It’s very Freudian, isn’t it, angie? Gives me the shivers. Truly creepy.

  8. angienc says:

    BTW — voters are *still* being counted but as of now Romney has almost the same number of votes as McCain in 2008 — so that whole “Romney did WORSE than McCain” line that was pounded into our heads last week (when counting the votes wasn’t even close to being finished) is a bunch of bullshit.

    I feel the need to point this out because the MSM will most surely *not* correct that error.

    So it basically boils down to the SCoaMF made 7 million voters stay home — that’s his legacy. Quite the irony given it is the Dems always complaining that the Repubs are the ones suppressing votes.

  9. Glennmcgahee says:

    RD, what about the twinkles? You left that out.

    • swanspirit says:

      I have successfully avoided STDs my entire postpubescent life , sometimes by carefully selecting my partners and using protection when warranted , and sometimes just being lucky 😉

      When I read what RD wrote , I thought , someone has gone off the deep end . I hope she can swim , because it sure looks like she is just thrashing around in the water .

  10. I read the confluence a long time ago, but things went down the crapper and I had to stop. Sad really. Why she never tried teaching at a community or other college is beyond me.

    • myiq2xu says:

      I never had a significant disagreement with RD until she decided that Sarah Palin was to blame for the shooting of Gabby Giffords and the other people in Tucson. That issue led to my departure along with a few others.

      But then she really lost it over OWS. It was kinda scary the way she changed. She went to a rally at Zuccotti and came back a cult member. I don’t recognize her anymore.

      Compare her earlier posts from 2008 to the stuff she writes now – it’s like two completely different people wrote them.

      • It is. Her writing in 08 was excellent. I did some commenting there (mostly ignored lol- not being possessed of a Masters or PHD lol)
        She was a solid Hillary supporter and wrote clearly and passionately.
        She still writes passionately.
        It seems she went over the edge when long term unemployment caught up to her. The first clue to me was when she was all on about some new piece of technology (an IPad or Kindle maybe?) And all I could think was how the hell can she afford that? At the time she was complaining frequently about being broke, on unemployment and unable to find work. I think that was the beginning of the separation from reality.

      • AniEm says:

        I wasn’t aware RD had blamed Palin for that tragedy. Whether or not someone supports Palin politically, that’s unconscionable misogyny. Which WOMAN was responsible for the actions of John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald?

        • their wives and mothers, natch. Everyone knows that.

        • Pips says:

          ‘I wasn’t aware RD had blamed Palin for that tragedy.’

          She, Palin, used bullet points … no wait crosshairs on her web site. So there! If that doesn’t prove her guilty! /s

        • carol haka says:

          Why weren’t there murders everywhere there was a crosshair on the map? Or, any map? Or was that just a special murdering crosshair? 👿 Illogical reasoning.

        • His mother, Mary Surratt, in the case of John Wilkes Booth. She was, in fact, hanged with him, despite the lack of any evidence tying her to the crime.

          Also the mother in the case of LHO. Just look at the Wiki on him. His father is named, but his mother is blamed. You can tell by the sheer volume of comparative mentions.

          Oswald was born in New Orleans on October 18, 1939, to Marguerite Frances (née Claverie; New Orleans, Louisiana, July 19, 1907 – Fort Worth, Texas, January 17, 1981) and Robert Edward Lee Oswald, Sr. (New Orleans, Louisiana, March 4, 1896 – New Orleans, August 19, 1939). Oswald had two older siblings – brother Robert Edward Lee Oswald, Jr. and half-brother John Edward Pic. His ancestry included English, Irish, French, Dutch, and German (Bavarian).

          As a child, Oswald was withdrawn and temperamental. In August 1952, while living with half-brother John Pic, at the time a U.S. Coast Guardsman stationed in New York City, Oswald and Marguerite were asked to leave after Oswald allegedly threatened Pic’s wife with a knife and struck their mother, Marguerite.

          Charges of truancy, in the Bronx (NYC), led to psychiatric assessment at a juvenile reformatory, the psychiatrist, Dr. Renatus Hartogs, describing Oswald’s “vivid fantasy life, turning around the topics of omnipotence and power, through which he tries to compensate for his present shortcomings and frustrations.” Finding a “personality pattern disturbance with schizoid features and passive-aggressive tendencies,” Dr. Hartogs recommended continued treatment. However, in January 1954, Oswald’s mother Marguerite returned with him to New Orleans. At the time, there was a question pending before a New York judge as to whether Oswald should be removed from the care of his mother to finish his schooling, although his behavior appeared to improve during his last months in New York.

