Two From Ace Of Spades


Two posts by Ace encapsulate my recent thinking:

Unemployment Shoots Back Up Over 8%

I can’t believe TFG is still president.

Four more years. Think about that. America is serving a medium-term prison sentence.

This is part of the reason I’m encouraging people to look to other things for happiness. I know it’s going to be very difficult for me to get through this. For the past four years I’ve had a mindset of “Just get to January 13, 2013, and then it’s all smooth sailing.”

I’m having a difficult time ratcheting myself up for “Just get yourself to January 2017, and then we’re on easy street, baby.”

Awwww, four whole years? I am currently closing in on TWELVE YEARS of waiting out a bad presidency. I’ve been doing it four years at a time – “Just get to January 2005”, “Hang in there until January 2009”, and “Just a little bit farther” is what I’ve kept telling myself.

Know I know it will be at least 2017 before I see another POTUS who isn’t a walking, talking clusterfuck of a miserable failure.

Should Rush Limbaugh Advocate a 77 Percent Tax Rate?

Karl argues he should at Hot Air, suggesting that the GOP might have to illustrate to the public how massive our spending is by actually ratcheting up taxes to finance all this spending.

At the moment, the public is not actually confronted with the cost of the expanding government because we’re currently borrowing from China to pay for it (and will do so, until China realizes we can’t cover our debts, in which case we’re going to try some hyperinflation (which, of course, has always worked in the past)).

Let it burn.

I don’t really care what Disgusting Pigboy advocates, but I agree with the concept. The longer we delay in restoring fiscal sanity, the worse things will get. It’s called “compound interest.”

If you really want to destroy social spending and programs like Social Security and Medicare, don’t face reality. Then somewhere down the road reality will face us all. We might all be dead by then, but we have kids and grandkids that will be suffering the consequences. Neither side wants to tell us the truth because it won’t be easy or pleasant.

Once upon a time in this land natural fires burned out the underbrush on a regular basis. Sometimes those fires were set by people. When the Europeans arrived the commented on the park-like nature of the American forests.

Then for many years the government made firefighting a priority. Any and all fires were treated as foes to be fought. Our park-like forests became choked with underbrush.

Now when fires start they burn out entire forests.

Sometimes it’s better to let it burn. It causes less damage in the long run.


Howard Dean admitted today that everyone will have to pay more taxes, not just the rich. Let me be clear – I am not some Paultard Libertarian who wants to get rid of the government. It’s just that people need to face facts.

We can have low taxes or high government spending. But not both.

For several decades we have had an unholy alliance in Washington of big spenders and tax cutters.

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42 Responses to Two From Ace Of Spades

  1. angienc says:

    Fucking Romney.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Right now I really don’t care whose fault it is – there is plenty of blame to go around. We need to fix the problem, not the blame.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I sure don’t want to spend the next 4 years hating. Hate hating. I’m not going to blame Obama either, just his idiot supporters, suckup media, greedy union bosses, clueless celebutards and stupid voters.

      May they reap the benefits of their “hating on” a good man (Romney), who cared about them more than Obama ever will.

      In 2001 I ended up on DU, a little while later, dKos. They perfected Hating GWB and the owners made a ton of money. They didn’t care about us either. What was my first clue? Bitchslaps and warnings from moderators about what links I couldn’t post. When I complained to Skinner and Markos, get this, “any links criticizing Obama are not welcomed here”.

      I’m all for fixing the problem, sadly, I think the Dem Party is beyond repair 😦 Where do we go from here?

  3. yttik says:

    “I am currently closing in on TWELVE YEARS of waiting out a bad presidency.”

    I think I’m going on 50 years! There were some bright spots, brief moments in time when something good accidentally came down from DC, but for the most part, I’ve been waiting for a good and decent politician to get elected. Most of them have been shades of gray, dropping a couple of positives here and there, but mostly just helping us to sink farther and farther into a hole.

    What helps is trying to look at them realistically as imperfect human beings. FDR for example, pretty good New Deal stuff…. except for the forced labor camps and internment centers. I would never have voted for him, I think he was way to close to a fascist for my comfort. We got social security and some labor standards, but millions of people lost loved ones and had their lives destroyed because of his policies.

  4. tucsonlynn says:

    “I know it will be at least 2017 before I see another POTUS who isn’t a walking, talking clusterfuck of a miserable failure.”

    see, you ARE an optimist.

  5. myiq2xu says:

    Kurt Schlichter:

    A Lawyer’s Tips on Negotiating for Dummies and Congressional Republicans


    Obama is trying to get the GOP to commit suicide so that it will be unable to oppose him. And the GOP is responding to this attempt to disembowel it by handing its enemy the figurative samurai sword.

    Obama sees that the kind of betrayal the GOP Establishment is dying to pull off will split the party and ignite an internal struggle that would make the post-1968 Democratic convention convulsions seem like a group hug. He’s not negotiating to get something. He’s negotiating to do something, and we conservatives are the ones Obama wants it done to. Moreover, he wants the GOP Establishment to do it for him.

    Now, when you understand what your client wants and what your opponent wants, you are ready to form your negotiating strategy. What the GOP Establishment fails to understand is that reacting is not a strategy. Whining that the liberal media is going to be mean to you if you stay true to your principles and to your word is not a strategy. Cursing Grover Norquist for allowing you to make a promise to your constituents about never raising taxes, which helped you get elected, is not a strategy either.

