Saturday Morning Pop Quiz

Okay campers, take out a paper and pencil (they still make pencils, don’t they?) and answer the following questions relating to the picture above:

1. Who is depicted in the sculpture?

2. Where is the sculpture located?

3. Where was the sculpture originally located?

4. What is the name of the artist who created the sculpture?

Each question is worth 25 points.

This is an open thread.

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81 Responses to Saturday Morning Pop Quiz

  1. Too early in the morning for a quiz! Can you take my thread down and reschedule please? xoxo
    (I thought I was the only one up at this hour)

  2. I think it is a sculpture of Washington and it is at the Smithsonian. Wild Guess.

  3. it’s George Washington

    i think it USED to be in the Rotunda

    Now it’s in the Smithsonian, I think.

    Now, I could cheat and look up the sculpture, but I know it was known as “the American Zeus”

    OK, my head hurts now.

  4. Spoiler Alert:

    George Washington, sculpture by Horatio Greenough, 1840

    To commemorate the centennial of Washington’s birth in 1832, Congress commissioned Greenough to create a statue to be displayed in the Capitol Rotunda. As soon as the marble statue arrived in the capital city in 1841, however, it attracted controversy and criticism. Greenough had modeled his figure of Washington on a classical Greek statue of Zeus, but many Americans found the sight of a half-naked Washington offensive, even comical. After the statue was relocated to the east lawn of the Capitol in 1843, some joked that Washington was desperately reaching for his clothes, on exhibit at the Patent Office several blocks to the north. In 1908 Greenough’s statue finally came in from the cold: Congress transferred it to the Smithsonian. It remained at the Castle until 1964, when it was moved to the new Museum of History and Technology (now the National Museum of American History). The marble Washington has held court on the second floor ever since.

  5. So technically, I am only really right on one. Darn.

    Starting the day as a loser.

    Welcome to Obamamerica, where everyone starts the day as a loser.

  6. lyn5 says:

    I just saw that my SIL who is a psychologist likes the FB page “I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is president.” Argh!

  7. Thanks mom, that makes me feel ok. LOL!

    lyn5 – OMG – this cult is really off the deep end. This is a POLITICIAN! WTF are people so hung up on him for?

  8. I would much rather have had Washington BE ZEUS than Obie be the new Mussolini

  9. Morning Mom. It’s all so depressing.

  10. Posted this on your page:
    The Obama Economic Policy:

  11. <————Thread Killer.

  12. tommy says:

    I’m reading an old novel by Dean Koontz named Ticktock. Very humorous and loads of fun.

    • leslie says:

      When I have time I’m reading “Caleb’s Crossing” by Gwendolyn Brooks. Takes place in the 1700’s in New England. Very good book – more interesting than it is fun.
      But not today (see below).

  13. leslie says:

    I just dropped by to say hello today. I’m doing Thanksgiving and I’m also working until Wednesday night so I’m cleaning and moving all the unnecessary stuff to the basement this weekend. Hope y’all have fun.

    Cheer up FF. It’s the weekend! Pretend Bronco doesn’t matter – or better yet, pretend he doesn’t exist.

    • LOl I just put cornbread in the oven to go with the white chili I made for a gathering today. St Cecilia sing. The local pastoral musicians gather every year for a singing/sharing/blessing, then a pot luck lunch.
      I’ll be gone most of the morning, sure I’ll be spending an hour catching up this afternoon lol!

      • angienc says:

        Y’all Yankees ever do hot crumbled corn bread in a cup with cold buttermilk poured over it, a bit of cracked pepper & eaten with a spoon? Yum!

        Eh, what am I thinking — y’all don’t even have real buttermilk, you’ve got the milk with additives to make it taste sour; we’ve got the real think with actual butter floating in it.

  14. leslie says:

    I’m taking a break from cleaning and moving cr%p from the apartment to the basement.
    This was what I tried to post earlier: I was in bed using my ipad. Guess it didn’t work. I, however, do (work, that is……)

  15. insanelysane says:

    I heard Bronco is commissioning a similar statue of himself to be placed in the rotunda at MSNBC Headquarters.

  16. trist says:

    Well the statue is offering me a sword and pointing up to heaven, does he want me to go assassinate god or what? Or is he saying the path TO heaven must be washed with the blood of the non-believers? I dunno, I didn’t study for this test, can’t I just copy off of Dandy’s paper?

  17. tommy says:

    ‘Notorious hacking group, Anonymous has reportedly attacked websites belonging to the Israeli govt. as the nation continues its deadly conflict against Hamas. The hacktivist group announced a mission to crash and deface websites belonging to the IDF, and other security and financial corporations’. My take – what a***oles! The nerds don’t know who they’re messin with. Its not the docile U.S govt. unicorns. Its Israel, and they take this kind of s**t very, very seriously. I won’t be surprised if we never hear from Anonymous again.

  18. trist says:

    Well that didn’t take long, first hostess announces they’re closing up shop 18 thousand jobs gone there, and the very next day, the 2 discount bakery’s here (supplied by hostess) went out of business. And that’s just 2 weeks after my local drugstore shut down because wallgreens who has a store about 4 mil. away bought them out.

    And I get the feeling next year, is gonna make THIS year look good!
    I think I’m going back to bed.

    • angienc says:

      Hostess & the 18,500 jobs lost is just the start — imagine all the eggs, flour, etc. Hostess used daily. All the delivery men who stopped & bought lunch at a diner when they fueled up, etc.
      There’s going to be a lot of ripple effects.
      Of course, if you’re a total & complete moron (like the Obots) you are using this opportunity to blame Romney & Bain Capital for the bankruptcy because *they* — not Obama — are responsible for the lousy economy. Yep, first 4 years was blame Bush; next 4 will be blame Romney/Bain. For the love of god.