          Bolding mine.

      • jjmtacoma says:

        Her life was changing. She didn’t say anything on her blog until the layoff came but her tone and behavior were extreme leading up to that.

        She still writes good stuff from time to time but then flips to blame SAHM’s, Christians or feminists who are never going to get laid with an attitude like that… the MBA’s and rich business owners who don’t realize you have to have some pigs to make sausage…

        I’m sure there are others…

      • trixta says:

        Yeah. It appears that some mental deterioration is going on. The growing need to control, the narcissism, and the lashing out are very similar to what I see happening to an older sister of mine. It’s sad. In my sister’s case, medications for other physical conditions may have something to do with it. Unfortunately, it gets worse as the years go by.

  11. myiq2xu says:

    In case anyone is wondering, I am currently reading the sequel to The Da Vinci Code.

    • OOH Maybe I will give those a re read.
      Though I should be thinking about the beginning of baking season which is upon me next week. Have to do my part to support the Postal Service. lol
      But maybe if I just posted pics on Facebook the boys would come here?

  12. DeniseVB says:

    Federation for Democratic Reform ? The FDRs !

    I was a lurker around the time of the Sarah meltdown, that’s how I found TCH and I do have RD to thank for that. 😉

  13. votermom says:

    That 12 word agenda is a corrente (Lambert) talking point, except in the original they say “soak the rich” and when I objected to “soak” they collectively dismissed my concerns about fairness.
    Anyway that was before I self deported from corrente.

    • myiq2xu says:

      You obviously don’t understand that the rich are an inexhaustible source of money to pay for anything and everything. And since they stole the money from us in the first place it’s fair for us to steal it back.

    • DeniseVB says:

      They still don’t understand “soaking” the rich only passes the burden to we the little people ? Prices go up. Romney tried to explain that but he was an evil rich guy so he lied. Trump tried to explain that, but he has funny hair AND an evil rich guy too. We are screwed 😉

    • Pips says:

      He, I remember that vm. Also found it curious that RD refers to nakedcapitalism and not Corrente, when mentioning the “12 word Platform”?

  14. votermom says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      I have no doubt that Obama asked his Bro’hood friends to hold off til after the election. Up next, Russia. 😦

      • Mary says:

        Oh, the Hamas bombings have been going on for months—part of Netanyahu’s sense of urgency. The One’s ignoring of same just gave Hamas more courage to continue—and finally bomb Tel Aviv.

        Our wunderbar (spit) media just didn’t report it.

  15. myiq2xu says:

    Hostess Brands closing for good

    Hostess Brands — the maker of such iconic baked goods as Twinkies, Devil Dogs and Wonder Bread — announced Friday that it is asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to close its operations, blaming a strike by bakers protesting a new contract imposed on them.

    The closing will result in Hostess’ nearly 18,500 workers losing their jobs as the company shuts 33 bakeries and 565 distribution centers nationwide. The bakers’ union represents around 5,000.

    Damn. I love their apple pies.

    • Boo Hiss. Hostess cupcakes. sigh

    • leslie says:

      The Twinkies will, however outlast all of us. They’re kinda like cockroaches. At the end of the world there will be cockraoches eating Twinkies. Nothing kills ’em.

    • jeffhas says:

      You mean the ones with two pieces of ‘apples’ in them?

      Me too! Glazed crusty goo-dness.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Everybody’s been asked to make sacrifices from this administration, why can’t the unions ?

    • honoracarroll says:

      I feel fortunate that I have already eaten a lifetime’s worth of ding dongs, devil dogs and little coffee cakes (Drakes). Sure makes being gluten free easier.

    • votermom says:

      this tweet sums it up:
      Union Ding Dongs force Twinkie Maker Hostess to Close

    • votermom says:

    • soupcity says:

      I’m gonna miss vanilla Zingers, a small twinkie with insanely sweet vanilla icing. Ate tons of them when I was pregnant, still can’t resist every now and again. This sucks.

    • jjmtacoma says:

      They discontinued wonder bread a few years ago – apparently, nobody at Hostess realized they were one of the few breads that was safe for dairy allergies. Dairy allergies are common among little kids and little kids are big squishy-bread consumers.

      Yes, I am sure management made super smart decisions all along and that damn baker’s union not taking pay cuts drove them under.

