Tuesday Musical Interlude

If you like the sound of a pedal steel guitar, you’ll love this song.

I would like to ask everyone to leave a comment whenever you drop by, even if it’s just to say howdy. Don’t just lurk. We get a stat from WordPress that tells us how many visitors we get but not who they are. Plus it’s friendlier, and we want this to be a happy place.

BTW – If Taylor Swift ever meets Mister Right or Prince Charming and lives happily ever after, is her singing career over? She’s currently robbing the cradle with some 18 year old lead singer of a boy band.

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  1. piper says:

    one of my favs – blow me (one last kiss) by Pink

  2. piper says:

    As JoeJoe says no BFD – Taylor Swift is 22 approx. 4 years older than her new interest.

  3. indigogrrl1 says:

    Hi. I lurk umpteen times a day. I just dont say much anymore cuz Im mad and depressed and theres not much to say about that b

    • myiq2xu says:

      Hang out with us. Misery loves company.

    • angienc says:

      Trust me I know how you feel. We don’t have a free & fair press anymore — they engaged in a level of propaganda to protect Obama that rivals anything Pravda did for Stalin — and people either don’t give a shit or are too stupid to notice.

      Just as Hillary was the right person for the job in 2008, Romney was the right person for the job in 2012 — instead TPTB made sure that didn’t happen (even though both times the PEOPLE actually voted for the right person — but we’re not allowed to mention that or people will think you’re “crazy” — although why that’s bad, I have no idea — Jesse Jackson Jr. just won re-election with 70% of the vote). One year may have been a “fluke” because of the “elect a black person to POTUS” — 2 times in a row is proof: our votes don’t matter.

      Which only makes the idiots on the right who are gleefully trashing Romney & talking about how “we just need a true CONSERVATIVE to run” all the more annoying — no assholes, Romney was hurt by YOU and your weirdo candidates (Murdouch, Akin) not the other way around — heck, even your candidates who managed to win (like Ted Cruz — a fucking loser if I ever saw one in Texas), Romney still got about 100,000 *more* votes in Texas than Cruz did.

      Oh, and FTR: conservative darling Ryan didn’t help the ticket geographically or demographically — he didn’t even bring in the Catholic vote. If the “lesson” the right is taking away is that the problem was Romney, then it just proves that Romney was a better candidate then those fuckwits deserved.

      • indigogrrl1 says:

        honkity honk honk

      • lyn5 says:

        :¦:-•:*”’*:•.-:¦:-•* Honk! *•-:¦:-•:*”’*:•-:¦:

      • DeniseVB says:

        Bravo! Yes, that’s where we are right now, monkeys in the middle of two ahole political parties.

        I see Sarah’s tossing out some ninja stars …. at Obama and the Republicans……so we may see a Phoenix rise from the ashes afterall 😀

        • angienc says:

          The two extremes on the left (vile progs) and right (SoCons) really are 2 sides of the same coin –petty self-righteous tyrants who want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us “for our own good.”

          They can both kiss my ass.

      • insanelysane says:


        Today it occurred to me that if Romney had run as a Democrat and challenged O in the primaries, we would likely have a President Romney.
        Actually I thought the same of Jon Huntsman too.
        Both of them are so ready to lead with enormous experience and intellect. The social agenda the Republicans push is what did in Romney. You got that right angie.
        And , of course, Hillary would have been the ultimate POTUS.

        Two great Presidents were tossed aside for this experiment for what?
        I sure don’t know.

        I’m miserable and a little shell shocked too.
        I quit facebook, quit reading the news and blogs except for a few.
        ,quit talking politics and I hold my tongue when anyone brings it up.

        I’m selling stuff on eBay ( I sell teddy bears) and gardening with my chickens.
        Both are way more fun than thinking about what losers the voters are.

        • angienc says:

          If Hillary had been elected in 2008, we would have had a real recovery & wouldn’t have needed Romney in 2012

          The fact that *anyone* voted for Obama over either of them shows that’s how stupid voters are.

    • OldCoastie says:

      Me too IG. I’m here daily but haven’t much to say right now.

  4. myiq2xu says:

    That Taylor Swift video has been viewed almost 17 million times since October 23rd. I am only responsible for about 100 thousand of them.

    • HELENK says:

      you would think that now there are so many channels on TV, every night would be a feast. Sorry not happening. reality shows are cheaper to produce. people are paying for channels they do not use.
      I can not think of any tv show that will be remembered 20 or 30 years from now like they were in the past.

      movies have become too expensive for many families to go see.
      remember there used to be Saturday afternoon matinees that were safe for kids to go see and affordable. Drive in movies along with increasing the population were affordable.
      even the bad movies were fun, now it is just dreck

  5. HELENK says:

    my all time favorite guitar music

  6. Constance says:

    I love Taylor Swift. She runs through guys at an amazing speed but doesn’t give up. Very intriguing

  7. HELENK says:

    now get out of your chairs and dance

  8. HELENK says:


    guess ignoring the law runs in backtrack’s family

  9. Must be going around- I am here every day- but like Jadzia above- I think I lost my voice.
    I am trying to work up the energy and the spirit to do the holiday baking. In a normal year I start the holiday baking right after Thanksgiving- just not feeling it this year. I really have to get off my ass and get it done- the boys are expecting their Christmas ration of my “famous” oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
    I have been looking at the 12 days of cookies- and even that isn’t inspiring me.

