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Who Killed Hostess?

As I’m sure you already know, Hostess Brands is going bankrupt and closing up shop. So who killed Hostess? The answer, as usual, is complex. Wikipedia: Hostess Brands, Inc., known as Interstate Bakeries during most of its existence since 1930, … Continue reading

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Oh Dark Thirty Open Thread

Just saw this on Facebook and about died laughing! Budding entrepreneurs! Future Romneys and Trumps! FTR I think my cats need a couple of doses of sleeping pills- they absolutely refuse to acknowledge that the clocks have been set back. This … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Pop Quiz

Okay campers, take out a paper and pencil (they still make pencils, don’t they?) and answer the following questions relating to the picture above: 1. Who is depicted in the sculpture? 2. Where is the sculpture located? 3. Where was … Continue reading

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