Oops, he did it again!

“Okay, who farted?”

Once again, The Smartest Preezy Ever demonstrates he doesn’t understand the protocol for group photos.

How many days until January 20, 2017?

This is an open thread.

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32 Responses to Oops, he did it again!

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Cool, love my Lucy avatar 🙂

  2. yttik says:

    “How many days until January 20, 2017?”

    It won’t be that bad, the anti-christ doesn’t serve a full term.

  3. fif says:

    ME! ME! ME! Everyone look at ME!

    He doesn’t exist for me. I am in denial and avoidance for 4 more years.


  4. angienc says:

    Meanwhile, actual headlines on Yahoo now:
    * “Most notorious political sex scandals” (with picture of Patreaus)
    * “Creationism is norm among potential GOP2016 contenders” and
    * “Mitt Romney seen pumping gas in La Jolla”

    Israel? Who ordered Stand Down in Benghazi? Obama repeatedly getting name of Burmese human rights activist wrong? Nada

    • 49erDweet says:

      It is extremely important to protect the feelings of those less intellectually developed than us, thus the lapdogs shield IMPOTUS from facing his numerous failures. They are merely being kind, not biased. Don’t cha know?

    • blowme0bama says:

      Frankly, someone needs to sue these MSM outlets for defamation. Subpoena journ-o-list emails, and you’ll be able to demonstrate NY Times “actual malice or reckless disregard for the truth”.

      Its going to take these SOBs getting popped big time, over and over, to straighten their shit out.

      • angienc says:

        I’m with you 100% — it’s hard to successfully sue for slander when you’re a public figure,but as you point out, there is actual malice in this case.

  5. ME says:

    George W. Bush was mocked for his “Bushisms.” Someone wake me up when the media replays Obamas gaffes every hour on the hour. Pure insanity.

  6. scoutt says:

    He’s not a president. He just plays one on TV.

    • leslie says:

      and he plays it over and over and over ad nauseum. Even some of his followers in Chicago are sick of seeing/hearing him on the teevee.

    • leslie says:

      I suppose if Romney had decided to fire Elmo there wouldn’t have been such an outcry from NPR and CTW over the proposed cuts.

      yeah, riiiiight.

      • westcoaster says:

        he was the first puppet to swear on TV- it was a cable cooking show and he said a cookie tasted like s****. I have little sympathy.

  7. HELENK says:


    mr cellophane will most likely appoint himself to this job on his last day in office

  8. Questionman says:

    Impeach him for what? Because you don’t like him?
    Awww…Jean, you poor lazy person who refused to learn what a 3rd grader knows. Impeachment isn’t a response to doing something you don’t like. It has a process, and one must commit a felony. How cute….you used your brain almost.

    Besides Anyone who calls for Obama’s impeachment IS in fact a racist!

    Why isn’t the FBI or the Justice Department investigating the widespread voter fraud that enabled Barack Obama to win the 2012 election? The simple answer is because there is nothing to investigate. Searching for something that does not exist is a waste of taxpayer money and a pointless exercise in futility. The 2012 election was not a close election. President Obama soundly defeated Mitt Romney 332-206 electoral votes and by a popular vote margin of 50.8-47.5 percent. Yet, the myth that widespread voter fraud swung the election for Obama continues to persist on Right wing web sites and blogs. These myths are usually divorced from the facts altogether or grounded in baseless speculation.

    Why did Obama win?!?!? Here’s why!

    It wasn’t because of gifts. It wasn’t because of making Mitt Romney unacceptable, it wasn’t about biography, it wasn’t Hurricane Sandy, it wasn’t because of strategy.
    It was because after four years of saying that the President of the United States was a socialist, Nazi, terrorist, Kenyan traitor who was destroying the country, Republicans living in their bubble had pushed their party so far to the right that they believed their own story. And the rest of America saw reality differently.

    Meanwhil, you wanna know who DEFINITELY is a “scoamf”? Mitt Romney. The RNC. Not Obama!

    Obviously you’re not an American. Most of the comments here talk about how much they love the USA in the same breath as how much they hate our president and all who voted for him
    those that call him a traitor are indeed misguided. He is not the traitor, you scumbags are the real traitors and the real disgrace to America!

    He has a mandate and was elected in a landslide. Even the GOP is coming to realize that. 😉

    • myiq2xu says:


      Are you responding to the voices in your head? Nobody mentioned impeachment and there are no comments from anybody named “Jean” here.

      BTW – impeachment is for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

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