      • HELENK says:

        Iowa Hawk

        My next hot rod project
        View photo

      • DM says:

        Yep, first 4 years was blame Bush; next 4 will be blame Romney/Bain.

        That’s a tweet Angienc. 🙂

      • piper says:

        Just read your comment over at another site – you done good to smite that piss-ant.

        • angienc says:

          Thanks, piper! But really, it doesn’t take much to best that kind of stupid –like shooting fish in a barrel. 🙂

        • kanaughty says:

          That ” character” which we speak of and know so well is so annoying!

          He/she thinks they know it all. That person is such an obot but some of the regulars there just don’t see it and say he is just doing another point of view.

          The problem is he has the opposite point of view for everything, he assumes our motives and thinks he is the only one who is not stupid and is right about everything. He is tricky, he starts by agreeing, but by the end is condescending like he is trying to teach us a lesson.

          Sometimes i think that certain person is actually BO.

          He is obsessed with commenting at that site and adds his thoughts to everyone’s comments so much so that his walls of texts make it seem like he is the actual writer of that blog which he isn’t. He says he has been around a long time, but i don’t remember him showing up until maybe two years ago and then changed the whole dynamic of that site where we used to have actual discussion, but now are cock blocked at every turn by that overly commenting supposed devil’s advocate dude. I think he is an obot simply because his comments are meant to distract in a way where he is confrontational so we fight back and waste our time on his worthless opinions that he thinks are facts, btw.

          It is unpleasant to lurk there and comment there because of that one person and i wish he would just go the fuck away!
          Because otherwise that blog is awesome.

          It’s like that tagalong kid back in the day that kept hanging out with you and your group but they had nothing in common with you and infact they think the opposite of you and intentionally start arguments in the group. But they won’t fucking find their own friends so they stay and you try to do stuff without them but they find out somehow. You even actually tell them to go away, as i have on that blog, and they still don’t get the message and continue to disrupt the flow of thought.

          I am hoping the other regulars finally start to see this troll for what he is and ban him. I am sick of that dude and his know it all comments all the time! He acts like he knows everything about everything and he is the authority on it only, the rest of us don’t know what we are talking about in his mind ever!

          So in short, thankyou so much angie for giving it to him! I am hoping more will come to see that ahole for the manipulative obot he is.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      It will get worse. 😯

  19. tommy says:

    ‘The no. of elderly criminals being caught by Japanese police has rocketed, the justice ministry said. The no. of criminals aged 65 or older booked by police in 2011 increased by 475 from the previous year to 48,637, more than six times as 20 years ago’. Gonna happen to us in the near future.

  20. foxyladi14 says:

    Our jails have better food. 🙂

  21. HELENK says:

    gun store owner to backtrack voters, you are not smart enough to own a gun

  22. wyntre says:

    Check this theory!

    Consider this possibility … the talking points came from the CIA, and they were altered by the campaign people in Chicago. The coverup has been about hiding the sharing of classified information with campaign officials who don’t have the proper clearance. This sharing of information could also be the source of the earlier leaks such as the virus in Iran’s nuclear program.

    I’ve always wondered why David Axelrod appeared on news programs to talk about the administration’s official policies when he was a campaign official. Those of us old enough to remember Watergate will recall the mixing of official administration business with CREEP (Committee to Reelect the President) activities and the Democrat’s outrage at the time. Perhaps we are seeing the results of a similar improper mix.

    CatDaddyKSC may be on to something, and I am highlighting his comment in the hope that the FBI and the staffs of the House and Senate committees will take notice. I suspect too that, if true, this is more than just an “improper mix.” Legal lines may have been crossed here with a political campaign redacting or helping to redact classified material it should never have seen in the first place.

    What may emerge is a kind of government by cabal, a super-government composed of David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, and possibly a few others who operated, in the service of the president, above and beyond our legal and constitutional systems — all the time thinking what they did was for the better good of our country.

    Events like Benghazi could and should be whitewashed, since in their views Obama’s continued rule was of paramount importance. To say this is a crime beyond Watergate is to understate it. In the coming days we shall see how this evolves. It is the duty of every American citizen to watch carefully, since many forces conspire to push it under the rug.

    From Roger Simon PJ Media

    • Constance says:

      This makes sense. Also The Obots knew about the Petreaus affair and used it to blackmail him into backing up Susan Rice’s talking points. I think Petreaus quit so he could testify on Benghazi without the White house trying to control him and also notice he came to the Congressional hearing and left in secrecy, is he afraid of someone trying to shut him up? I think there is a lot being coveredup and a lot to lose. But Hillary is only peripherally involved, notice she wouldn’t go out to spread these distorted talking points and any support she did give them she parsed her words carefully.

  23. wyntre says:

    Don’t know whether this will make you laugh or cry but it’s sure to get your attention.

    What a college degree gets you these days v=kXpwAOHJsxg#!

  24. ME says:

    This proves that Obama’s re-election campaign hindered his ability to make decisions.

    • leslie says:

      I wonder what his excuses were all those other years since he “won” his first election in Chicago? He hasn’t made a real decision that I can think of, but he’s voted “present” plenty of times.

      • ME says:

        I agree with you, I hope my comment didn’t come out the wrong way. I believe that Obama is corrupt. He allowed his re-election campaign to interfere in what is in the USA’s best interest. I remember Pat Cadell was on speaking about Jimmy Carter and how he refused to campaign when his polling looked bad. Because of his campaign he did not go and save the ambassador and the 30+ people. If I were working for the state dept. in the Middle East right now I would be worried.

        • leslie says:

          I remember that. And I also heard Pat Cadell talking about Carter saying that he put the needs of the nation ahead of his re-election campaign. If I were working in the ME for the State dept, I’d prolly request a transfer home. (I am a coward at heart.)

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