      Hostess is not part of a “health conscious” diet these days and their prices are too high for the people who would regularly eat that stuff. They had some advantages with products because they didn’t use “real” ingredients – so they were safe for allergy sufferers (except soy).

      Maybe the union was part of the problem but taking wage cuts every year to compensate for a declining market share is not smart unless there are plans to better position the product line. I don’t see any evidence that Hostess was making any of those plans – only short term cuts for the employees.

      I live in Boeing country and every problem is the union’s fault and every success – not so much. The blame game serves a purpose because bad decisions can be covered by finger pointing and public outrage.

      • votermom says:

        I agree with you that Hostess had far-reaching business problems.

        I don’t think the union model works anymore because to be effective a union must be big, but when it is big, it becomes corrupt.
        I really think businesses need to start going toward an organizational model that motivates mgt & workers to be invested & loyal to their company. I don’t know what that is.
        But right now we see both executives killing companies by focusing on short-term gains over long term viability and workers striking themselves out of jobs.

        • jjmtacoma says:

          It seems as if leadership of large organizations of any kind – political party, government, unions or corporations – leads to corruption or corrupt people cheat their way to the top. I don’t know but they seem to be similar in self interest and blaming.

          The union was not the cause of the failure, just the last nail in the coffin. Now all of them are out of jobs but taking cuts really would have put Hostess on life support and without a plan to fix their management problems, it wouldn’t have been enough.

          The brand is more valuable than the company, Ho-ho’s and Twinkies will be sold to another huge brand like Sara-Lee. They could have sold the company several years ago and profited – but that is probably just another bad management decision.

        • jjmtacoma says:

          It gets better – Greg Rayburn (in LinkedIn) is a CEO alumni of WorldCom among others. That guy’s resume reads like a graveyard of corporate wreckage. He only spends about a year at each one.

          His earliest experience (from LinkedIn) has him at the highly esteemed consulting firm, Arthur Anderson, as a partner in the “corporate recovery service” for about 12 years before going on this burn down tour.

          Meanwhile, the news media reports the lack of concessions were to blame (according to Greg Rayburn) but never bothers to explore who Rayburn is or what he does. This was in motion long before the union -vs- struggling company duel.

          This just pisses me off. The narrative continues to trash workers and particularly unions when really this was in play long before the union strike. I am sick of reading these media-created versions of the world only to discover that they are hiding key information and spinning stories to support a narrative.

        • votermom says:

          I hear Trumka is blaming Hostess closure on “Bain-like” mgt. As if! If Hostess had turned to Mitt when it first got in troubel it wouldbe BOOMING today.

  16. Pips says:

    After being told in rapid succession:

    “You’re stupid!”

    “Shut up!”

    “Fuck off!”

    I – one of the last ‘hold outs’ at The Confluence – finally decided to leave for good. But prior to that I recall how RD repeatedly answered all and every call to start a movement saying something along the line of she wasn’t the person to take charge, she just made suggestions, put out ideas for others to grasp. I don’t think it’s any different this time.

  17. DandyTiger says:

    Rich = “Big Daddy in the Sky” to these people. A mythological being with infinite amounts of money stolen from the rest of us. Whether from daddy issues or religious issues, it’s a shallow and disingenuous boogieman used to rally the masses. The irony of course is that it is in fact a form of religion from some who claim not to have one. But when used, it’s a sure sign of making an effort to not be constructive or to solve problems, but instead to push propaganda for political or social reasons.

    If instead you’re serious, you talk about specific policies about taxation, responsibility, and economy in general. You don’t create a boogieman like this. Look for these signs from any people trying to form a group to know a cult from something serious.

  18. votermom says:

    • Mary says:

      Sen Saxby Chambliss, after closed Intel hearing where they were told the WH “left out” significant CIA info in talking points:

      “What Susan Rice said was what Pres Obama told her to say….She was saying exactly what the political shop in the WH told her to say.”


      For whatever else, I do admire Petraeus , now, for not being willing to let the CIA take the fall for fake WH talking points anymore.

  19. yttik says:

    I have a three word platform, end crony capitalism.

  20. votermom says:

    Just a daily reminder. I’ll be so mad if some artsy liberal CA school beats this bitter-clinger one which is trying to turn an old industrial building into a new campus.

  21. mcnorman says:

    @ klown

    I blog because I can’t afford professional therapy.

    We are many. Hey, it’s free.

  22. piper says:

    does anyone remember or still go to Taylor Marsh blog?

