If you have to work tomorrow, be thankful you have a job

Richard Saintvilus in Forbes:

Why Walmart Is Not Evil For Opening On Thanksgiving, Give It A Break

Who died and made you the authority on business principles? This was my response in a recent discussion with a family member in discussing the state of retail giant Walmart. It seems although I have no personal interest in the company, I continue to come to its defense. As far as I’m concerned, the company has become too easy of a target.

What bothers me is the idea that a scarlet letter has to be immediately attached to anyone with enough audacity to publicly say anything positive about the company. It’s beginning to get old. When Walmart is not being attacked for claims over low wages, it is being punished for what is perceived as undermining U.S. manufacturing – It all depends on what day it is. Walmart does not kill off “mom and pop” shops – they kill themselves. Anyone with enough business sense should understand this. However, why let a good opportunity for some “righteous anger” slip away.

However, aside from the fact that these arguments often get stale, over and over again, they are grossly based on hypocrisy. The same people that toss insults at Walmart can’t stay out of its stores for the convenience it brings. Still, this time around the company is being loathed and finds itself on the receiving end of increased backlash for its decision to open its doors on Thanksgiving. At the risk of sounding insensitive – so what! I don’t see what the big deal is.

However, over 30,000 people do as they have all signed an online petition asking the company to reverse its decision and close on Thanksgiving. However, Walmart’s plan is to open after 8PM – long after every one has eaten and certainly after second and third portions have had enough time to be digested. Still this is nothing new as the company also opened on Thanksgiving of last year – except this time it wants to open two hours earlier. Again, I ask where is the crime?

The petition asserts that Walmart is disregarding the needs of its employees and that the company can afford to allow them the time to be spend with their families. But does this make Walmart evil for providing employment in an economy already ravaged by lost jobs. What’s more, Walmart is not the only retailer that plans to open on thanksgiving in preparation for Black Friday. Other retailers such as Target, Kmart as well as Toy R Us also plan to take advantage of early shoppers. Yet it is Walmart that is considered evil for this decision.

If you are on the schedule but you don’t want to work tomorrow, quit. There are lots of people out there that would be grateful to take your place.

What’s that? You can’t afford to quit? You need your job?

Well you know what your priorities are then.

Personally, I have never really cared for Thanksgiving anyway. It’s a “secular holiday” (which is an oxymoron because “holiday” means “holy day”) that is allegedly based on an alleged historical incident that is mostly fiction.

When I was a kid it meant spending hours of traveling to go visit my step-dad’s family. We would eat breakfast and jump in the car for 3 hours and then we didn’t eat lunch at the normal time because dinner was at 2:00 or 3:00 pm, then about our regular dinner time we would get back in the car to drive 3 hours to go home. I was hungry again by bedtime but got in trouble if I asked for a snack. (“Why didn’t you eat your dinner?“) Good times.

If you are single and aren’t spending Thanksgiving with your family, the whole day sucks. There is nothing good to watch on television and almost everything is closed. So you sit alone and eat your Swanson’s Hungry Man TV dinner with turkey and mashed potatoes while watching lousy football games.

Lot’s of people have to work on holidays. I have often been one of them. Beside cops and hospital workers, there are security guards, gas station attendants, motel clerks and convenience store employees. Why should Walmart employees be special?

Here’s the naked truth: If people didn’t shop on Thanksgiving, all the stores would be closed. So put your money where your mouth is and stay home tomorrow. And be thankful for what you have.

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  1. swanspirit says:

    I cannot tell you how many holidays I have worked . Nurses usually rotate by the year , as in , you had Thanksgiving off last year so you work it this year etc etc … So anyone who has to work , has my empathy , , but not my sympathy because I have been there for decades .

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I cherish alone and quiet times on the holidays and save the travels for other times of the year when it’s cheaper and less frantic. I cook a turkey for the 3 of us, enough to last 3 days! Yum, leftovers.

  3. HELENK says:

    I worked most holidays all my years on the railroad.
    people want to travel and go home for the holidays. somebody has to get them there.

    for all those who have to work on holidays thank you.

    for you that are crying about it tough, I am sure you get extra pay for working those days.
    do what I did, an thousands of others still do have your holiday on your day off. It is the spirit not the date of the holiday that counts

    • DeniseVB says:

      Amtrak is finally bringing a train to Norfolk, Va ! Perhaps my one bright spot of Obama’s re-election is that he won’t pull the plug on Amtrak. Love train travel !

