Open Thread and a Major Change in the WH Briefing Room ?

NoDoz alert, but wait for it…..

Keith of WHD hopes so

Do we start with the WH Press Corpse? Looks like a good start. 🙂

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15 Responses to Open Thread and a Major Change in the WH Briefing Room ?

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Has anyone seen Jay Carney and Anthony Rapp in the same place ?

  2. angienc says:

    I’ve seen this play before — help the SCoaMF get re-elected & then trash him so they can pretend that they *always* fairly reported on him so everyone can forget they robbed us of our votes/our opportunity to have REAL leadership (first Hillary, then Romney) so we wouldn’t have to suffer through all this bullshit.

    Too little too fucking late, IMO

    • myiq2xu says:

      This is the same media that trashed Bill, Hillary, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney. They used to like McCain and Bush, and didn’t start trashing George Bush until 2005 and McCain in 2008. Now they say nice things about Bill and Hillary but that will change if she runs again.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Oh yeah. ^5 Ange 🙂

  3. DeniseVB says:

    At least we have MOTUS……

    We gots the humor 🙂

  4. lyn5 says:

    This song is perfect for these lapdogs.

  5. 49erDweet says:

    Watched the video twice. Must of missed something. All I saw was a roomful of idiots fixated on a jerk at the microphone pleasuring himself.

    • cj says:

      Yeah, that’s pretty much what I saw too, although it might have been the first time I ever saw a press secretary reading a newspaper article back to the press at a WH press conference.

  6. Glennmcgahee says:

    The seas have not stopped rising and you better not get in it either. (Wasn’t Corexit provided by an Illinois Company?)
    I noticed at the top, Breaking News Headline, “Syria loading Nerve Gas”, wonder if Obama is gonna play golf today?

  7. Wait. I thought Dems wanted gun control? Unless you are a Chicago Lawmaker?

  8. Rangoon78 says:

    I was over at Lambert’s place where they’re discussing the fixin’ the debt…

    Peterson acolyte assaults rational being at DC hotel conclave | Corrente

    Rangoon78 on Thu, 12/06/2012 – 8:22am
    I think somebody will turn out to be right about the nature of our debt and its effect on the world of bonds, but also maybe we’ll never know; we’ll cut Medicare and kill old ladies with a change the COLA and it will be reported that we did the right thing. I vote massive government infrastructure jobs and federal funding for musicians and actors.

    I Googled the above line and got:

    WPA definitions | Quizlet
    1, work progress administration: massive work relief program funded projects … actors, writers, musicians); first time the federal government took a direct part in …. by emergency relief appropriation act gave jobs not doles built infrustructure …

    Some say that the New Deal solutions aren’t a fix for today’s problems. I want to believe they are still economically sound responses to our massive underemployment, and furthermore they are hallmarks of a society one would be proud to be a part of.
    -my $ .O2

    “when the Wall Street types or their designated spokespeople make authoritative sounding claims that the markets will be upset if we don’t cut Social Security or Medicare as part of a budget deal, there is no direct way to refute them. After all, it is possible that they will be right.” -Dean Baker

    • Rangoon78 says:

      Private sector job creator: Apple CEO announces entire line of Macs to be made in America

      [CEO Tim] Cook, who joined Apple in 1998, said he believes it’s important to bring more jobs to the United States. Apple would not reveal where exactly the Macs will be manufactured.

      “When you back up and look at Apple’s effect on job creation in the United States, we estimate that we’ve created more than 600,000 jobs now,” said Cook. Those jobs, not all Apple hires, vary from research and development jobs in California to retail store hires to third-party app developers. Apple already has data centers in North Carolina, Nevada and Oregon and plans to build a new one in Texas.

      Ronnie Polidoro / NBC News
      Apple has taken a lot of heat over the past couple of years after a rash of suicides at plants in China run by Foxconn drew attention to working conditions at the world’s largest contract supplier. Apple and other manufacturers who have their gadgets produced by Foxconn were forced to defend production in China. Earlier this year, Apple hired the nonprofit Fair Labor Association to examine working conditions at Foxconn, which makes some of Apple’s most popular products: iPhones, iPods and iPads.

      Given that, why doesn’t Apple leave China entirely and manufacture everything in the U.S.? “It’s not so much about price, it’s about the skills,” Cook told Williams.

      WATCH VIDEO: Apple CEO announces ‘Made in America’ plans

      Can I get an ‘I Hate Apple!’

  9. Not commenting on the Global Warming Hoax, but its interesting to note where our tax dollars are going on the sly:

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