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Daily Caller: Next time you’re up North visiting America’s chilly hat — that’s Canada — don’t let small children out of your sight. That’s the takeaway lesson from a video that spread quickly Tuesday afternoon. The 60-second clip shows a … Continue reading

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What time will the world end?

The Mayan Apocalypse is rapidly approaching. Maybe. Assuming the Mayans were correct, here’s my question: What time will the world end? Will it end at the beginning of December 21st, or at the end? Will it end on local time … Continue reading

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Marriage of Memes

Never ones to let a crisis go by these days, the left is still busy capitalizing on the Newton, CT shooting with a multi-layered collection of just the right memes. Guns out of control: check. When Adam Lanza entered Sandy … Continue reading

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Compare and Contrast – A Tale of Two Events

Here’s why there won’t be any new gun control laws anytime soon: Small Protest Gathers in Front of NRA’s DC Office Around 60 to 75 protesters appeared in front of the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Washington D.C. on Monday … Continue reading

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