TCH Book Club 2013

We have two books nominated to the book club, and they both look promising. I went ahead and looked them up in my local library, and of course they only have one of them. So that makes the “which goes first” question easy – the one that is more readily available goes to the top of the pile.

So, our tentative TCH Book Club order of discussion will be:

The Joy of Hate by Greg Gutfield

Dirty Words on Clean Skin by Anita Finlay

Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck with Harriet Parke – (I just used my vmtatorial powers to add this to the list) Beck put his name on this dystopic thriller and  the UN-as-Cthulhu premise seems interesting.

I did promise y’all a poll, and here it is:

Open thread!

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20 Responses to TCH Book Club 2013

  1. Votermom — I apreciate the nomination but PLEASE CORRECT — my book i called “Dirty Words on Clean Skin” !!!

    Many thanks,

  2. Fixed Anita’s title. And I say we go with her book since I already have it and need to finish it. But the next time I want to go with the Joy of Hate. This is concept I need to embrace.

  3. Thanks so much for the fix, Lola — and to both of you for nominating my book! All my thanks! 🙂

    • leslie says:

      I loved/hated your book. I hope that makes sense to you. I have given it away 3 times (not the same book – I kept the one I read) I have written in the margins, highlighted passages and then I figured I should just dip the entire book in yellow highlighter. 😉
      I’m looking forward to January.

    • votermom says:

      Ani, do you want an author page on goodreads? If you have a blog you want on there I can add the link to it (my other gr account has librarian/edit access)

  4. Constance says:

    I read Anita’s book (straight through, I couldn’t put it down) when it first came out. I’m really glad to see that the facts of what happened have been put down in a book. God knows what the Ministry of Truth media version of history will be when they get through making it up.

  5. westcoaster says:

    Here’s a picture of the first day of legal marijuana in Seattle:

  6. votermom—I’ll send you a signed copy of Anita’s book. Please email me at with your address!!

  7. angienc says:

    I just bought myself The Joy of Hate for Christmas.:-)

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Looking forward to the discussions!

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