Sunday Morning Music Open Thread

What’s up?

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  1. well myiq, I’ve given you a mention in my latest blog piece—-

  2. tommy says:

    ‘US mechanic, his wife among lottery winners – A Missouri mechanic and his wife who claimed their share on Friday of the record $588 million Powerball lottery jackpot said they hoped to stay true to their roots and keep living simply. Their 6 year old daughter was atleast hoping for a pony. Surrounded by family and friends, Cindy and Mark Hill were introduced as this weeks lottery winners at their high school where they became sweethearts in the 1970s. The Hills will split the $588 million prize with whoever holds a winning ticket sold at a convenience store in suburban Phoenix. No one has come forward yet with the Arizona ticket, lottery officials said’. Any arizona peeps, recheck the nos. IMO, the greatest threat to the Hills would be those ‘family and friends’. And myiq, if you never win the lottery, we’ll pony up to buy you a pony. Hehehe..’

  3. driguana says:

    just hold on….

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