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Pretzel Logic

Volokh Conspiracy: En Banc Sixth Circuit Voids Michigan Civil Rights Initiative By an 8-7 vote, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has held that Michigan’s Proposal 2, aka the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, is unconstituional. The Court … Continue reading

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Why MTV Sucks Open Thread

(NSFW) Seriously, they suck. I stopped watching MTV at least 20 years ago. When they first started it was nothing but music videos. It was all rock music too. Then they added Pop, then Rap/Hip Hop. Then they quit playing … Continue reading

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The Twinkie Segue

Hmmm, how can we possible use Twinkies as a segue for a post about 1950’s economic policy? Let’s ask the Shill One! The Twinkie Manifesto The Twinkie, it turns out, was introduced way back in 1930. In our memories, however, … Continue reading

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I would rather stay out of it but . . .

As I’m sure you are aware, the Israel/Palestine conflict has heated up again. It looks like the IDF is getting ready to invade Gaza any day now and the usual suspects are spouting their usual memes. If I had my … Continue reading

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