    • I agree with most of what you said- except the part about extra pay.
      No extra pay for anyone in a restaurant working on holidays.
      As for having the holiday on another day?
      Ok- we will all just tell our families to reschedule their lives and holidays around our work schedules?
      Tried that- it did not work out. So my immediate family had Thanksgiving without me for about ten years.

      • Oh- meant to add that there are no requests off allowed for the entire week of Thanksgiving- including Black Friday and the weekend- so having the holiday over the weekend did not work either.
        I always advise young people to stay far the hell away from restaurant careers if they want a life with family time.
        As for shopping – well I just don’t go lol. I don’t like shopping on a slow day- I would never participate in a day that causes so many to miss family time. And going out on Black Friday is a big NOT for me! Not happening. There is nothing in the stores that I need that bad!

      • HELENK says:

        we used to celebrate the holiday the weekend before. I could get a vacation day and that way we did have the time together. I understand that many can not do that, but it is a good solution for those who can.
        My grandchildren for years thought there were two christmases. One at my house where Santa left some gifts and then at their house where he left the rest of them.. You do what you have to do to make the best of the holiday.

        • LOL I tried a whole lot of things to try and make it work. But it never did. The family wanted Thanksgiving ON Thanksgiving- when most of them had days off and did not have to use up vacation time. And it was not fair to them all to ask them to rearrange their lives because my company thought the almighty dollar was more important than their employees.
          So I learned to do without the major holidays- Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial and Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Easter.
          And smiled at all the people who came in and bitched and bitched and bitched. If they wanted a holiday meal done their way they should learn to fucking cook- in their own kitchen. Special place in hell for those folks- or they come back as busboys or dishwashers lol.

        • swanspirit says:

          My family used to say , When is Christmas this year ?, and second Christmas , ?like second breakfast for the Hobbits . Things really are wild now that the grandchildren have “boyfriends” And I am welcome at all of the ex-laws , unless my actual ex is going to show . Then I just decline .

    • t says:

      Retail folks don’t get extra pay for holidays. It’s a union thing.

  4. tommy says:

    Jesse Jackson Jn. due to resign within one hour? Whats up with that dude? But this looks really serious. I sincerely hope that he gets over his illness.

  5. wyntre says:


    “If you are single and aren’t spending Thanksgiving with your family, the whole day sucks. There is nothing good to watch on television and almost everything is closed. So you sit alone and eat your Swanson’s Hungry Man TV dinner with turkey and mashed potatoes while watching lousy football games.”

    But I won’t be watching football. Me and the flock (3 parrots) are gonna sit down to dinner together. Wish I could get them to wear little bibs but they won’t put up with that. Also, have to do the dinner in shifts coz they will attack each other if I’m not handy with the squirt bottle. I can only handle two at a time.


  6. elliesmom says:

    Hear! Hear! Our local WalMart is not open on Thanksgiving night. They will open for Black Friday at 5:00 am. They asked for volunteers to come in early and offered a shift differential. According to the middle-aged woman checking me out yesterday, they had more volunteers than they needed, mostly young people. She’s not working until noon with her manager’s blessing. The “idiots rushing the doors when they open scare me.”

    Elliesdad and I will have a nice dinner tomorrow night, but the truth is we have are fortunate to have a nice dinner most every night. I won’t be spending the entire day in the kitchen making too much food. He’ll spend most of the day working at home because he’s retiring at the end of next week, and he doesn’t want to leave the guy who’s picking up his project with a mess to deal with, and he’s a good guy like that. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do tomorrow, but the postman just delivered 100 yards of pink petticoat netting. I’m making my DIL a formal for an award ceremony where she’s one of the honorees so tomorrow I get to make the petticoat, which is pure fun.

  7. carol haka says:

    I flew as a flight attendant on every holiday birthday anniversary etc. I flew sick or tired. I flew with the flu. I was happy people were getting where they wanted or needed to be. 🙂 I miss Ryan as he is in NY making up for a lost week of school because of Sandy. I have already tasted the dressing twice. 😥 Neiman Marcus and other online stores are open 24/7. They pay double time as does Walmart. This is about unioniation.

