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The Most Transparent Administration Ever

Daily Caller: EPA chief Jackson resigns amid transparency investigations A Washington attorney says that Environmental Protection Agency Chief Administrator Lisa Jackson’s resignation and investigations into the EPA’s use of secret email accounts are not coincidental. “Life’s full of coincidences, but … Continue reading

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OPEN THREAD, Last Friday of 2012: Neblett Edition

From the MOTUS I always have trouble finding a quote from a MOTUS experience without breaking copyright laws, trust me, this is ROTFLMAOPIMP. Happy last Friday of 2012 !

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Worthy of Respect and Honor

Joel B. Pollak: Stormin’ Norman, Warrior, at Peace Not since General Douglas MacArthur had Americans celebrated a general as we did “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf, who cut a figure of strength on the world stage as he decimated Saddam Hussein’s military–which … Continue reading

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