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Vagina, Vagina, Vagina

From I Advocate Feminism: “The Great Wall of Vagina:” A study of human individuality The “Great Wall” is the work of plaster caster/artist Jamie McCartney. McCartney owns Brighton Body Casting, a company/studio he opened to offer casting services to the … Continue reading

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Just Another Turkey Day Open Thread

I’m gonna be taking off for a while in a little bit. I am going over my oldest son’s for turkey and fixins. Then I’m gonna come home and drink beer. What are you doing today?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is a day of giving thanks. Here is what I’m thankful for: 1. My grandkids 2. My friends here at The Crawdad Hole 3. Buster Posey 4. Beer 5. Girls who drink beer What are you thankful for?

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