    A strategy focuses you on your goal, which means the congressional Republicans have no strategy because they have no goal other than to make the hurting stop.

    Yet the GOP actually has several aces in the hole – the only reason they are taking the submissive role in the Fifty Shades of the Fiscal Cliff playing out before us is that they chose to assume it. Maybe Obama has a mandate, but so do they. They should be exercising it.

    Their first step is to stop showing fear and to start counter-attacking. So America falls off the fiscal cliff? Who cares? Hell, a substantial number of the rich and sorta-rich are Democratic voters in blue states anyway. Let them put their money where their progressivism is. And if there’s another recession, awesome. We call that a teachable moment for America about what happens when its president is a spendaholic who would rather campaign than lead.

    What about those cuts to defense? Okay. We’ll live having only exponentially more military power than our nearest competitors. And if all else fails and the bad guys invade, as Red Dawn teaches, we’ll just open up our gun safes and go all Wolverines on them.

    Sound a bit, well, crazy? Unreasonable? Even scary? Good, because a skilled lawyer understands the awesome power of being the craziest, most unreasonable and scariest guy at the table. Obama is hanging tough only because he thinks – he knows – the congressional Republicans are dying to fold well before he pays any kind of price.

    But what if the GOP’s offer was a two-word response beginning with the letter “F” – and what if they meant it? After all, the secret of being the unreasonable negotiator is that you can’t be bluffing, that you have to be ready to pull the pin and take the whole table out with you. In other words, the Republicans ought to be telling the President “Hey, I’ll be Thelma and you can be Louise, and we’re pedal to the metal.”

    • yttik says:

      It’s good advice.

      There is no “deal” that can be struck. I really believe that we have to create more prosperity, more jobs, in order to get more Gov revenue. It’s not about “tax the rich” or “tax everyone,” we have to stop spending and create more incentives for businesses to expand and feel confident. The only way to do that is with tax breaks for businesses and creating economic certainty so businesses know what’s going to be coming at them.

      Raising taxes is irrelevant at this point. There’s not enough money to pay for what we’ve already spent. And the wealthy won’t pay higher taxes, they’ll shelter their money until conditions are more favorable. And the middle class won’t pay it, our incomes are dropping faster then they can raise taxes. If you raise taxes on businesses, they’ll just slow their growth down.

  6. HELENK says:

    this could get really interesting

    fake indian warren on the banking committe

    • DeniseVB says:

      I read she’s still has campaign debt and sending out requests for more donations. Seems those pesky volunteers sucked up too much pizza or something 🙂 Banking and Finance …. riiiiiiiight.

    • Mary says:

      The Constitution gives the debt limit approval to Congress, period.

      Obama can’t just bypass that cuz he doesn’t want to have to deal with it. Tough shit, prez.

  7. HELENK says:

    Iowa Hawk

    idea: move the entire EPA to a cave in Montana with no electricity.

    this is one of the best ideas I have heard all day

  8. OldCoastie says:

    Seems like shutting down all these wars would be the 1st priority…

  9. HELENK says:

    is this the future
    I guess underground classes will have to be started to teach great literature to future generations

    take a kid to the library while you can

    • HELENK says:

      all kidding aside

      since libraries are cutting hours due to funding cuts and book stores are closing due to e-books, many kids will be cut off from reading the great literature. If they are no longer taught in schools, we are cheating our kids

  10. SHV says:

    “Sometimes it’s better to let it burn.”
    Time to fire up “As The Palaces Burn” on the stereo….The cats love Metal!!

  11. HELENK says:

    now that Washington state has made pot legal, how much is too much when driving???

  12. Stern Warning says:

    It’s so adorable watching you guys pretend that you ever were really Democrats! I mean, HELENK obviously has solid liberal leanings.

    • myiq2xu says:

      The “stern” is the ass of a ship.

    • HELENK says:

      ass of the boat
      I was a democrat before you were born. I left the democratic party may 31 2008, when the new democratic party decided that votes no longer counted. This undermined the Constitution and everything i was taught about this great country.
      maybe undermining this country does not matter to you, well shame on you for that. But it does matter to me. I want better for my children, my grand children and my great grand children.

      • angienc says:


      • HELENK says:

        by the way i was taught in high school way back in the 1950s to always be awake and aware that the freedoms and rights of this country could come under attack. I just did not know that it would come from the NEW democratic party. and so many fools would help them.

    • angienc says:

      Well it’s not adorable at all watching you ignorant fucks pretend you have liberal leanings when you vote for the guy who has targeted (and killed) US citizens with drones, enacts fiscal polices that allow the mega-rich to get richer while everyone else gets poorer, and tacitly endorses blasphemy laws re: “slandering the ‘prophet’ of Islam.”

      You are the most aggressively ignorant people since the Carolingian Period — but at least the peons then weren’t so fucking delusional that they thought they were “smarter” than everyone else, and thus didn’t go around acting like smug dick heads using politics as a cover for damaged personality disorders and/or to give meaning to their pathetic lives.

      Self-awareness — how the fuck does it work?

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