  10. driguana says:

    ready to rumble….

  11. tommy says:

    Howdy…..hey mods, any hateful trolls come by nowadays? If they avoid us, its a bad sign. Lol

    • leslie says:

      Lately only “Wanda” has been by. Just the usual hateful stuff – last time “it” was targeting Ann Romney. Sad, really.

      How’s your ankle? Keep that frozen corn/peas on it.

  12. tommy says:

    Bradley Manning wants to run for public office. Just great. Maybe after hes been imprisoned for 18 years, he could run for POTUS. lol

  13. Lisaque says:

    Hey I like lurking.

  14. melisshka says:

    Hi, I’m still lurking, which is mostly all I’ve ever done. Loved the pic of your soon to be heartbreaker adorable grandson, but I can’t comment easily when I’m on my tablet. Anyway, he looks to be quite the charmer.

  15. smile says:

    Just for you, myiq, I am de-lurking. 🙂 I come here everytime I get online, which is pretty much everyday. Since after the elections, I only visit 2-3 news blogs/news aggregators, usually just read their headlines, except here, I am still reading all posts and comments. 🙂 Also I have diverted my attention to something lot less emotion, while still entertaining, and that is to check out the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid. It passes the time, relaxes me a bit, and I don’t have to hear the same mind-numbing political arguments everyday from the DC critters. 🙂

    • smile says:

      Oh, also your little grandson is so very adorable, cute, handsome, and has quite the smile, or is he laughing there. Just looking at me made me smile and chuckle, and so I think he was actually laughing in that picture. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. I’m still in shock. I thought my country was better than this. I was wrong. And I feel bad for giving a false sense of hope to people.

    Mostly I’m just reading the media with a sense of disbelief and powerlessness washing over me. I have no idea what to do next, or even if it’s worth continuing to fight for people who clearly don’t deserve my efforts (present company excluded, of course). I might even look for a job in private education next year. Might as well sell out to the highest bidder. This service-based approach I’ve been wedded to is not working for me. I wonder why I should even care anymore….

    • smile says:

      Do consider going into the private sector, Lola. I moved into the private sector and have been there for the last 6 years and it has been very good to me. Prior to that, I did my stints in the military, peace corps, and public school teaching, and I must say, that comparatively, the private sector is a much better employer and more willing to reward and recognize too workers. I moved up rapidly in the private sector simply by being a good employee, being dependable, reliable and productive.

      One of the best lessons I learned during peace corps was that you cannot improve other people’s lives or even help them unless they want to improve, and unless they want your help. And now, I try to apply what Yogananda says: You cannot change others, but you can change yourself (paraphrasing). So I am working on changing and improving my self, doing more yoga meditations, exercising more, living and eating more simply.

      • smile says:

        oops! not ‘recognize too workers’, but ‘recognize good workers’. 🙂

      • AniEm says:

        Amen. Women especially need to trade in ‘do-goodism’ for self care. It’s good to love others, but first love yourself, to spin the Golden Rule.

        Politically, the important message from the 2008 election is that ‘nice women finish last’ and also get battered for their efforts. Both parties were in unity around that sexist strategy. No more political donations. Ever.

    • yttik says:

      “And I feel bad for giving a false sense of hope to people.”

      I think it was the other way around, Lola. We all tried to destroy people’s false sense of hope so they wouldn’t re-elect the empty suit.

      As to why you should care anymore, mostly because great success is the best revenge. Look at Sarah Palin, “losing” all the way to the bank. Or Romney “losing” and relaxing at Disneyland. What do the “winners” get? Obamacare about to hit the fan, a fiscal cliff, a lame duck, and half the country disgusted.

    • HELENK says:

      you did more than a lot of people. remember the old adage
      you can lead a horse to water, but you can not make them drink.


      You owe nothing to anyone, and I am proud to know you.

    • angienc says:

      First, Romney did win — and everyone but the true idiots (vile progs & socons — two sides of the same coin) knows it, just like everyone knows Obama didn’t win the 2008 primary.

      Second, the fact that so many did vote for Obama — well, yeah, that sucks. It shows how fall this country has fallen — but really, when you make people celebrities on the basis of sex tapes (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc) what can you expect. Even though Romney — his decency, his humility, his compassion, his work ethic, and his specific skill set was exactly what this nation needed, this nation could not approve of Romney. That’s a reflection on the nation, not the man.

