I Love Music

I’ll be honest. I have absolutely no musical talent. I can’t sing or play an instrument. I can’t even dance.

But I love music.

Some music is fun, some makes you want to dance. Sometimes it’s the lyrics rather than the instruments that make a song. But some music just makes you want to close your eyes and let it take you away.

I also have to confess that I generally prefer women’s voices. And it doesn’t hurt if the singer is easy on the eyes.

This is an open thread.

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42 Responses to I Love Music

  1. myiq2xu says:

    “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast” – William Congreve.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Ophelia by Natalie Merchant is on my list of “must have” albums. The entire collection is awesome.

  3. driguana says:

    yes…nice post…as my alter ego, radio personality Dr Feelgood used to say on the air…”music is the root of all good”…having spent most of my life associated with music in some regard, I have to say that I found the country of Mali in West Africa and the music that emanates from there to be the most extraordinary that I have ever encountered…it’s role in their culture…even now as their country is being inundated by islamists….the president just “retired” today…its abject grooviness…it’s the home of blues, jazz and r&b….the birthplace of the banjo…it’s home to Timbuktu…I’ve been blessed in my life to have been there twice and was floored by the depth to which music penetrates literally everything….this video featuring two the country’s most talented and revered musicians is worth a watch…it exemplifies the idea that music is, indeed, the root of all good…

  4. myiq2xu says:

    Shania took a decade and a half off to make babies and she still looks awesome.

  5. 49erDweet says:

    Whilst browsing for a theme song to assign to the lily-livered idiot currently claiming to be speaker of the house, or the other Pelosi as I call him, ran across this from 1931 that blew my mind. If you like jazz you’ll appreciate the great tenor sax and clarinet work on this Louis Armstrong number. They couldn’t technically record and playback this well back then so the remastering on this was done brilliantly, IMO.

  6. I’m a classical music lover—-particularly baroque. Just throwing it out there……

  7. DandyTiger says:

    “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
    ― Victor Hugo

  8. tommy says:

    ‘Russians panic over Dec 21 doomsday – Residents in Russia are reportedly purchasing stacks of cereals, tinned meat and boxes of matches in anticipation of the pending apocalypse, according to a report. The head of a chain of hardware stores in Chita, Siberia, said that demand had trebled the prices of candles. Some shopkeepers have taken a tongue-in-cheek approch, flogging “Meet the End of the World” kits which include a tot of vodka, a bar of soap, and a piece of rope. In Barnaul, close to the Altai Mountains, panic buyers snapped up all the torches and Thermos flasks, while locals in Omutninsk in the Kirov region rushed to buy kerosene and other supplies after an article supposedly written by a Tibetan monk appeared in the local paper confirming the prediction of a Dec 21 catastrophe’.

  9. myiq2xu says:

    When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself.

  10. swanspirit says:

    I love music so much I started my own internet radio station , but you knew that already 🙂

  11. tommy says:

    ‘Chinese couple getting divorced to protect their “oversized properties” – Thanks to a new regulation on rural housing by the Chinese city govt. of Guiyang, the residents have to get divorced to keep their houses. According to regulations, rural and residential properties should not be more than 240 square metres per household. Couples in Guiyang city are scrambling to get divorced following this rule. Xie Qingtong, a 58 year old farmer in Da’ao village, in Yunyan district, Guiyang, said he had no choice but to divorce his wife, Zeng Lihong, in Nov. They got divorced to protect the 500 square metre house they built 7 years ago. “After divorce, one family becomes two and the housing size permitted by the authorities is also doubled”. The civil affairs bureau in Yunyan district witnessed 120 couples divorcing everyday in Oct, six times the usual level, the Guizhou Metropolis Daily reported. The divorces included couples who had only been married for two or three months as well as those in their 80s and 90s’. Sooner or later, these sort of butt-tight laws will hit the US. Once they’ve finished soaking the ‘rich’, they’ll come for the regular folk to keep up their spending. And regulations would be a nightmare.

  12. angienc says:

    When I die, bury me deep
    Plant some roses at my feet,
    Place two speakers at my head
    and always play the Grateful Dead.

  13. lyn5 says:

    Another one of my favs.

  14. Karma says:

    Another Imelda May and chatting with Graham Norton afterwards. Love the Irish accent.

  15. Karma says:

    And since it’s sorta ladies night…

  16. driguana says:

    nice posts all…

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