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The Best Movie To Never Win An Oscar

Seriously, how did this movie not get at least a nomination? The Academy Awards are rigged. This is an open thread.

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Two From Ace Of Spades

Two posts by Ace encapsulate my recent thinking: Unemployment Shoots Back Up Over 8% I can’t believe TFG is still president. Four more years. Think about that. America is serving a medium-term prison sentence. This is part of the reason … Continue reading

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The Lies Unravel

It’s all unraveling now, and not a moment too late. In the wake of the media-instigated win for Obama, all the pretty lies the Administration and the press used to cover his sorry ass are beginning to come out. Every … Continue reading

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Labs Today!

I gotta get labs today, which means I can’t eat or drink nothing until after I get my tire pressure and vital fluids checked. I am not a happy camper. What are you doing this morning?

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