    • carol haka says:

      I always make a point of thanking everyone I come into contact with for working on a special day. They usually have a look of shock on their face and then smile really big. 🙂

    • DeniseVB says:

      My son’s an air marshal and this is the first year he’s been able to choose Thanksgiving or Christmas. So we’ll see him next month, It only took him 11 years to get senior enough.

  8. votermom says:

  9. myiq2xu says:

  10. HELENK says:

    traffic to LAX backed up due to backtrack’s union SEIU protest
    I did not know that they had been voted out of the company they are protesting.

    nothing like angering travelers on one of the heaviest travel days of the year. notice they are screwing with people who are leaving the city. wonder if they will have the guts to protest on Sunday when many people are returning to the city

  11. HELENK says:

    A U.S. bankruptcy judge has approved Hostess Brand’s plan to wind down the company after last-minute mediation l… http://bit.ly/10eVgXs

  12. wyntre says:


    Hamas Violates Cease-Fire


    Hamas has already violated the cease-fire negotiated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government. According to sources within Israel, air raid sirens sounded in the city of Beer Sheva as the cease-fire went into effect at 9 p.m. local time, and rocket attacks were reported elsewhere across the south.

    In addition, as reported by Israeli blogger Jameel at “The Muqata,” a new poll released by Israel’s Channel 2 indicates that 70% of Israelis oppose a cease-fire, and only 24% support one. (The poll was conducted before today’s announcement of a cease-fire agreement.) 64% of Israelis believe a cease-fire will not last. A smaller majority, 58%, believes that Operation Pillar of Defense strengthened Israel’s deterrent; 15% say it is weaker.

    The cease-fire agreement came as Israel scored hit after hit on Hamas terror infrastructure, including Iranian-made long-range rockets–but also shortly after a terror attack on a bus in Tel Aviv for which Hamas claimed responsibility. The timing may allow Hamas to claim a political and strategic victory, especially as its rockets reached the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the first time during the week-long conflict.

    Pressure from the United States undoubtedly played a role, as the Obama administration was reluctant to see Israel launch a ground war in Gaza, and Clinton may have threatened to close the purse strings of aid to Egypt.

    Other polls showed that Israelis, who supported the aerial assault on Gaza, were far more reluctant to back a ground campaign that could take weeks and involve casualties to Israeli soldiers, including reservists. Yet the Israeli public seems convinced that Hamas has not been sufficiently crippled and that more needed to be done.


  13. myiq2xu says:

    That’s how I want to go. Bleed out at my own wedding from beer-related injuries.

  14. foxyladi14 says:

    Let me tell you how many holidays I have worked lots 🙂

  15. HELENK says:

    #BREAKINGNEWS Both NJ Transit and LIRR have temporarily suspended service in and out of Penn Station because of switching problems.

    this effects a lot of people trying to get home from work or start out for the holiday

  16. well, it’s Thanksgiving eve, and I’m starting to feel a little less cranky and more positive about the future (maybe)


  17. yttik says:

    “If you are single and aren’t spending Thanksgiving with your family, the whole day sucks….”

    LOL! I used to love working on Thanksgiving in the restaurant. The only people who ever came in were total grouches who either didn’t have family or had family with the good sense not to invite them over! I was grateful all day that I wasn’t as miserable as they were!

    I’m kidding, only about half the customers were like that. I also got to meet some really sweet people, like a 95 year old man who had just lost his wife and was spending his first Thanksgiving alone or a young guy in the army who had been stationed here and really missed his family. We used to listen mostly, and try to let them know we cared.

    • swanspirit says:

      Working in a hospital on a holiday , is a helluva lot better than being in one . We really did try to cheer people up, and sometimes it worked. I used to tell people , you will go home , I will still be here 😉

  18. yttik says:

    Wait…what are we protesting, again?


    Geesh, it’s almost like the workers are irrelevant to the union anymore.

  19. t says:

    Those who hate Walmart? Ask them if they shop at Amazon, known for literally sweat shop policies, for questionable marketing and predatory retail practices, for overworking employees, for shutting down 3rd party Amazon marketplace sites and keeping their money for a ridiculously long time, for bricking Kindles, or at minimum removing PURCHASED books from them. Etc. etc.

    It’s a distortion to say that Walmart is bad, but Amazon and Target are fine. but most people do say that.

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