      Third, you shouldn’t care. Take care of yourself & your family. The government certainly doesn’t care about you & the people who voted for Obama wouldn’t kill you to look at you if it served their purpose.

      But the last thing you need to do is wallow in it. At the very least, we can document WTF is really going on with Obama, how the MSM is covering for him, etc for posterity. I mean — someone’s got to do it (for the children). * LOL

      *Until we get sent to reeducation camps, naturally.

      • angienc says:

        *should have been:

        the people who voted for Obama would kill you to look at you.

      • Erica says:

        Well said, Angie. And Lola, you were a bright spot during the election. Like Helen said, be proud of yourself and your efforts. This country is worth fighting to turn it around. Up is down and down is up, but we should be here trying to tell the truth, speaking truth to power if we have the chance, and at least, speaking it to each other. That may be all we have for some time, but to me that is of great worth, especially when I look around and see the lying and corruption that is out there in the media and the political world. Thank-you.

      • srisude says:

        I am here all day, everyday, Myiq. It is just that any time I want to say something, someone has already said it 🙂
        I agree with angie that we did not lose this election. There is no way in hell can I believe that Romney had 39000 come to his PA rally, and he gets zero votes. Zero, really?
        And we need you all here. You guys are the reason I am still sane. So please keep doing the good work.
        Thanks to all of you for all that you do.

    • Just so you know, y’all are awesome and that’s what keeps me coming back. I’ll get over myself. I’m just trying to maintain until the end of the semester. Thanks for the kind words and support. It means a lot.

  17. britgirls says:

    Yes … I am lurking. o.o

    I check in here about once a day. This place is a true comfort to me and about my only source of political news. I just had to hide away for awhile … really burned out by yet another disappointing election.

    And in my day to day life … keeping really busy with Xmas prep. I’ve baked up a total storm and have made lots of traditional English things (Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, mincemeat, sausage rolls). I’m also applying to nursing schools. Please wish me luck with that!

  18. lyn5 says:

    I’m sad that the haters and losers won, but we should continue to point out their hate and stupidity and to promote the freedom to think outside the echo chamber. I still have hope that karma is going to bite Obama’s ass in the next four years, and his media lapdogs will be unable do anything about it.

  19. DandyTiger says:

    Met Gillian, super nice.

  20. myiq2xu says:

    A couple of these actually sound pretty good:


  21. lorac says:

    Speaking of music, if you like 50s and 60s beebop, try to catch “Under the Streetlamp”, on a tour right now arranged by public television. Four young guys who met while performing in Jersey Boys, a play about the life and music of Frankie Valle. They were here Saturday night, and they were great! They were a lot of fun, seem like nice guys, and had great singing and dancing. Two brunettes, one blond, and one guy with a shaved head and a beautiful smile who does an incredible version of “At Last”, made famous by Etta James.

  22. KK says:

    Hi just delurking…thanks for the very kind invitation MYIQ. I come here every day, several times a day and love reading the comments….I also visit John Smart and HIllary is 44 as well as the news aggregators. I’ve been coming here since the beginning and before that River Daughter. I only go there now after Myiq mentions it or if it is a particularly slow day. Anyhow, I love all the commenters, and a special thanks to HelenK for her own new-sgathering service 🙂 also to Lola, Angie C and the special and precarious wit of Dandy Tiger… always makes me laugh. Keep up the good work and please know you are all loved and appreciated.

  23. Gojoyknocks says:

    Delurking. I wish you could read the brilliant conversations we have in my head.

  24. taw46 says:

    I come here every day, several times a day. You guys are my lifeline, keep me sane. I, too, am depressed, and since I believe Mitt really won, that makes it worse. Other than this blog, I stayed off blogs for about a week after the election. But, finally started reading them again.

    It is a strange place at work. Normally, people would be excited about Christmas and their plans. No one talks about it. No one talked about the election, not even the ones who voted for the idiot. Even the ones who “won” are depressed.

    Thanks to all of you who post and comment daily. I feel like I know you and you make me laugh!

  25. tommy says:

    Myiq, wake up *pokes the Klown*

  26. fernschild says:

    Lots of things are depressing right now, but at least we still have this place. I have an ultra-conservative friend who was as crushed as I that Mitt didn’t get elected. He commented in an e-mail “I had great hopes for Mitt. High road obviously not the road to the White House.” And that actually helped, because he and I do not meet in the middle, politically, and have enjoyed aggravating each other for years, but we’re still friends. And I think this blog has some of the same dynamic.

  27. SimoFish says:

    Ok, I’m late to the party. Usually I am here everyday reading all the comments. Last 2 days have been crazy flying back from the family farm, catching up on work and trying to help the Mrs get ready for the move to Texas.

    BTW – my favorite band / singer is Blondie.

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