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Overnight Open Thread

This is what they teach in Louisiana.

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Stupid + Facebook = Unemployment

Gawker: Should This Woman Have Her Life Ruined Because She Posted a Stupid Photo on Her Own Facebook Page? While visiting Arlington National Cemetery last month, Lindsey Stone thought it would be amusing to snap a photo of herself “disrespecting” … Continue reading

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Is Riverdaughter A Closeted Tea Partier?

No, seriously. Check out her latest: Then there was a new Poll Tax that was used to raise revenue for new wars. Ahhh, the military industrial complex of the middle ages. Some things never change. The tax was harsher on … Continue reading

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Oops, he did it again!

Once again, The Smartest Preezy Ever demonstrates he doesn’t understand the protocol for group photos. How many days until January 20, 2017? This is an open thread.

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HP admits it was conned out of $10B by Autonomy, stock crashes

This is all over the financial news today, but ZDnet explains it best in layman’s terms. HP took a massive charge related to its purchase of Autonomy and indicated that it bought the company based pumped up and fraudulent accounting. … Continue reading

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