  23. yttik says:

    1. Medicare for All……poor people who actually depend on medicare are not pleased with the program. Money is deducted from their already small SS check to pay premiums with. Medicare itself doesn’t cover much of anything, except a portion of hospital stays, so then you need to pay for another kind of medicare. Then you need to pay for a private policy to cover all the gaps. If you’re poor, you than need to apply for medicaid from the state in order to get any form of basic healthcare.

    2. End the Wars…..yeah, who doesn’t? But what about things like Rwanda where we refused to go to war and as massive genocide took place? Or WW2 where we delayed going to war and a massive genocide took place?

    3. Tax the Rich…Even JFK understood that raising taxes hurts the economy and increases unemployment. He said something about how “a rising tide lifts us all”

    4. A Jobs Guarantee….in the potato fields? Chain gang? Pointless pencil pusher?

    • votermom says:

      I kinda like the jobs guarantee – if you want welfare or unemployment, you get a guaranteed job instead – minimum wage digging ditches.
      Isn’t that the FDR way?

      • yttik says:

        Yes, but what some don’t realize is how many people died “benefiting” from FDR’s policies. Hundreds of men were killed every day because of dangerous working conditions, disease ridden camps that were nothing more than tent cities. Whole crews were swept out to sea in hurricanes, blown up in mine explosions, crushed in landslides.

        And of course, many people didn’t appreciate being rounded up and placed in internment camps where they often lost everything they had built and had nothing left to come home to.

        • myiq2xu says:

          Those were just bumps in the road.

        • votermom says:

          I was being sarcastic.
          There is actually a good American Girl movie set in the depression which also shows how this broke up families – husbands would go away looking for jobs and were too ashamed to write back or come back when they could not find any.

          (Even back then big govt solutions were breaking up families.)

          In the movie there’s a scene where the girl freaks out when she finds out her mom is going to raise chickens because she knows that’s the sign they are doomed.

        • yttik says:

          “…mom is going to raise chickens because she knows that’s the sign they are doomed….”

          LOL! That’s exactly how I felt about it too. I’m now up to nineteen chickens. I couldn’t afford to invest in gold, so chickens were the only option. At least we won’t starve.

        • britgirls says:

          Seriously? She freaked out over raising chickens? Damn. We kept chickens for eggs growing up and occasionally they were killed. I remember my favorite “pet” chicken being killed and it was really sad. But also just the way things were. We ate it!

      • trixta says:

        I’ve already worked as a (child) migrant farm worker, thank you very much!

  24. votermom says:

  25. yttik says:

    It’s good to blog for therapy! Most people seem to use our nat’l elections to expose their personal issues. It kind of sucks if you’re one of the people that has to ride along on the tide of the nation’s dysfunction.

  26. carol haka says:

    Union just had their asses handed to them. By Management as Hostess liquidating the company. 18.5 k out of work. I think their corp offices are here in my city. 👿

    • votermom says:

      Someone told me that they won’t be able to get unemployment because they were on strike when the company closed. If true, SWEET!


        All states prohibit you from receiving benefits if you are part of a work stoppage. During a strike, states typically make you ineligible to receive benefits until the work stoppage ends or until your unemployment no longer stems from a labor dispute. If you are a member of a union but your class or grade of employee does not actively participate in the strike, you would remain eligible for unemployment benefits in most states if you subsequently lose your job.


        In another possible scenario, your facility might have to shut down because of disruption in operations arising from a strike perpetrated by your union at a different site within your company. If that happens, you generally can receive unemployment benefits in all states except Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.

        Looks like workers not involved in the strike, or at facilities not subject to the strike will be protected, but striking workers are SOL.

      • leslie says:

        How many do you think voted for Bronco?

  27. piper says:

    This is just a test to see if new avatar appears.

  28. myiq2xu says:

    myiq2xu, on November 16, 2012 at 3:56 am said:

    Anyone who starts wordsmithing and getting in a snit about who they will and won’t stand next to should be offered the opportunity to go out into the night by themselves to fight the monster alone.

    Be sure to take a jacket with you, it’s pretty cold outside.

    RD, on November 16, 2012 at 12:11 pm said:

    You know, I could just let Katiebird approve your comments from now on. Oh Wait! She said something recently about not having to do that because it makes her nauseous or something.
    Oh well.

  29. threewickets says:

    Being dependent on other people and other tribes is probably the default drive for humans, and on the whole that may be a good thing for society if not always for politics. People whose inclination is always towards more independence and away from belonging are likely that way because they can’t help it. RD is not like that, imho.

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