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Here they go again

The Blasé: The Ellen DeGeneres’ Christmas Ad Sparks Conservative Protest: ‘Christians Must Now Vote With Their Wallets’ Gay talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is, once again, the focus of a debate between J.C. Penney and the conservative media watchdog One … Continue reading

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Christina Aguilera’s Moment with Hillary Clinton

This is an open thread.

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The right to NOT join a union

Michigan GOP approves right to work amid union protests Republicans slammed right-to-work legislation through the Michigan House and Senate Thursday, drawing raucous protests from throngs of stunned union supporters, whose outnumbered Democratic allies were powerless to stop it. Just hours … Continue reading

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Sacrilege!! – A Rule 15 Violation

Blog Rule #15: Thou shall not diss Taylor Swift. Could that be any plainer? Is there any ambiguity to that statement? The Hollywood Reporter: Camille Paglia: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Hollywood Are Ruining Women When Forbes released its annual … Continue reading

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Happy Pearl Harbor Day!

On this day in 1941 the Imperial Navy of Japan launched a surprise attack on the United States’ Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on the island of Hawaii. Wikipedia: The base was attacked by 353 Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo … Continue reading

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