Another Sign Of The Apocalypse


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting their first child: reports

A KimYe baby is apparently on the way.

Reports of a Kim Kardashian-Kanye West pregnancy swirled this morning, after West slipped the news to concertgoers during a Sunday show in Atlantic City.

He told the crowd of more than 5,000 at the Ovation Hall at the Revel Resort in song form: “Now you having my baby.”

The crowd roared.

West also told concertgoers to congratulate his “baby mom” and that this was the “most amazing thing.”

Ima Letchu Finnish could not be reached for comment.

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8 Responses to Another Sign Of The Apocalypse

  1. westcoaster says:

    maybe they’ll make a reality show

  2. driguana says:

    Yep, has all the makings of a new reality show….they could call it “The 1/2 Per Cent”…..leave all the 1%ers behind…..

  3. This

    the “most amazing thing.”

    comment raises interesting questions.
    1. Do they not understand what creates babies?
    2. If they do, did they not participate in the causation events?
    3. If they did, did some manner of “protection” fail?
    4. Or did either mislead the other as to fertility issues?
    5. On the other hand is this boring anybody else?
    3. Have

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